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Creative Wealth Summit 2.0 Event Details

The Event

At our 2-Day Creative Wealth Summit Event you’ll get specific knowledge and tools that will allow you to 1) Think “outside the box” when it comes to real estate investing, 2) Learn what successful real estate investors are doing today to increase their wealth, and 3) Take immediate action to reach your financial goals.

During this intensified training, you will learn the one vehicle that has made more millionaires than any other, real estate! You’ll receive step-by-step instructions for a variety of proven real estate strategies that can generate wealth in every part of the country in any market condition. And best of all, you’ll discover the secret to building your real estate portfolio using other people’s money.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, arm individuals who have a strong desire and commitment with the right education and tools and transform their lives. As information and technology is advancing faster each day, it is important that you stay ahead of the curve and learn the latest strategies in today’s market.

Even if you’ve never owned a single piece of property before, we’ll teach you powerful information giving you detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that can help you reach your goals of wealth and freedom!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to elevating the financial well-being of people from all walks of life by best-in-class training, products and services designed to help our students take control of their financial futures, escape the rat race and join the financial elite on the fast track to success.

“When you hear of something that sounds “too good to be true”, check it out. There’s a good chance that it’s both; that’s what millionaires do, and why some are really millionaires.” – Bill Gatten

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What You Will Learn at the 2-Day Creative Wealth Summit 2.0

Create Cash Flow

Get hands-on training using creative real estate strategies to acquire and profit from properties with NO equity, the latest 2015 Flip, Assignment, and Rehab Strategies for quick cash and many, many more techniques in acquiring property.

Get Financing

One of the biggest challenges today is where to find funding for your real estate deals. We are going to share with you how you can obtain up to a $100,000 line of credit for your real estate deals even if you don’t have perfect credit.

Note Buying

Whether you are brand new to notes or a seasoned investor, and whether you are interested in Seller-Financed Notes, Non-Performing Notes, Creating Notes, or Private Lending, this event will bring a greater understanding of the Power of Note Buying.

Asset Protection

Learn how to hold real estate for maximum asset protection against creditors, judgements, and tax liens using our proprietary EHTrust.

Acquire Properties

Don’t want to find your own deals and do rehab? Discover our secret sources for turn key, highly profitable, instant cash-flow real estate deals that no one else knows about!

Attend Our FREE to All RSVPs Live 2-Day Summit!

Real People – Real Success

Lana Smeenk

Lana Smeenk

I began my real estate career with total of $200 and bad credit. I started buying homes with no money or credit using the “subject-to” EHTrust method I learned at Bill’s training. In my first year I grossed $1 million all with very little money out of pocket and never once used my own credit.
Paul Boccolucci

Paul Boccolucci

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing weekend! We had a blast and you really expanded our thinking process. I’ve been a full time investor for a little over 2 years now and have been in the business world for about 7 years. I love how your “system” really encompasses all of the creative real estate strategies; short sale, lease options, wholesale, on and on. No more confusion!
Mark Neighbor

Mark Neighbor

Thank you very much Bill for teaching an excellent class in Atlanta two weekends ago. I have already put into my business plan to complete 8 or more land trust deals this year using your system. I think your class was excellent. I intend to be a full time investor within one year. Thank you for a great training session and an eye-opening experience.
Adam Albright

Adam Albright

The fact that Bill Gatten has made a huge difference in my life is an understatement. In less than a year, with Bill’s guidance and help, and with no money or credit, I’ve picked up thousands of dollars in move-in money, over $190,000 in real estate equity and $1,800 per-month in positive cash flow!


Our Nationally Recognized Team of Trainers

Bill J Gatten - National Expert in Creative Financing

Bill Gatten is the founder of Open Door Wealth Management, LLC and has over 25 years experience as a real estate investor and investment consultant. He is the author of various books in the area of Seller-Assisted Real Estate Financing, including: A Fortune in Free Real Estate, and Making it BIG in Innovative Real Estate and Keeping It…This Time. Bill will be teaching the power of using the Equity Holding Trust in creative real estate investing in today’s market place.

Donna Bauer - The Original NoteBuyer®

MS. DONNA BAUER is a highly respected and nationally known buyer of debt obligations. She is well known to be The Original NoteBuyer®, and is, no doubt, one of the most accomplished and recognized authorities in the country today regarding the acquisition and disposition of real estate-secured debt obligations (i.e., “Promissory Notes”), as well as Seller (owner-carry) Financing.

Having begun in her specialty over twenty-five years ago during a time when she was babysitting nine children (‘for a dollar an hour per-child…’in order that she might remain a “stay-at-home mom”), her true calling materialized when, almost by accident, she discovered the amazing world of acquiring and owning income-producing, secured promissory notes. In the very first month of her new business, she made in excess of five-thousand dollars ‘on a single transaction…’locking her into the note business for life.

From this lightning fast start, Donna went on to develop her own proprietary systematized approach to making amazing profits with notes, by selflessly teaching others her techniques. Since that auspicious beginning, she’s shared her brilliant and inimitable note-buying strategies with thousands of entrepreneurial individuals whom have built incredible lives for themselves along with permanent financial freedom. Her professional experience also includes management of single-family homes, large apartment complexes, downtown high-rise professional buildings and in one case, a large office park.

Donna has facilitated thousands of transactions as 1) a real estate paralegal, 2) as a title company owner, and 3) as a one-on-one personal mentor to new and experienced real estate investors throughout the US.

Omar Periu - THE Master Motivator

MR. OMAR PERIU, having become a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 31, was the founder and owner of one of the nation’s largest and most profitable health clubs and sports medicine facilities in the country.

Today, Omar Periu International is one of the leading wealth training institutions in the world, having trained more than two-million entrepreneurs, including more than two-thirds of all the Fortune 500 company originators, operators and stars.

Over the years Omar, an inductee into the prestigious International Platform Association, has kept company, and shared the stage, with such American icons as General Colin Powell, President Gerald Ford, basketball’s Larry Bird, Harvey Mackay, Jim Rohn, Terry Bradshaw, Paul Harvey and Lou Holtz. To them, Omar Periu is “THE Master Motivator.”

If you’re at all like most people, you’ve wondered what one has to do in order to become wealthy, as did a very young newly arrived Cuban immigrant in Miami some forty years ago.

Upon beginning his new life in the US, Cuban refugee, Omar Periu pondered…’not what he’d have to do to just survive, ‘but what he’d have to do to become a millionaire. But he didn’t stop at wondering. He ferreted out answers, ‘gathered information, ‘meticulously analyzed the habits of the rich, and formed alliances with them. Ultimately his positivity and determination led him to where he belonged. By age 31 he was a thriving multi-millionaire—‘ready and willing to teach you and me how to do the same.

Scott Moyes - In The Trenches Investor

MR. SCOTT MOYES, a one-of-a-kind “in-the-trenches” real estate entrepreneur, is the owner and founder of the Salt Lake City based Wasatch Area Real Estate Investors Association (WAREIA)—‘one of the largest REI clubs in the country.

Known by many to be a consummate real estate investment coach, Scott has worked extensively with all the various aspects of so-called “Creative” Real Estate Acquisition and Financing for well-over twenty-years.

Although Scott’s primary transfer methodology is the ©Equity Holding Trust Transfer™ by ©Equity Holding Corporation of Henderson, NV, his years of experience have afforded him a tremendous amount of technical knowledge concerning virtually every aspect of real estate financing, as well as a wide and well-developed competence in areas of Sales Training, Marketing Mortgage Lending and Brokering.

Have questions about Creative Wealth Summit 2.0? Contact Open Door Wealth Mastery


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Have questions about Creative Wealth Summit 2.0? Contact Open Door Wealth Mastery

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