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Creating Felt Safety

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Are you confused about why your child is still struggling to feel safe and regulated in your safe and loving family?

Is your child still demonstrating difficult and challenging behaviors?

Creating felt safety is a non-negotiable part of parenting a child who has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or orphanage care.

Simply because a child IS safe doesn't mean he actually FEELS safe. Creating felt safety is crucial if we want to help our children feel more regulated and behave more appropriately. So what is felt safety and how can we cultivate within our families?

This webinar address the three places children are looking to determine if they are safe- and it's happening below conscious awareness! This means we can't TELL them they are safe- we have to create environments in which they can FEEL safe.

Part 1 will air LIVE on Tuesday October 10 at 7pm central time, but the recording is available to EVERYONE who signs up, so you do NOT have to attend live (in fact, most people don't!!!). Part 2 will be prerecorded and arrive in your inbox at the same time as the recording to Part 1- usually within 48 hours of the webinar airing live. Both Parts 1 and the bonus Part 2 will be yours forever- you will have unlimited and lifetime access to the audio AND video recordings!

Part 1 will focus on how parents can move their own nervous system into a state of safety so that their children will automatically feel more safe.

BONUS Part 2 will focus on 1) how parents adjust the environment so their children can feel more safe and 2) how parents can support the child's internal self (is your child hungry? Thirsty? Tired? And why does this matter??) Since Part 2 will be prerecorded and sent out with the recording of part 1, you won't have to wait for another LIVE webinar to get those important answers.

Regulated, connected children who FEEL SAFE behave well. This two-part webinar will give you concrete tools that will help to create a sense of felt safety for your child, bringing more calm, connection, and FUN to your family.

Join me FIRST for Part 1- a one-hour webinar on the evening of Tuesday October 10 (8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, and 5pm pacific). There is space available for LIVE webinar participants but EVERYONE who registers will receive a link to a recording of the webinar. SO you don't have to watch it live! But if you DO watch it live, you'll get the recording as well.

There is literally no reason not to sign up for this!!! It doesn't matter if you have a conflict because you'll receive the recording!!!!

Then you will receive PART 2- which will be prerecorded- when you get the link to the recording of Part 1 (usually within 48 hours of Part 1 going live!!)

And best yet!!! This two-part webinar FULL of information and tools is only $19!!!!!

You WILL get a certificate of attendance for ONE TRAINING HOUR TOTAL if you need training hours, though I can't guarantee that your organization will accept these hours. Unfortunately, I CANNOT offer CEUs for professionals on these webinars quite yet...I'm working on that!!


  • Webinar- you never have to leave your home or even get dressed! No childcare required!!!
  • Watch Part 1 LIVE and/or get the recording!! There's no scheduling conflict!
  • Tuesday October 10, 2017, 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific
  • Certificate of Attendance available (for ONE TRAINING HOUR TOTAL)- check with your agency if it will be accepted (no professional CEU available, sorry!)

and best yet???? IT'S ONLY $19 for this two-part webinar!!!!


Part 1 of this webinar will be offered LIVE and RECORDED. Can't make it live? No problem!! All registrants will receive an email after the webinar concludes with access to a video recording so you can watch it again and again. You will receive to a link to the prerecorded Part 2 at that time as well!!!! Two webinars in one!!! But don’t delay registering- you MUST register for the webinar BEFORE it begins on October 10, 2017 at 8pm eastern time.

PLEASE NOTE THE TIME ZONE!!!! The webinar will begin at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, and 5pm PDT.


Webinar tickets are for INDIVIDUALS/HOUSEHOLDS only. You only need to purchase ONE webinar ticket per household.

If you'd like to use the two-part webinar within your agency or group for UP TO THREE PEOPLE, please purchase the appropriate number of webinar tickets (one for each person).

If you'd like to use the two-part webinar in your agency or group for FOUR to TEN (4 - 10) people, please purchase the appropriate ticket ($60).

If you'd like to use the webinar in your agency or group for MORE THAN 10 individuals, please purchase the appropriate ticket ($120).

You only need to purchase one webinar PER HOUSEHOLD.

Do you want to know more about Robyn? The short vresion is that she has dedicated her entire career to working with children with attachment trauma. Robyn is a Trust Based Relational Intervention Educator, a Circle of Security Parent Educator, and a specialist in integrating the most cutting-edge neuroscience into her attachment focused and sensory sensitive therapeutic approach. She blogs, speaks, teaches, and trains both parents and therapists around the country. Do you want the long version?? You can see what Robyn's all about by catching up on her blog at or checking out her website at

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