Creating a shared understanding of workplace health, safety and wellbeing

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Creating a shared understanding of workplace health, safety and wellbeing

How to build thriving teams and workplaces amid challenges. Seminar 1/4

By The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

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Monday, February 27 · 3 - 4:30pm PST



About this event

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) is offering a series of free 90-minute Leading for wellbeing seminars for Family Violence, Prevention and Sexual Assault managers, team leaders, coordinators, Human Resource staff, emerging sector leaders and interested practitioners and workers.

Facilitated by the world-renowned Health, Safety and Wellbeing expert, Dr. Michelle McQuaid, the series is designed to respond to your workplace wellbeing queries and share your success stories and challenges.

Dr. Michelle McQuaid was the top-rated speaker for the 2020 Leadership Intensives and Alumni Fireside Chats. The new seminar series will build on the previous conversations in relation to workplace health, safety and wellbeing and contribute to DFFH’s commitment to building leadership capability in the family violence, prevention and sexual assault workforces.

Each seminar extends the learning for the previous one, however you are welcome to attend any of the seminars even if you haven’t attended the ones before.

Seminar One

Are you looking for new approaches to caring for wellbeing in your workplace? Bring questions, challenges and best-practices to this 90-minute leadership seminar with Dr Michelle McQuaid as we dive into the latest evidence-based actions that can have a big impact for individual and collective care.

While this will be a real-time hackathon for your workplace wellbeing challenges, we will be drawing from research to help us from:

  • Sandra Bloom’s safety and wellbeing plan recommendations and navigating parallel processes of trauma
  • Vikki Reynold’s zone of fabulousness and collective care models
  • Brene Brown’s boundary setting and Robert Vallerand’s passion fatigue
  • Stephen Trzenick’s and Paula Davis’s insights on burnout and why our current approaches are often misguided

And many others…. You will come away with practical ideas you can immediately apply with your teams and yourself.

Subsequent seminars

Additional Health, Safety and Wellbeing supports

Guide and Tool - The online Family Violence, Prevention and Sexual Assault Health, Safety and Wellbeing Guide and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Self-assessment Tool are now available.

Pilots - The Guide, Tool and Survey are being piloted across the state in a mix of family violence, prevention and sexual assault programs until June 2023. Additional resources will be co-developed with the 8 pilot sites, showcased in a final workshop mid-2023 and added to the Guide.

Wellbeing survey - The Wellbeing Survey has been adapted for the family violence, prevention and sexual assault workforces with licences to create team and program/organisational survey reports. This provides a systems approach to measuring and caring for workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

DFFH is offering up to 100 licences for teams, programs and organisations to access aggregated wellbeing survey reports, free of charge. Each licence lasts 12 months.

To find out more, please watch the following video and find out how to apply for a licence.

Please advise the team at if you have any accessibility requirements.

About the organizer

Our department oversees the portfolios of housing, child protection, disability, ageing and carers, prevention of family violence, women, veterans, youth, multicultural affairs and LGBTIQ+ equality. In delivering across these portfolios, we work every day to achieve a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria. We support people so they can feel empowered, safe and secure.

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