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Create your first $10k digital product in 10 weeks (webinar)

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Do you ever feel frustrated??? Bad Job??? No Family Time??? No Vacation Time??? Don't like your boss??? Can't pay your bills??? Did I miss anything??? What if you could change ALL that??? Get paid for providing VALUE to people lives and enjoy your life more at the same time. In this webinar training you’re going to learn the exact framework my clients are using to have $10k+ course launches, without going crazy with overwhelm!


Why not learn how to create a successful digital empire??? How??? By learning to create and sell your own digital asset. When you complete this webinar you will learn the first step is to get started with learning the 7 types of digital assets that are super quick and easy to create (no fancy tech platform needed. Did you know that many of my clients start with a tiny digital asset at an accessible price point before moving on to their to then grow this small digital asset in your digital empire.

Next you will learn what tools, skills, and software you will need to create and sell each different type of digital asset. Why it's easier than you think to create an asset and start bringing in sales sooner rather than later and create and grow a business with a digitial asset that produces a recurring source of monthly revenue of at least $10K with a proven blueprint, but it's still unique to YOU so no one else can use the same blueprint. It's like a fingerprint-ONE OF A KIND- that I used to turn my digital assets into profits again and again

Not only do I believe you can do this, but I will show you based on my own experience and what I’ve learned from others how to create abd sell a successful digital asset and start building your online empire today.

I am so sure that you'll learn how to have a successful digital asset that I am offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee..Of course you must complete the course...

I am not a teacher, I am an entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience. My goal is to give you the best way to make MONEY ever!!!

One of the main reasons I teach this webinar is because if you're just starting your online journey, things can be confusing. It's hard to know what's working successfully today and what isn't.

Now just imagine waking up in the morning or being on vacation and seeing notifications for $297 or $1397 from people purchasing your digitial products from YOU... This is what happens to me on a REGULAR...

And this can happen for you too-If you're tired of doing everything in your business, want to have more time to spend with family or to experience traveling with the ability to work from anywhere in the world, and you want more automation in your business...A digital asset in the answer...

Or feel a sense of security knowing that your business can run without you (in case of an illness) and the money is still coming in...A digital asset is the answer...


After running a successful property management company for years I decided that I wanted more freedom, more security and more profit. So in 2014 I decided to...Stop trading time for dollars and I...

created my first digital asset and with less than 100 people on my email list and no fancy website I was able to make over $10K within the first 14 days with my digital asset.

Then I created and launched my second digital asset and implemented the same formula I had created for my first digital asset I sold over $15K in 10 days and then realized that I had a system that could be duplicated. So you see I've ACTUALLY done what I now love to TEACH others to do.

Learn how to build a digital empire with more money and freedom doing what you love and living a life beyond what you thought was possible.


1. Identify & create the best digital asset for you based on your unique style and interest, experience and personality. Remember it will be like your own fingerprint.

2. Then how to grow your digital business empire and then begin to experience having the freedom to build your business while traveling the world or stay closer to home but this provides more creative, financial and time freedom.

3. Learn the system that will keep your business moving along successfully so you can enjoy your life and make a difference by adding value to others lives by giving them more resources.

What got you here in business will never get you there. WHY???

Because it requires you to become someone different and to have a different operating system to scale a business towards making $10k, $25K, $50K or more a month which is why most businesses operate at the 4 to 5 figure business level.

And to make sure the transformation sticks, you will receive a workbook formula with a step-by-step method that works.



How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact me directly on my cell phone (407) 595-1598

What's the refund policy?

I am so sure your life will change from this workshop that I am offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after completing the workshop. Must have attended workshop and refund with 24 hours only after attending workshop. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WEBINAR

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