Create MULTIPLE Income Streams With Real Estate Investing (ONLINE EVENT)

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Create MULTIPLE Income Streams With Real Estate Investing (ONLINE EVENT)

Are you interested in learning how to build additional income streams; come and get valuable actionable steps from active investors

By Gozi

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About this event

About this Event

Get plugged into a community of active real estate investors, learn from knowledgeable leaders about how to create generational wealth through property investments.

Here you can learn different strategies on how to pay less on taxes, get out debt faster, and how to start up your REI Business ASAP.

Come and hear how people have done amazing feats just by plugging into a real estate ecosystem of self-directed education (over 300hours), real estate coaches, study groups and mastermind.

Register today for this event and see if investing in real estate is really for you by attending this free real estate investment training. Learn how you can achieve success through real estate, working side by side with a national network of investors , some are in your local market.

You will have the opportunity to join a national network of real estate investors, get trained at local events and attend workshops sponsored by leaders of the real estate community.

Why invest in Real Estate?

1. Begin the journey to become financially free with proven strategies that work across the country

2. Use the tax code write off's that real estate offers

3. Suitable for anyone that wants to take financial control of their future

4. Many millionaires have been made through real estate

Who should attend?

1. If you are looking to jump into real estate investing

2. If you want to learn the different strategies on real estate investing

3. If you are looking for another avenue to build an extra-income

4. If you are an experienced investor that wish to get to the next level

An introductory basics into the options and Strategies that Real Estate provides to those who are committed and focused:

Some topics covered include: How to finance Your Real Estate Investments, Wholesaling,Fix and Flip, Short Sales, Lease Options, Short Term Rentals, Single & Multi Family, Seller Financing, Lease Option, etc

It's VERY IMPORTANT to give us the CORRECT PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS to get the zoom link! If you don't get our email with the zoom link or a text at least a day before the event, please reach us at;

Name: Gozi

Phone Number: (646) 849-7587

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