Create an Epic Love Affair with Your Partner

Create an Epic Love Affair with Your Partner

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You are partners in parenting and life and might even be besties. But you’d like your romantic partnership to become more alive...

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Create an Epic Love Affair with Your Partner

When You Want More in Your Relationship…

Unfortunately, it is too common for couples to have very low intimacy in their relationship. We are living through a low desire and low intimacy epidemic. Partners might experience that all the stars need to line up before they can be physically intimate…

There are a variety of factors at play that interfere with a couple’s ability to connect at this level. These range from exhaustion to physical dysfunction.

But most importantly the main reason why couples are not being more intimate it’s because they are not prioritizing their partner and the relationship, and they have lost sight of the person behind their partner…

It takes intentionality to have an amazing, radiant, and successful relationship and an epic lover affair with our partner.

Partners that work on their relationship might do communication, boundary setting, getting on the same page and other relationship work. But they might not pay enough attention to creating and strengthening the connection and intimacy side of things.

This Masterclass will help you enliven this part of your relationship. We’ll cover how to move from not getting along to having a loving and passionate relationship…

This Masterclass helps you:

~ Stop the Fighting, Stop the Drama™

Learn how to create your radiant and successful relationship where you enjoy joy, harmony, resilience, connection, and abundance. Address the culprits of low desire and stop putting a knife to your bond… Start getting along better with your partner and enjoy each other more.

~ Calibrate Attachment Love and Passionate Love™

Learn to calibrate Attachment Love (love, connection, security, caring and nurturing) and Passionate Love™ (desire, attraction, excitement, eroticism and enticing). Take ownership of your spark, attraction, desire and sexuality. Start developing more passionate love.

~ Invest in The In-Between

Learn how to play with the Love-Desire Spectrum™ to create a strong, radiant and passionate relationship. Cultivate gorgeous love and desire with targeted investments. Start taking your relationship to the next level.

Learn how to create the most intimate and satisfying relationship with your partner that you can imagine…

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