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City of Mesa Main Library, Downtown Mesa

64 East 1st Street

Mesa, Arizona 85201

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You are invited to the Create-a-Thon, Hackathon, Make-a-Thon & Social Entrepreneur Startup Event on Saturday, November 25th from 9-5 PM on the second floor of Mesa Main Library in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. Please share this information with your friends! This event is a Community Project Accelerator created by a consortium of volunteer run Arizona nonprofit organizations.

If you or your philanthropic needs volunteers, donations, funds, business help, creative help, technical help, this event is for you!

If you like to solve problems, create innovative solutions, learn new skills & help people, animals & the environment then this FREE community event is for you! PLEASE NOTE: Please contact us with any questions. This is Not a Mesa Library event so they will not have information to answer your questions. The library is kindly providing space for this community event. Also, when you RSVP you will be agreeing to abide by our Terms & Conditions.

If you would like to propose a Community Project to work on then this RSVP link is for you. If you would prefer to be a participant and volunteer to help by sharing your skills to help one or many projects then please RSVP at this link. Create-a-Thon, Hackathon, Make-a-Thon & Social Entrepreneur Startup Event Participant Link to RSVP:


The "Create-a-Thon is a Community Project Accelerator. We have projects for creatives, hackers, techies, makers, business people, nonprofits, educators, scientists, artists, social service employees and policy makers. Who do you know that may want to attend? Please help make this event a success for our community by sharing this invitation with your friends, family, colleagues and your social media channels. Who do you know thay may like to help during the Creatathon? Who should attend:

*Any nonprofit, school or other philanthropic organizations that would like to receive community help.

*Any community members who would like to volunteer their time to help local organizations.

*Anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their community. You may come for a few hours or stay all day. This is our chance to brainstorm, connect with like-minded others and find organizations that share our passion for a particular cause.


Option 1---Do you have an idea for a community project that helps people, animals or the environment?

Present your Project----->Request Help----->Set Up a Station at a Table Where People Can Stop by and Share Ideas, Information & Resources----->Gather a Team of Volunteers to Help or Come with Your Own Team of Volunteers----->Spend Time Together Working on Solutions----->Share the Progress You Made at the end of the Day----->Celebrate Todays Successes and Describe the Next Steps and what other ides, information, resources or help you need to move forward.

Option 2---Do you want to show up on the day of the Creatathon and "shop" for community projects to help? Join in and help one project or move around to various stations and help solve problems and brainstorm ideas.

Option 3---Do you want to have a Creat-a-Thon party for friends, your kids & family members where you contribute on line from your home. Be a Virtual Volunteer! If you have family visiting for the holiday, Enlist the Help of Your Entire Family to share Ideas, Information and Resources via Twitter & Facebook. Please check back to see the hashtags that we will be using for each project. (We would like to have the community projects post a video or use Facebook live to describe their project and also give updates a various milestones. We will also have a volunteer Tweeting out questions & updates on progress that you can respond to.)


All projects are welcome and you can bring new projects on the day of the Creatathon, but if you would like to be a Featured Community Project that day, please contact us to let us know your project idea. We would like to help promote your project before the day of the Creatathon and try to get volunteers who are dedicated to helping you.

These questions may help you prepare your presentation: What is the name of your Project? Brief Description of this Project. Who will be Helped and/or What Problem will be solved? Who benefits from this project? Please descibe the Social or Environmental Problem that this Project will help to solve. Why is this important? What is the "deleverable" or end result that will be accomplished with the Help of the Community by the end of today's Create-a-thon? For your project: What Supplies or Material Resources Needed? What Skills & Expertise is Needed? What People Resources are Needed--Team Members, Interns, Volunteers, Staff? What Information & Advice is Needed? What Referrals, Introductions, Connections, Sponsorships, etc. are needed? If you need money, what would you need it for? What, specifically, can Our Community Do to Help on this Project? What do you request of the community volunteers here today? Do you need help with social media marketing, traditional marketing, business, technology, graphic art or any other type of help? What will the finished project look like? Please break down your project into bite sized pieces that can be successfully achieved or, at least, moved forward during the 8 hour Creatathon. At the end of the day presentation: What are the next steps? What further help, information or resources do you need? :-)


Does your nonprofit organization, school or other philanthropic organization need money, volunteers, donated items, donated services and more money to fulfill your mission? Do you have a community project that you would like to receive help on? Your community project may be something you need built, an idea for a new service, a need for a new website or technology solution. Would you like to meet other like-minded individuals are willing to help you?

Send in your idea via the "contact us" option so that we can help promote your Community Project before the event or come and pitch your idea on that day. You can also bring a problem you are trying to solve or even a vague idea of a solution you would like to create and let the "wisdom of the crowd", other community members, help you. It will be even better if you have an idea of a project that we can make some progress on during this event day. Be sure to share the specifics of what you need: Social Media Marketing, Technology Help, Graphic Design, etc.

Come join us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25th for a Community Project Accelerator where you will get the help that you need. This event is a Creat-a-thon (need marketing, social media, design or any type of creative help?), Hackathon (need tech solutions or help?) and Maker-a-thon (need a new product or physical fix to a problem?) all rolled into one. You can be like a butterfly and go from project to project giving help & ideas. Or, you can be like a bee and find a "hive", a community project, to help all day. :-)


9:00-9:30 Participant Introductions: Meet the Individuals & Organizations Attending

9:30-10:30 Pitch your Community Project to all Attendees and Invite them to give Feedback, Resources, Ideas and/or Help to Work on Your Specific Project Today (Please be sure to include who your project will help, how it will make a difference, what specific type of help you need and what "deliverable", or finished product, you would like to go home with today.

Three Options:

10:30-11:30 Guest Speaker: How to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Awareness about Your Cause and Gain Volunteers, Donations & Needed Funds

10:30-11:30 Begin Work on the Community Project You are Working on with your New Team of Volunteers

10:30-11:30 Create a Marketing & Social Media Marketing Plan that Benefits all Nonprofits. We are going to work on a strategy to get more people in Maricopa County to Volunteer, Donate Items, Donate Services, Donate Professional Skills and Donate Funds. The end of the year is a great time to ask for donations before the tax year is over. The New Year is a great time to get new volunteers & donations of items as many people make New Year's Resolutions to be more active in their community and de-clutter their home of unwanted items.

Two Options:

11:30-1:30 Work on Strategies for Reaching all Volunteers and also specific volunteers: retirees, homebound seniors, teens, families, groups of employees from companies, etc.

11:30-1:30 Work on Creating a Donation System that benefits all small nonprofits. Help to figure out how to increase donated items and get them to the exact nonprofits that need them. Help to create a technological solution to how donors can let us know there is a pick up and also a tracking system so that we know what items are at which storage location.

11:30-1:30 Work on Fundraising Ideas. Brainstorm multiple fundraising ideas and create a master list of fundraising ideas. Which ideas hold the most promise? Begin planning on a major fundraising idea that all of the nonprofits present can participate in.

Continue Working on all Projects from 1:30-3:00. Finalize a plan along with the next steps and what you need to move forward. There will also be the option for all organizations to come together to create traditional marketing & social media marketing strategies designed to create awarness for their specific cause and promote the needs & special events of all organizations that serve Animals, Veterans, Seniors, the Environment, etc. It is your choice of projects! FYI---We hope to create volunteer marketing teams & social media marketing teams for each of those of us who want to continue to help after the Creatathon! :-)

3:00-4:45 Present Your Finished Community Project for the day. What did you accomplish? What are the next steps? What kind of resources & help do you need to move forward?

4:45-5:00 Networking & Thank You!

WHAT TO BRING: Bring any type of Community Project that Makes the World a Better Place. Also bring: Snacks, Drinks in closed containers, paper, pens, colored pencils, markers, white boards, flip charts, scrap paper, laptop computers, extra card tables and anything else that will help you be creative. Please tell your friends! We need all skills, all ideas and all interest in different worthy causes. Please put on your Superhero cape and bring your own unique Superhero skills to help create positive change in your community.

We are an online/in person Community Project Accelerator that Offers Create-a-Thons, Hackathons, Make-a-Thons & Social Entrepreneur Startup Events that Create Opportunities for Like-Minded Individuals & Organizations to Support Community Projects that Make the World a Better Place.

We Help Individuals & Organizations to Find the Information & Resources They Need to Solve Social & Environmental Problems. Thank you for your help in getting the word out through your social media channels! :-)

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Date and Time


City of Mesa Main Library, Downtown Mesa

64 East 1st Street

Mesa, Arizona 85201

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