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CPD Accredited - 9th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Green Energy

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Empowering World Towards Pure Techniques: Green Chemistry and TechnologyThe Motive of“Green Chemistry and Technology” are concentrating on Prevention, Atom economy, less unsafe synthetic amalgamation, structuring more secure synthetic substances, Design for vitality effectiveness, utilization of inexhaustible feedstock's, Reduce subordinates, Catalysis, Design for debasement, Real-time examination for contamination avoidance, Inherently more secure energy for mishap counteractive action.

Green science and innovation meeting are connecting two subjects of Environmental science and the innovation utilized for better condition supportability (practical science). It incorporates Chemical Engineering in which the structure of concoction items and procedures on that to lessen and wipe out the utilization of substances which is risky to people, creatures, plants, and the earth.

In Green science and innovation, we can discover an assortment of existing thoughts and research on the molecule economy to catalysis of an iota. The improvement of green science and innovation developed to a move in ecological critical thinking techniques as these days it is too essential to even consider knowing about this theme as at this development it is extremely important to direction, control, manage and diminish the mechanical outflows towards the dynamic anticipation of contamination in enlivenment.

The arrangement of ideas of green science and innovation occasion composed to talk about your supposition and more extensive reception of terms, for example, "clean" and "feasible" existence of living creatures.


Green Chemistry 2020 highlights the theme “Empowering World towards PureTechniques: Green Chemistry and Technology” which focuses on the latest advancements in Green Chemicals and Geo-Technology of various Techniques which are occurring all around the globe.

Green Chemistry2020 provides two days of robust discussions on methods and strategies related to Chemical Engineering, Geo-Technology and Management of Environmental Biology and new technology for sustainability as well as explore new ideas, views andconcepts on a global scale.


World Class Speakers and Fresh New Talent from across the Globe in Chemistry Engineering & Geo-Technology

Well PackedSchedule: Workshops, Multi-track The conference, Expo area and more...

To educate yourself on modern Technology with new chemical research of Green Chemistry and Technology

To enhance your ability to treat the growing problems of Environment sustainability with Chemical research

To network with your fellow primary researchers

To empower yourself to fill the void created by the national participants.


  • Acceptedabstracts would be published in conference souvenir.
  • Accepted Abstracts would be published in respective journals
  • Global networking: In transferring and exchanging Ideas
  • A Unique Opportunity for all Advertisers and Sponsors all around the globe.
  • Each abstract will be labeled with a DOI provided by Crosse
  • Our online publicity attracts 90000+ users and 160000+ views
  • Great chance to attend other scientific conferences freely as a delegate at the same venue.


  • Directors, Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans and Head of the Departments Researchers, Scientists, Faculties, Students
  • Associations and Societies
  • Colleges Departments
  • Chemical Companies and Industries
  • Eco devises Manufacturing Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies and Industries
  • Laboratory Technicians and companies
  • Business Entrepreneurs and Industrialists
  • Training Institutes


Presentation in “9th World Congress on Green Chemistry and Technology” will be given by researchers whose modified works spread the novel procedures/systems and on-going progressions in green science and innovation and natural sciences which incorporate ethnic data,trans-developmental structures and blend and planning of earth more secure items.

By participating in this Congressparticipants can include worth point towards the development of their vocation, there are likewise other elusive favorable circumstances; this congress additionally gives commercial center to immense sellers.

Conference Highlights

  • Green Chemistry and Technology
  • Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
  • Green Catalysis & Biocatalysts
  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Green Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Green Engineering and Sustainable Designing
  • Green Nanotechnology
  • Green Technologies in Food Production & Processing
  • Green Polymers
  • Green Materials
  • Green Processing and Solar Energy
  • Biofuel and Bioremediation
  • Biomass and Bioenergy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Power and Energy Engineering
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Flow Chemistry
  • Energy Storage, Conversion & Grid Modernization
  • Energy Recycling
  • Green Chemistry Market

Scientific Sessions

Session on: Green Chemistry and Technology

The idea of green chemistry is the study of new idea which developed in the business and regulatory society as a natural evolution of pollution preventive actions. In our exertions to improve crop protection, medicines, and commercial products where we are causing unplanned harm to our planet and humans. Green chemistry takes a stride further and builds new concepts for chemistry and engineering to design chemicals, chemical processes and products in a way that circumvents the production of toxic substances and waste generation. New catalytic reaction procedures continue to develop to advance the objectives of Green Chemistry, while methods such as photochemistry, microwave and ultrasonic synthesis have been broadly used, leading to remarkable results. Green Chemistry targets to eliminate the generation of hazards at their style stage itself. Green chemistry decreases the pollution at its source by eliminating or lessening the risks of chemical feedstock’s, solvents, reagents, and products. Green chemistry is the design of processes and chemical products that lessening or reduces the generation of hazardous substances.


Principles in Green Chemistry

Atom Economy

Green chemistry in society and markets

Green Extraction Techniques

Hierarchical Approach

Green metrics and Greenness evaluation

Future Challenges in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Sub and Supercritical Fluid Technology

Session on: Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control

Environmental chemistry could be a branch of chemistry, comprising aspects associated with chemical science, chemistry, analytical chemistry and chemistry, moreover as additional numerous areas, like public health, biology, organic chemistry, toxicology, and medical specialty. Environmental chemistry is the study of chemical processes occurring within the setting that area unit compact by mankind's activities and therefore the impacts could also be felt through the presence of air pollutants or cytotoxic substances from a chemical waste web site, or through depletion of stratospheric gas which can have an effect on warming. the current environmental issues result in the redress of environmental media, and to new, low energy, low emission, and property processes. Environmental chemistry describes the pollution of air, water, food and living organisms by cytotoxic metals, soils, fossil fuels, pesticides and organic pollutants. Green chemistry highlights novel chemical reactions that area unit environmentally friendly.


Methods of Environmental Analysis

Soil Pollution and Remediation, Solid waste Disposal

Environmental Control Technology of Air, Water and Soil.

Toxicity and Ecotoxicity

Sample Pre-treatment Technology

Climate Change Mitigation

Waste management and recycling

Environmental modeling

Ecotoxicology and Health Effect

Session on: Green Catalysis & Biocatalysts

The key objective of inexperienced chemistry is waste minimization. A property method is the one that optimizes the employment of resources, whereas still going decent resources for future generations. A chemical action is a vital tool in each case. chemical action is the key to the property. A catalyst could be a substance that facilitates a chemical change. A catalyst is some things that produce a reaction goes quicker, while not being consumed within the method. chemical action is split into 3 categories: homogenous chemical action, heterogeneous chemical action, and biocatalysts. though the catalysts and the method conditions in each class are totally different however the principles of chemical action square measure an equivalent. Biocatalysts could be a special case, somewhere between homogenous and heterogeneous chemical action. In most of the cases, the accelerator is AN accelerator – a fancy macromolecule that catalyzes the reactions in living cells. inexperienced chemical action could be a part of inexperienced chemistry however the foremost necessary and one in every of the desperately required challenges facing engineers now could be the planning and use of environmentally beneficial catalysts.


Biocatalysts Including Novel Enzymes

Green Organocatalyzed

Homogenous Catalysis & Heterogeneous Catalysis

Phase-Transfer Catalysis

Biocatalysts and biotransformation

Frontiers of Base Metal Catalysis


Catalysis for Sustainability

Catalysis for Plant-Based Chemicals and Fuels

Electrocatalysis for CO2 and H2O Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals

Session on: Green Chemical Engineering

The industry and different connected industries offer North American nation with a large form of essential product to everyday living. However, the chemical industries have the potential to extraordinarily harm our surroundings. Within the last span of ten years, the scientific the community has witnessed a growing interest in environmental problems and the worth for environmentally friendly energy generation and chemical processes. The mix of chemical engineering tools with the new analysis of findings Green chemists, biologists, and environmental scientists has allowed the look of the latest processes for the manufacture of chemicals, fuels, and product with a reduced environmental footprint. The developed environmentally benign alternate technologies are established to be economically superior and performance moreover as or higher than additional poisonous ancient choices. the look and economical use of environmentally benign chemical processes, as well as the event of processes that use clean solvents and renewable resources, biocatalysts, various reactors, and innovative environmental technologies for water treatment and pollution management.


Chemical reaction engineering

Kinetics, catalysis & chemical reactors

Green chemical processes and applications

Green reactor modeling

Session on: Green Energy & Renewable Resources

Green energy, from time to time known as renewable or property energy comes from natural sources like wind, water, and daylight. it's a lot of environmentally friendly than different forms of energy and doesn’t contribute to temperature change or warming. inexperienced energy is mostly outlined because the energy that comes from natural sources like daylight, rain, plants, wind, waves, alga and geothermic heat. These energy resources are renewable in nature. Renewable energy sources have a lesser impact on the setting that produces pollutants like greenhouse gases as a by-product, causal to temperature change. enhancements in renewable energy technologies have down the value of star panels, wind turbines and different sources of inexperienced energy. analysis into renewable, non-polluting energy sources is progressing at such a quick pace. the foremost common forms of green energy embody alternative energy, wind power, wind power, heat energy, biomass, and biofuels.


Biofuels and Bioenergy

CO2 capture, storage and utilization

Energy storage and network

Green solvents for energy conversion

Hydrogen energy and fuel cells

Renewable Storage Technologies

Solar Photovoltaics


Chemicals from Renewable Resources

Greenhouse Gases

Hydrogen & Syngas Economy

Wind & Geothermal Energy

Session on: Green Engineering and Sustainable Designing

Green engineering approaches the look, commercialization of merchandise and also the use of processes and merchandise in an exceedingly manner that at the same time reduces the quantity of pollution that's generated by a supply, reduces exposures to potential hazards, and promotes property additionally as protecting human health while not effecting the economic viability and potency. elementary Principles of Green engineering contains engineering processes and merchandise use analysis, and assimilate environmental impact assessment tools; minimizing the depletion of natural resources; assure that every one energy and material inputs and outputs square measure safe and compassionate the maximum amount as possible; produce solutions additional than current technologies to enhance, innovate, and invent to attain property.


Energy Savings

Integrated Water Management

Materials Management

Process Intensification

Sustainable Separation Processes

Separations and Unit Operations

Sustainable Engineering Designs

Designing Low Energy Intensity Alternatives

Water Conservation and Supply

Session on: Green Nanotechnology

Green technology is the study of technology that may profit the surroundings, like by victimization less energy throughout the producing method, the flexibility to recycle merchandise when used, and victimization eco-friendly materials. Inexperienced nanotechnologies may be expected to help in clean-up water via novel filtration techniques and the ability to clean dirty water; finding potency disputes therefore on increase the utilization of renewable energy; for waste management and environmental correction. inexperienced technology has its applications in green producing, water treatment, renewable energy, environmental correction and waste management. Green technology applications involve a clean the production method, like synthesizing nanoparticles with daylight, the exercise of business waste merchandise into nanomaterials, like turning diesel soot into carbon nanotubes. Nanomaterials production within the areas of star cells, biofuels and fuel cells. Cleaner Production is considered as a tool to succeed in property development through the continual application of associate integrated preventative environmental strategy to processes, merchandise and services therefore on scale back risks to humans and also the surroundings. Nanotechnologies can have a significant impact on developing 'green' and 'clean' technologies with a substantial environmental edge.


Green production technology of Nanocomposites

Nanotechnology in production of Bioactive paints, Coatings

Nanotechnology in Agriculture

Green nanostructured biodegradable materials

Energy & water conservation

Waste reduction

Sanitationary production practices in Dairy, Paper, Pulp, textile, Glass industry

Session on: Green Technologies in Food Production & Processing

ood could be a very important part of life and human survival. Increasing growth with the stress ensuing from industrialization has created the necessity for property food production and process technologies equally a lot of vital. Inexperienced technology is outlined as application of biology, green chemistry, environmental observance and electronic devices to observe, model and save the natural surroundings and resources, and to cut back the negative effects of human involvement. Key drivers of inexperienced technologies in food production & food process of the evolution within the food offer chain includes an in-depth description of food production, and process use of life cycle assessment tool; approaches to enhance food production practices; property food process approaches; rising analytical techniques for property analysis and development; challenges related to the employment of agricultural resources to grow biofuels and bio-based products; technologies to cut back the generation of process-induced toxins; factors that influence client perceptions concerning a number of this and rising agri-food technologies.


Managing nutrient cycles in crop and livestock with green techniques

Environmental performance of organic farming

Reduce carbon footprint

Green separation technologies

Electrodialysis in food processing

Enzyme assisted food processing

Green technologies in food dehydration

Green packaging

Session on: Green Polymers

Green polymer area unit those that area unit created mistreatment Green or property chemistry. inexperienced chemistry relates to the planning of chemical processes and product that scale back the employment or generation of gear venturesome to humans, animals, plants, and the atmosphere. inexperienced chemistry strives to scale back and stop pollution at its supply. Natural polymers area unit is sometimes inexperienced. within the production of polymers, inexperienced principles include a high content of staple within the product, a clean (no-waste) production method, No use of extra substances like organic solvents, High energy potency in producing, Use of renewable resources and renewable energy, Absence of health and environmental hazards, High safety standards, Low carbon footprint and Controlled product lifecycles with effective waste utilization.


Plant oils as renewable feedstocks for polymer science

Enzymatic polymer synthesis in green chemistry

Green Cationic Polymerizations

Polymer composites

Degradable & biodegradable polymers


Plant oils as renewable feedstocks for polymer science

Enzymatic polymer synthesis in green chemistry

Green Cationic Polymerizations

Polymer composites

Degradable & biodegradable polymers


Session on: Green Materials

Green materials square measure materials that square measure renewable in nature. Materials like clay, sand and stone square measure inexperienced materials. Plant materials like grasses, straw, wood and bamboo also are inexperienced materials. Plant materials that grow quickly square measure renewable in nature. rescued materials square measure materials that may be reused in their existing kind for brand new resolutions. rescued materials square measure inexperienced meaning they will be re-purposed and reused. reclaimable materials square measure materials that may modification from being a waste product to being reused through reprocessing or re-purposing. inexperienced materials square measure outlined as materials that square measure non-toxic, improve occupancy health, lower cost, and conserve energy and water use and waste product. Non-toxic materials square measure people who don't cause damage to the setting. Green materials also are materials that have low embedded energy in their harvest home or assortment, production, transportation and use.


Bionanomaterials: design, synthesis and application

Lignin Based Materials

Bio based Plastics and Composites

Environmentally benign methods for polymer synthesis

Environmentally benign processing and manufacturing of materials

Green building materials

Innovative materials required for sustainable construction and cultural heritage

Properties and Applications of green materials

Bio-based renewable, chemical feedstocks

Green Bio-based materials & Products

Session on: Green Processing and Solar Energy

Energy storage is that the capture of energy created at only one occasion to be used later a tool that stores energy is typically referred to as Associate in Nursing accumulator or battery. Energy comes in multiple forms also as radiation, chemical, attractive force potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, heat and kinetic. Energy storage comprises of dynamical energy from forms that unit powerful to store to extra handily or economically storable forms. Some technologies provide short energy storage, whereas others can endure for much longer. Bulk energy storage is presently dominated by electricity dams, every customary additionally as tense.


Mechanical Storage

Thermal Storage

Home Energy Storage

Grid Electricity & Power Stations

Session on: Biofuel and Bioremediation

Biofuel may be a fuel that is created through fashionable biological processes, like agriculture and anaerobic digestion, rather than a fuel created by natural science processes like those involved among the formation of fossil fuels, like coal and fossil oil, from prehistoric biological matter.

Bioremediation may be a technique need to treat contaminated media, along with water, soil and submerged material, by fixing environmental conditions to stimulate the growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutants. In many cases, bioremediation may be a smaller quantity expensive and extra property than completely different remedy alternatives. Biological treatment may be an identical approach need to treat wastes along with effluent, industrial waste and solid waste.


Microbial pathways for advanced biofuels production

Synthesis of advanced biofuels

Advanced biofuels from pyrolysis oil

Hydrogen Fuel cells




Session on: Biomass and Bioenergy

Biomass is the fuel that's developed from organic materials, a renewable and property supply of energy want to produce electricity or totally different sorts of power. Biomass may be a renewable supply of fuel to provide energy since waste residues can continuously be – in terms of mill residuals, forest resources and scrap wood; and forests can continuously have trees, and that we can continuously have crops and the residual biological material from those crops. Biomass offers noteworthy environmental and shopper advantages, protective air quality, and contribute the foremost dependable renewable energy supply. Biomass energy has the potential to moderate greenhouse warming through the availability of energy from CO2-neutral feedstocks. Biomass doesn't add greenhouse gas to the atmosphere because it absorbs a constant amount of carbon in growing because it releases once it's consumed as a fuel. Biomass may be an important supply of energy and the most significant fuel worldwide once coal, oil and gas. Biomass conversion is, especially of 2 varieties – thermally connected method and biological connected method. Biomass may become a crucial part of future property energy provides. several conversion varieties take under consideration the various feedstock moving into because of the wide selection of feedstock and the ending – heat, power, fuel, chemicals, and materials. Conversion technologies embrace organic chemistry conversion, Thermochemical conversion, pyrolysis, thermal degradation, anaerobic digestion, trans-esterification. Researchers, firms and the government area unit finding ways that to convert biomass in an exceedingly price effective and economical method.


Bio-based Chemicals and Reactions

Biodiversity, Sustainability

Biomass Policies, Markets

Biomass Resources, Conversion Technologies

Biomass Applications

Biogas & Waste-to-Energy

Biomass Power & Thermal

Advanced Biofuels & Biobased Chemicals



Conversion of Vegetable Oils, Derivatives and By-products

Recycling for Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Session on: Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the heat from the world. It's clean and property. Resources of heat energy vary from the shallow ground to quandary and hot rock found a couple of miles at a lower place the Earth's surface, and down even deeper to the extraordinarily high temperatures of liquified rock referred to as a rock.

Almost every place, the shallow ground or higher ten feet of the Earth's surface maintains an almost constant temperature between 50° and 60°F (10° and 16°C). Geothermal heat pumps will faucet into this resource to heat and funky buildings. A geothermic apparatus system consists of an apparatus, AN air delivery system (ductwork), and a heat exchanger-a system of pipes buried within the shallow ground close to the building. within the winter, the warmth pump removes heat from the warmth money changer and pumps it into the indoor air delivery system. within the summer, the method is reversed, and therefore the apparatus moves heat from the indoor air into the warmth money changer. the warmth far from the indoor air throughout the summer can even be wont to give a free supply of quandary.


Geothermal Electricity Production

Geothermal Direct-Use

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Session on: Power and Energy Engineering

Power engineering conjointly referred to as power systems engineering may be a subfield of engineering science that deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power, and the electrical equipment connected to such systems. though abundant of the sector thinks about with the issues of three-phase AC power – the quality for large-scale power transmission and distribution across the trendy world – a big fraction of the sector thinks about with the conversion between AC and DC power and also the development of specialized power systems like those employed in craft or for electrical railway networks.


Power Energy Generation

Power Energy Transmission

Power Energy Distribution

Session on: Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Climate change is not new and conjointly the Earth’s climate has changed many times naturally throughout many years and may to boot modification in precisely several years. Climate changes area unit caused by the total amount of energy received from the sun that is unbroken at intervals the Earth’s atmosphere. These changes area unit unfold around the world by winds and ocean currents. Over the last two million years Earth’s climate has changed naturally repeatedly from ice ages to a so much hotter climate. Natural changes at intervals the Earth’s climate area unit caused by-little changes within the Earth’s orbit around the sun and little changes within the lean (axis) of the earth.


Greenhouse gases and Effects


Global Warming Effects & Causes

Carbon Cycle

Solutions for Climate Change

Sustainable Development

Session on: Sustainable Flow Chemistry

Green chemistry and flow chemistry square measure ideal partners for accessing novel chemical areas and description extraordinarily economical tools. Flow chemistry defines a general vary of chemical processes that occur in an exceedingly} very continuous flowing stream, conventionally happening in a very reactor zone. The flow chemistry depends on the idea of pumping reagents victimization numerous reactors varieties to perform specific reactions. an increase within the greenness and property of chemical processes may be realized by victimization continuous-flow reactors. The method will result in achieving reactions conditions that result in a decrease in latent period and waste generation, avoiding ultralow temperature conditions, increasing the general atom economy, broadening the protection window and decreasing the general energy consumption to call some. Results show that continuous-flow technology may be developed to fulfill the wants of trade and facilitating causative to inexperienced and property chemical production processes. For economical use of flow technology, there square measure few challenges which require to be self-addressed like understanding the transformation of batch processes to those of flow, understanding reaction mechanics inside these reactors and implementation of scale-up procedures. additionally, thereto, the rise in demand for continuous flow technology and their promising results might facilitate within the substantial development of eco-friendly and greener organic transformations.


Flow photochemistry - A Green Technology

Continuous Flow Synthesis using Recyclable Reaction Media

Applications of H2O2 in Flow Reactors

Scale Up of Flow Processes in the Pharma Industry

Flow tools to define Waste/Time/Energy

Nonconventional Techniques

Life Cycle Assessment of Flow Chemistry Processes

Session on: Energy Storage, Conversion & Grid Modernization

Energy storage is that the capture of energy created at only one occasion to be used later a tool that stores energy is typically referred to as Associate in Nursing accumulator or battery. Energy comes in multiple forms also as radiation, chemical, attractive force potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, heat and kinetic. Energy storage involves dynamical energy from different forms combines that unit powerful to store to extra handily or economically storable forms. Some technologies provide short energy storage, whereas others can endure for much longer. Bulk energy storage is presently dominated by electricity dams, every customary additionally as tense.


Mechanical Storage

Thermal Storage

Home Energy Storage

Grid Electricity & Power Stations

Electrochemical storage systems

Flywheel energy storage

Session on: Energy Recycling

Recycling is mandatory in order to preserve the environment and to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it. Did you know that the average American throws away four pounds of trash daily? That is more than 1.5 tons of waste per person per year. Multiply that by 6 billion people and you know we have a major problem with waste. The need to protect the environment has become more imperative with the advancement of technology. Materials that have been usual over the last century, such as plastics, are not easily returned to the Earth through the natural process.


Waste Processing Technologies

Product (eco) design and recycling

Waste and Recycling Targets

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Session on: Green Chemistry Market

Green chemicals are renewable chemicals shaped from bio-based feedstock. Green chemicals are created primarily by the exploitation of raw materials, that uses natural resources whereas maintaining the environmental balance also. The key bio-based raw materials utilized in the assembly of green chemicals are vegetable oils, animal fats, sugar and starch, and bioethanol. The govt agencies have recognized the employment of green chemicals won't solely create a property and cleaner atmosphere, however they'll economically useful in building social atmosphere. Since chemicals are therefore pervasive in producing, Green chemistry has uses in several production areas, like food process, housing materials, textiles, transportation, prescribed drugs, lubricants, resins, plastics. Drug makers are coming into the market with new ways to revolutionize the business. a long-time drug company teamed up with a technical school company Codexis to develop a greener methodology to manufacture sitagliptin drug, a treatment for kind two polygenic diseases. The new elements utilized in the method are property and perishable. within the gift situation, green chemistry may be a business sector, and it's expected to grow quickly. In 2015, the world marketplace for inexperienced chemicals was nearly $52 billion. By 2020, predictions estimate an increase to just about $86 billion. Renewable alcohols have accounted for the best share regarding 41percent of the green chemistry marketplace. The Green business will enhance its growth by requesting and supporting government policies that strengthen it, as well as funding analysis, increasing education within the field and exploring foreign markets. the sphere of inexperienced chemistry grows; it should collect information regarding each progress and setbacks which might cause a lot of improved and safer product and processes.


Entrepreneur’s investment meet

Green Marketing


Market Place


Please see picture below

Organizing Committee

Prof Sahar Mostafa

Professor, Dept. Of Chemistry

Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

Menoufia, Egypt

Dr. Michelle Lynch

Managing Director, Chemistry

Enabled Future Limited

London, United Kingdom

Mark Miiler (markmillernj@verizon.net)

Biosynthetic Technologies

Jersey, USA



Boumerdes, Algeria

Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Researcher at Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Al-Gamaa Ave, Sudan

Ettigounder Ponnusamy


Greater St. Louis, USA

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