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CPD Accredited 2nd Global Conference on Nursing and Healthcare (aac) A

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CPD Accredited 2nd Global Conference on Nursing and Healthcare

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Current Strategies and Innovative technologies in Nursing and Health Care

We are organizing and producing high-quality Nursing & healthcare conferences and exhibition with a special attention in a clinical audience. Our conferences widely support knowledge sharing, professional development and take a practical approach to knowledge through case study based best practice. We look forward to welcoming you to our conferences.

The conferences are critical to the future development of the Nursing and healthcare services. Bringing together Nursing & healthcare professionals to ensure they are well-equipped with the knowledge that is necessary to maintain a high level of provision stretches from secretaries and finance executives to doctors, nurses and surgeons covering all kinds of avenues.

Providing Information to healthcare professionals about a new drug or device, developing the hospital policies and addressing and focusing on specific problems in the wider healthcare sector are only a few reasons as to why Nursing & healthcare conferences take place. Each is equally important and allow the nurses, physicians and healthcare professionals to come together to share their ideas and primarily, drive the healthcare sector forward.

Our main aim of the conference is to empower healthcare consumers, nurses, doctors, and physicians with the knowledge, choices, and recommendations that will support them make more informed and better decisions about managing their healthcare system.

Conference Highlights

  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Research
  • Nursing in today’s Society
  • Nursing Teaching Technology
  • Midwifery and Woman’s Health
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Critical Care and Emergency Nursing
  • Global Health Care
  • Health Care and Management
  • Medical Ethics and Health Care
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Advance Nursing Practice
  • Telemedicine and E health
  • Trauma and Health Care
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Health Care and latest Research
  • Pain Management

Scientific Session

Session 1: Nursing Education

Nursing is a type of profession within the health care sector that focuses on the care of individuals, families, as well as the communities so they may promote, maintain, or recover the health and the quality of life.

In the context of the health care, it is very important to investigate the quality of care, and as well as to evaluate and expand the quality of care provided. For quality of care the patient satisfaction is most important significant indicator. Basically the nursing care deals with the quality work that includes surveys that map outpatient satisfaction. As o improve the quality of nursing care, all the nurse needs to know what are the factors that particularly influence the patient satisfaction.

Session 2: Nursing Research

The Research that is conducted by nurses basically includes various types of studies in order to derive the clinical interventions and to assist those who in need of nursing care. The complexity that came during the nursing research and its broad scope they often required the scientific underpinning from several different disciplines. Hence, the nursing research cuts across all the traditional research lines, and draws its methods from many different several fields.

Session 3: Nursing in today’s Society

Formally, Health care has been identified as the “Canadians”- number one public priority, whereas nurses play a central role in delivering the health care system. All the health promotion, the educate patients as well as the public on the prevention of illness and injury of the public are advocated by nurses. Although they provide care and assist in cure, and participate in rehabilitation, as well as provide support. So, there is no other health care professional like nurse who has a broad and a far-reaching role

Nurses innovate:

Florence Nightingale, is regarded as the founder of the modern nursing, she is remembered as "the lady with the lamp" - yet she also collected the data as to prove that the main cause, due to far, fatalities in the Crimean War was not the enemy fire, but the infections attributed due to improper sanitation.

She was probably the first person as well as a pioneering statistician in history as to use graphs and charts just to persuade politicians to act.

In Today’s university- the trained nurses learn how to trust their own first-hand and the observations to generate the important research on significant topics.

Session 4: Nursing Teaching Technology

The technology used by the nurse educator in teaching continues to expand at a dizzying pace.it is very hard to imagine without technology to engage students for learning and meeting other instructional goals. Recently Horizon Report1 has indicated that there is a shift across the higher education where the students are learning rather than consuming content delivered by the teacher.

Technology has exposed the students to clinical scenarios which do not encounter their practice and are also very helpful for them to bridge the gap between theory and practice. With the help of the technology one can add the reality to a scenario and make traditional case studies more realistic.

As Similar to the technology, the nurse educators' uses the innovative method for teaching the nursing student in a continues rapid soace. Although the nursing students prefer for being passive learners, as a result many faculty are forging ahead with their teaching approach.

Session 5: Midwifery and Woman’s Health

Midwifery is the study health science and health profession related to woman’s health that includes pregnancy, childbirth and the reproductive health of woman through their lives.

Now, in today’s challenging world midwifery and woman health is playing a very vital role as there are many institutions that give support to the woman’s health by the help of technology.

Session 6: Paediatric Nursing

Pediatric is basically the branch of medicine that deals with the health as well as the treatment of infants, children, and the adolescents from birth up to the age of eighteen. Pediatric Nursing mainly presents information both theoretically as well as clinically that is relevant to teach the novice which develops the scholarly person. The advance pediatric specialist focuses toward providing health care, with the highest quality to the patients. Although Pediatric nurses are very much knowledgeable about the growth and the development as they have to adapt their interactions to child’s developmental levels.

In addition, to their acknowledge they provide care for the kid in with respect to the expertise of the family. Likewise Diseases, equipment, as well as treatments for pediatric patients are either different or differ in the presentation from those of adults as well as for children they are unique but not miniature adults.

Session 7: Geriatric Nursing

Geriatrics is related to the field of medicine that deals with the care of elderly people. Basically Geriatric nurses are some of the most important professionals in related to this field, it is because as they often provide the daily care for patients with regular unique needs. Since as per human life expectancy has been increased as a result the members of the Baby Boomer generation have started aging, although the demand for geriatric nurses is expected to increase dramatically.

As Because of their fragile health, the elderly individuals often need some types of special care, particularly since a minor health related to an issue that can sometimes spin out of control quickly in the elderly persons

Session 8: Cardiovascular Nursing

In cardiovascular nursing the register nurses are appointed for providing care to the people having diseases related to heart and blood vessels.Nurses in this nursing are among the foremost sought after health care professions Cardiovascular nurse offers a wide range of service in multiple ranges and also they work in the hospital

They are available for caring patient of different age’s groups. Some of the cardio nurses are specialized in the care of new-born as well children Patent suffer from diseases such as genetic malformations, myocardial infractions and the vascular diseases can be assessed planned, implemented and can also be evaluate these health care

They are mostly known for providing service to the people those who are suffering from many other cardiac ills.

Session 9: Oncology Nursing

Oncology is based on the study of cancer. An oncologist is doctor who treats cancer as well as provided the medical care for a person who has been diagnosed with cancer. Basically in the field of oncology there are three major areas such as medical, surgical and radiation. The nurse registered for oncology is who cares for as well as educates patients who have cancer. Oncology nurses always works in a multi-disciplinary team, in different variety of settings, that constitute from the inpatient ward, to the bone marrow transplant unit, through a community channel.

Session 10: Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

Emergency nursing is the circumstances during which nurses look after patients within the critical as well as in the emergency phase because of their illness or injury .They astute at discerning life-threatening issues, and prioritizing the urgency of care, with rapidly and effectively carrying out resuscitative measures as well as alternative treatment, along with acting with a high degree of autonomy and high skills as to initial the required measures without an outside direction.

They provide education to the patient as well as to their families with some of the information’s as well as give them the emotional support that are required by themselves as they have to deal with a new brand reality. An Emergency Nurse is characterized by their high degrees of knowledge and the skills, and diagnostic as well as decision-making power to effectuate urgently requires activities in autonomous fashion or within collaborative team approach with other of the health professionals. Typically, an associate Emergency Nurse is capable of providing a broad spectrum of skills that is beneficial for alternative health care employees.

Session 11: Global Health Care

Primary Health Care is one of the most essential care which is basically based on socially acceptable , scientifically sound methods and Health Care technology through which it makes universal health care accessible to all. It creates a divergent approach apart from the traditional system, which is focused to health equality that produces social policy. All the key areas like access to health services, lifestyle and an environment are evoked by the primary health care.

Whereas Primary Health Care acts as one of the cornerstones of a universal health care system.

In this primary health care a blend of basic mother-based as well as child health care services, is also included such as such as family planning, services and vaccinations.

Although a Comprehensive Primary care focuses to health care that hat emphasize social justice, equity, community control and social change that emphasize the social justice, equity, community control as well as the social change.

Session 12: Health Care and Management

The Health Maintenance System basically alerts the medical staff based on the estimation of the precautionary care expectations for any determined patient beside all the treatment standards.

Although it is required to maintain all the persistent disease conditions related to patient. The different types of association that is related to the health system management as given as follows:

Health Care operations Management

Health Care risk management

Health Care Advertising

Health Care Business

Session 13: Medical Ethics of Health Care

Ethics are the moralistic principles that are used to govern a group or person’s behaviour, who are derived from the ethos of that group. Basically Medical ethics is based on different set of values through which professionals can refer to in the case of any confusion or conflict.





Session 14: Public Health Nursing

In public health nursing the public health nurses take care for total population. As they work with total communities , public health nurses are able to teach people about the health issues, how to improve community health and safety and increase access to care. They believe a person's health is basically affected by factors such as the genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment.

As, Nurses go into communities to help people as to improve their health and prevent from disease. Public health nurses also provide direct health care services, a good preventive care, screening services and health education.

Even though Health education is a major focus of these nurses. Since Public health nurses give people a trustworthy, the useful information about their health protection. Their main objective is to make a brief idea about health info and how people can take better control over their health.

Session 15: Advance Nursing Practice

Advanced nursing practise is the type of nursing where the nurses are registered to acquire the expert knowledge base, complicated decision-making skills and clinical competencies for expanded practice.

They perform all the tasks once reserved for medical doctors. They assist different medical professionals and manage patient care, as well paediatrics, oncology and family medicine. Now advanced nursing practise has provided several opportunities in advanced practice.

Session 16: Telemedicine and E health

Telemedicine is related to health care use of telecommunication as well as information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. Use to telemedicine has overcome distance barriers and to improved access to medical services that is not consistently available in distant rural communities. Sometimes it also saves the lives in the critical care and emergency situation.

E-Health is defined as an integrative field that uses health information technology as to improve health care through any combination of higher quality, higher efficiency as well as new opportunities.

Even though Improvement of Digital health is also leading to a union of people that collects the information that leads to the technology and health outcomes.

International Child Health Nursing Alliance, International Childbirth Education Association, International Council of Nurses

Session 17: Trauma and Health Care:

Trauma is related to brain. Trauma is basically a type of disease that attacks the brain of the patient. In this the nursing is done to overcome the brain disease. The nurses are clinically appointed for this is basically taught how to deal with such kind of patient.

Even though the technology related to trauma has become so advanced that it is very east to overcome from it. Some of the technologies are:

Health Care Technology

Designing the Digital Solution

Health Care Technology

Designing the Digital Solution

e-Health: Cyber Medicine

Health Care software’s

Society of Nurses in Cancer Care, International Society of Nurses in Genetics.

Session 18: Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Mental Health, is mostly associated to Child and its mental health .Although this provides a rapid and a comprehensive scientific communication on child and adolescent mental health across different cultural and backgrounds.

Even though CAPMH is an open forum for both the interdisciplinary as well as the cross-cultural exchange based on research information, involving psychiatrists, the paediatricians, the psychologists, as well as neuroscientists, and the allied disciplines.

Although this nursing focuses on improving the knowledge based on diagnosis, the prognosis and the treatment related to the mental health conditions in the children and the adolescents. Basically it focuses to assimilate the basic science, the clinical research and the practical implementation of the research findings.

Session 19: Health Care and latest Research

Health care can be defined as the discipline that is concerned with the provision and delivery of health services. To the patient population by the help of personnel, professional and allied health occupations.

Even though now days there are many researches going on Health Care. These Researches is practised on the basics of Biosafety and Integrity guidelines and regulations under the experiences team. Some of the recent researches are given below:

Research on Genomic, morphological and functional characterisation of novel bacteriophage.

Research on Perceived injustice after spinal cord injury.

Research on Effects of Relaxing Music on Healthy Sleep.

Research on Cognitive impairment among extremely low birth weight preterm infants from 1980 to present day

Session 20: Pain Management

Pain Management means pain control ,related to the is branch of medicine which is an interdisciplinary approach to easier the suffering and getting the idea for improving the quality of life those who are living with chronic pain. This pain management team typically includes the medical practitioners, the pharmacists, the clinical psychologists, the physiotherapists, the occupational therapists, as well as the physician assistant’s nurses.

Pain sometimes may resolves rapidly once when the underlying trauma or pathology has been healed, and it is treated by one practitioner, with the help of drugs such as analgesics and (occasionally) the anxiolytics.


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Organizing Committee

Mustafa Z. Younis (younis@jsums.edu)

Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management

Jackson State University

Mississippi, USA

Mr. Giuseppe Arena

Chief Nursing Officer ISMETT, UPMC Italy, Nursing

University of Palermo

Rome, Italy

Dr. Magfiret Kara

Professor, Nursing

University of Ataturk

Eskisehir, Turkey

Dr Patricia Kathryn Amado

Professor, Clinical Nursing

University of Miami

Miami, USA

Sam Vaknin

Professor, Psychology

Southern Federal University

Rostov-On-Don, Russia

Dr.Gerald C. Hsu

Director of eclaireMD Foundation, Metabolic disorders

EclaireMD Foundation

Indiana, USA

Dr Sirma Todorova Angelova

Chief Assistant , Faculty of Dental Medicine

Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”

Varna, Bulgaria

Dr. Evaldas Navickas

Antakalnio poliklinika center

Vilnius, Lithuania

Dr.David Wortley

Vice President & Founding President, Digital Medicine

International Society of Digital Medicine

Nanjing, China

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