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Cost of Living Summit

What can we do together to mitigate the cost of living crisis? Join us for this city wide summit to tackle the problem.

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Solent University East Park Terrace Southampton SO14 0YN United Kingdom

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With no apparent end in sight to the cost-of-living crisis, and energy prices due to rise even further in the Autumn, Southampton City Council and Love Southampton will be hosting a Cost-of-Living Summit in October. The summit aims to bring together public and voluntary sector organisations, residents, faith groups, and advice providers, to discuss practical ways to support people who are most in need.

The summit comes as the cost-of-living crisis has further exposed the deep financial inequalities already highlighted in Southampton by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to statistics published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in 2019, over 45% of Southampton’s population lived in neighbourhoods within the 30% most deprived nationally (around 117,000 people). Around 12% of Southampton’s population lived in neighbourhoods within the 10% most deprived nationally; this rises to 18% for the under 18 population, suggesting deprivation disproportionately impacts young people in the city.

The cost-of-living crisis is therefore expected to have a significant impact on large numbers of people living in the city.

Councillor Satvir Kaur, Leader of Southampton City Council, said : “There are more and more people across Southampton, of all ages, backgrounds, in work and not, all struggling during the current cost-of-living crisis. Whether it’s trying to pay the rent, put food on the table, heat your home or put fuel in your car, individuals and families are feeling the squeeze with some wages not even covering the basics.  

In Southampton, we are concerned that people will start falling through the cracks and we want to work together as a city to ensure we have a strong network here to support individuals and families. Our city has an amazing way of coming together when we need it most, and I’m sure we can do the same now and use this summit to work in partnership to provide practical support and hope for Southampton residents during these difficult times.”

Paul Woodman from Love Southampton said, “There is already much being done across the city, and we have many joint initiatives to help one another. Bringing together all who are interested in making a difference, gives us the opportunity to share what’s happening as well as work together on other ways we can relieve the financial pressure. Love Southampton, as a network of Christian churches and charities, has received a grant from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to support collaboration across agencies to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis.”