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Cosmic Serpent

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Paradise One Retreat

139 Newes Road

Coorabell, NSW 2479


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Join Dr Simon Martin, Chantelle Raven and the Eliyah team for our final Practitioner Training: COSMIC SERPENT that will take your personal private and/or professional practice into the transpersonal. During this seven-day course, we present a spiritual path for uncoiling your soul’s destiny and career path in a meaningful way. Chantelle and Simon will lead you to re-envision your work in the world as a conduit for Spirit. Extraordinary breakthroughs will occur as you change your mindset about who you really are and what you’re really here to do. After this training you will not just work…you will work miracles in your own world and in the world of the lives you touch.

Cosmic Serpent.

In this training, we will discuss how our not allowing Spirit to flow through us is what keeps us in limited career patterns, and how dedicating our work to higher purposes gives us the winning edge.

You will discover the difference between a job as a calling and a job as working hard to pay your bills. Instead of giving you lots of techniques to be the practitioner or healer you know you can be, we will help you in this training to give birth to a higher energy that lives within you. Your gifts will emerge from an organic energy that isn’t separate from who you are, but is rather an extension of who you are.

If you are ready, journey with us through the seven spinal centres (comparable to chakras) from the base all the way through to the crown. Each day builds upon the first, incorporating sound and elements of sound.

Learn and take home bodywork approaches that your own body teaches you and new paradigm concepts for healing and creating a new way of life on this planet.

In this course you will:

-Receive a refreshing model and transmission of INTUITIVE PRACTICE from the ancient arts of Yoga and Tantra

-Learn to use energy intuitively to create safety, openness and trust for healing and insight

-Understand the link between your GUT & EMOTIONS and the spiritual importance of our relationship to food and plants

-Embody practices of UNION and MANIFESTATION

-Discover the fundamentals of EMBODIED self practice and why this is so important when you’re helping people

-Develop a rooted impression of NON-DUAL philosophy within the context of modern Tantra

-Find a RESOLVE within the lost soul of modern spiritual healing practice


-Be open to a shamanic twist or flavour within the offerings.

-And of course, daily Kundalini Bodywork Practices that are less about technique and more about trusting the wisdom of your body

Every day will include:

Morning Sadhana with Abby Branson

Active Meditation and Kundalini

Themes and Insigths (as below)

Body Work

Group Practice

Ceremony with plant spirits

Evening Yin Yoga With Simon Martin

Sound Healing

Daily Schedule of Themes


Day 1 Cleansing (1st Centre)

Day 2 Alchemy (2nd Centre)

Day 3 Power (3rd Centre)

Day 4 Love (4th Centre)

Day 5 Purpose (5th Centre)

Day 6 Meditation (6th Centre)

Day 7 Remembering (7th Centre)


Course Breakdown in Topics

Session 1: Base

Theory: Kundalini Yoga (Intuitive/Feminine Kriya & Pranayama)

Practical: Developing a Self-Practice you enjoy

Plant: Coffee Bean

Session 2: Sacral

Theory: Kundalini Tantra (Mantra & Yantra)

Practical: Untying the knots that bind us

Plant: Exotic Aromatic

Session 3: Power (Solar Plexus)

Theory: Kundalini, Gut-Emotion & the False Self

Practical: Using your will to be a conduit for Spirit

Plant: Sandalwood

Session 4: Heart

Theory: Kundalini practices to open the Awakened Heart

Practical: Heart Communication(Couples Magic)

Plant: Ceremonial Cacao

Session 5 Throat

Theory: Kundalini to open your Authentic Expression

Practical: Surrendering the mind and trusting intuition

Plant: Tobacco

Session 6: Third Eye

Theory: Kundalini in Shamanism

Practical: Transfiguration

Plant: Native

Session 7: Crown

Theory: Ceremonial Geometry - Trimurti

Practical: Understanding and Experiencing Shakti-pat

Plant: Tulsi (Purple Holy Basil)


ELIYAH's three core trainings are based on the Kundalini symbol called the 'Caduceus'. Consider the two "serpents" rising in the Kundalini Symbol to be ELIYAH's first two trainings and the "Wings" at the top of the Kundalini Symbol to be ELIYAH's third training. All training involve the three centres of animal, heart and consciousness, though each focusses primarily on activating and opening the "codes" for one.


1st Kundalini-Tantra (Animal Centre)

Major themes: Emotion & Shadows, Core-Wounds, Kundalini-Catharsis, Masculine & Feminine

2nd Priest & Priestess (Heart Centre):

Major themes: Pain & Pleasure, Sacred Union, Kundalini-Sublimation, Ceremony & Sound

3rd Cosmic-Serpent (Consciousness Centre):

Major themes: Developing a Strong Self-Practice, Being a Conduit for Spirit and the Awakened Heart, Mastery in the Neutral Mind, Using the Body to go beyond the Body


To register for this course, or have any questions answered, please contact:

Abby Branson at eliyahevents@gmail.com | 0477028044

Please note: Eliyah Practioner trainings do sell out so secure your spot early to avoid disappointment.


  • Deposit ($1000) is non-refundeable
  • Cancellations on or before October 1st : Full refund (minus deposit)
  • Cancellations from October 2 onwards: Strictly no refunds
  • You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise
  • Payment Plans: Offered on a trust basis. You agree to pay the full course amount by November the 13th If you wish to transfer your spot and money is still owing, you must personally complete the outstanding amount owing.

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Date and Time


Paradise One Retreat

139 Newes Road

Coorabell, NSW 2479


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