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Corruption Of Bodies | Pop Up Live Event

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Corruption Of Bodies | Pop Up Call

How many of you have learnt to use your body as a way, to not only distract yourself, but also force yourself, hit yourself back from the changes that you have already received and were experiencing and allowed your body to be a source of some version of going back to where you were before the changes and the shifts show up?

The thing about the corruption of bodies, I realised one day is, I was in this total new space and this total new energy and a new reality of what I’d been working towards and asking for and it really started to show up dynamically. And then, knowingly, because I was present, I walked into a glass wall and that jolted me back into the judgments, the agendas, the inventions and the lies, which are the JAILs of our lives.

So, what is actually possible when you start to acknowledge what your body is capable of and that when you don’t use your body as a way to defeat you in this reality.

What if it could start being a contribution to having more, being more, more ease, more joy, more receiving, more possibility and to stop using it as a destructive force in your reality?

- Graeme Crosskill

How many times do we use our bodies to keep ourselves far from us to keep others far from us? How much comfortable distance are we using to corrupt, destroy and keep our bodies limited?

And what if now there was no more need to maintain this distance? What if we could tap into a totally new space in which we stop using our body as a weapon against ourselves and in which we can start engaging with our bodies, using it to create a life and living that is beyond what we can think, imagine or fathom?

What can we be or do now that is so easy and so different that we don’t have to maintain this distance any longer? What if we could just be the space between the molecules and among the molecules, that space that creates fun, joy, pleasure? And what if we could include our bodies in whatever we choose to create?

So let’s go beyond the corruption of our bodies, let’s create a new space, a new reality that really works for us, and that includes our bodies.

- Erika Mangiapane

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