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Montgomery County Prevention Coalition presents Conversations on Cannibis

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With the changing landscape of cannabis in Ohio and throughout the nation, Conversations on Cannabis will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from national and local speakers as they present on topics including the impact of cannabis legalization, cannabis and the impact on youth, cannabis and social justice, workplace policies, current trends, and more. This is a perfect opportunity for prevention groups, school administrators, workplaces, law enforcement officials, clinicians and others in the public health and safety fields.

**Those working at agencies currently contracting with ADAMHS and those in the surrounding area will be given preference. Space is limited, so anyone registering who does not meet this criteria may have their registration cancelled.

Presentation Topics

MMJ-THC-CBD-OMG! - Presented by: Allison Sharer, OCPC, Working Partners (R)

Our country is in the midst of trying to change our culture's relationship with our most widely used illicit drug - marijuana. And those changes are happening at a very quick pace. The majority of states across the county have some sort of marijuana law on the books. No two state’s marijuana laws are the same, and the laws are changing constantly due to legislation and court decisions. And within all this change has come the increase in popularity and availability of CBD products.

So it's no wonder that many of us are left feeling confused about the rapidly changing issue of marijuana … and hemp …. and THC … and CBD. Employees are wondering what all these new laws and products mean to them and their jobs, while employers are left wondering about whether -- or how -- to adjust company policies and operations in an ever-changing environment. Discover some of the challenges employers need to overcome when deciding how to respond to the use of these substances.

Clear the Air - presented by: Ty Sells, OCPS II, CompDrug

Marijuana use is on the rise with high school students across the United States. This increase is often attributed to a lowered perception of risk. Young people think smoking pot is “no big deal” or even “safe”. Much of what they believe is based on myths and organized talking points they have heard from their friends, pro-legalization forces and even the media. While there are countless ways for students to find accurate information, there are just as many places to find misinformation. This workshop will examine strategies to get behind the smoke screen and engage youth in a conversation about marijuana. A conversation that is free of preaching and politics, but full of the relevant facts to assist youth in making their own healthier decisions.

Marijuana Trends in Montgomery County

A panel of local, state, and federal representatives will introduce their agencies and provide an overview of recent experiences around youth trends of cannabis use. Panelists will provide their perspectives and answer questions on the topic.

Hot Topics in the Efforts to Legalize Marijuana - presented by: Dr. Kevin Sabet, President & CEO, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Today’s marijuana is much more potent than in the past — with pot edibles, candies, cookies, ice creams, and waxes being up to 99% THC. In comparison, marijuana in the Woodstock era contained 5% THC. Kevin Sabet will take participants through the latest facts and figures on what is really happening in legalized states and the overall goal of the legalization movement.

How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Negatively Impacted Our Youth - presented by: Luke Niforatos, Executive VP, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

What lessons have we learned from how legalizing high-THC products have impacted our youth? Luke Niforatos will discuss the latest statistics and facts on what is really happening in legalized states, so attendees can make informed decisions and discuss these issues intelligently with your children.

Social Justice Issues Related to Marijuana- presented by: Will Jones III, MPA: Communications & Outreach Associate, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

The marijuana lobbyists argue marijuana legalization will resolve many social justice issues. But by virtually every measure, these promises are vastly unfulfilled. SAM presenter, Will Jones, will offer best practices and ideas for smart marijuana policies that will foster long-term social justice for marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Contact for questions: Colleen Oakes at

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