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Club Auto Sport

521 Charcot Ave Ste 100

San Jose, CA 95131

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Big data comes with big myths. Convergence, a full-day seminar, focuses on busting through those myths and getting to the truth so you can make informed decisions. Learn from executives, practitioners, myth busters, and technical experts how to solve real-world problems by harnessing disruptions in data, artificial intelligence, cloud, containers, and edge technologies.

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Areas of Focus:

Use cases, artificial intelligence, data analytics, edge analytics, analytics in cloud, hybrid and multi cloud, containers, microservices, data and cyber security, intelligent applications, global event systems, Hadoop and friends, IoT transformation


8:00a-9:00a | Breakfast/ Registration

9:00a-9:10a || Intro to the Day

9:10a-9:35a || Three Problems, Three Myths, Three Realities || Jack Norris, Senior Vice President Data & Applications, MapR

9:35a-10:00a || Security Beyond the Firewall | Adam Hunt, CTO and Chief Data Scientist at RiskIQ

10:00a-10:20a | Break

10:20a-10:45a || Using MapR in the Cloud to Accelerate Data Science | Jeff Schmitz, Solutions Consultant, MapR & Anna Drummond PhD., Data Science Manager, Sanchez Oil & Gas

10:45a-11:15a || The Future of Data | Ted Dunning Ph.D., Chief Application Architect, MapR Technologies

11:15a-11:40a || Feeding the AI Beast: Building Robust Data Pipelines From Edge to Core to Cloud || David Hall,Chief Technologist - AI and Data Pipeline Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

11:40a-12:00p || Discussion Round

12:00a-12:40p | Lunch

12:40p-1:20p || 3 Things Data Managers Need to Know About IoT and Machine Learning || Ian Downard, Sr. Technical Engineer, MapR

1:20p-1:40p || Big Data for Everyone - Search-based BI & Visual Analytics || Steve Wooledge, VP Marketing, Arcadia Data

1:40p-2:05p || Automating the Management of MapR Clusters || Jesse Escobedo, Sr. System Engineer, The Rubicon Project

2:05p-2:15p || Data Catalog in the Age of AI || Suzanne Clark, Enterprise Sales and Alliances Leader, Waterline Data

2:15p-2:35p | Break

2:35p- 2:45p || MapR and Attunity Working Together || Jeff Burt, VP of Sales - West, Attunity

2:45p-3:10p || Putting it into Action: A Slightly More Technical Look at Speeding Time to Value || Tom Fisher, Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer, MapR

3:10p-3:20p || Managing and Automating The Analytic Data Pipeline | Chuck Yarbrough | VP, Solutions Marketing and Managemen, Hitachi Vantara

3:20p-3:30p || Accelerate Your BI and on Big Data with Kyligence | Daniel Gu, VP of America, Kyligence

3:30p-4:00p || Expert Panel

4:00p-6:00p | Meet the Experts Happy Hour| Complimentary Book Signing: AI and Analytics in Production by Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman

Additional details coming soon...

Featured Speakers

Tom Fisher, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at MapR Technologies

As CTO, Tom works with enterprise customers to ensure they take full advantage of MapR technology. He also leads initiatives to advance the company’s innovation agenda globally.

Tom was previously with Oracle, where he was a senior executive in engineering and operations for over five years, supporting the company’s top 40 cloud customers globally. He was also Oracle’s senior vice president and CIO for global commercial cloud services, focusing on improving service delivery through automation and direct action with customers. Prior to Oracle, Tom served as CIO and vice president of cloud computing at SuccessFactors (now SAP), where he ran cloud operations as well as emerging technologies in product engineering. Additionally, Tom led technology teams at Qualcomm as CIO of CDMA technologies and with eBay Inc. where he was vice president and acting CTO.

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Jack Norris, Senior Vice President Data & Applications at MapR Technologies

Jack drives understanding and adoption of new applications enables by data convergence. With over 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience, he has demonstrated success from defining new markets for small companies. Jack’s broad experience includes launching and establishing analytic, virtualization, and storage companies and leading marketing and business development for an early-stage cloud storage software provider. Jack has also held senior executive roles with EMC, Rainfinity (now EMC), Brio Technology, SQRIBE, and Brain and Company. Jack earned an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in Economics and honors and distinction from Stanford University.

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David Hall, Chief Technologist – AI and Data Pipeline Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

David works with enterprise customers to design and deliver AI and Data Pipeline solutions that leverage HPE and partner products and services. David has been with HPE for 26 years where he has worked internally and with customers to design, build, and run enterprise scale solutions across the IT landscape. With a background in IT, software development, and AI, he now works across HPE’s and its partners’ portfolios to bring customers the comprehensive solutions they need to extract new value from their data.

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Ted Dunning Ph.D., Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies

Ted Dunning is Chief Application Architect at MapR and has years of experience with machine learning and other big data solutions across a range of sectors. Ted was the chief architect behind the MusicMatch (now Yahoo Music) and Veoh recommendation systems. He built fraud detection systems for ID Analytics (later purchased by LifeLock) and he has 24 patents issued to date plus a dozen pending. Ted has a PhD in computing science from the University of Sheffield and is active with open source projects as a committer, PMC member, mentor and currently serving as a board member for the Apache Software Foundation. When he’s not doing data science, he plays guitar and mandolin. He also bought the beer at the first Hadoop user group meeting.

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Adam Hunt, CTO and Chief Data Scientist at RiskIQ

As CTO and Chief Data Scientist, Adam leads the data science, data engineering and research teams at RiskIQ. Adam pioneers research automating detection of adversarial attacks across disparate digital channels including email, web, mobile, social media. Adam also has received patents for identifying new external threats using machine learning. Adam received his Ph.D. in experimental particle physics from Princeton University. As an award-winning member of the CMS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, he was an integral part in developing the online and offline analysis systems that lead to the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Anna Drummond PhD., Data Science Manager, Sanchez Oil & Gas

Anna Drummond, Ph.D., is the Data Science Manager at Sanchez Oil & Gas where she started as a Senior Data Scientist. Broadly, her work provides insights to enable a smarter decision-making process in an industry where efficiency and productivity are highly valued and where small improvements can make a significant difference. Before joining Sanchez she worked as a Data Science Consultant bringing the payoff from analytics to various Exploration & Production companies. Anna holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University where her research was focused on Statistical Machine Learning. Her educational background also includes an MSc in Management and Marketing from the Technical University of Bialystok, Poland.

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Jeffery Schmitz, Solutions Consultant at MapR Technologies

Jeff Schmitz is Solutions Consultant at MapR. He was previously the Cloud Solutions Architect at Sanchez Energy where he has implemented MapR and other scalable cloud technologies to allow them to make billions of records actionable in sub-second times. Jeff has over 10 years of cloud computing and Big Data experience and previously led the cloud computing teams at Shell Technologies and BP. While at Shell he built the first large-scale Hadoop Cluster in Houston. Jeff has tirelessly worked in the Energy Sector to bring value through utilization of new technologies and ideas.

Steve Wooledge, VP Marketing at Arcadia Data

Steve Wooledge is responsible for overall go-to-market strategy and marketing for Arcadia Data. He is a 15-year veteran of enterprise software in both large public companies and early-stage start-ups and has a passion for bringing innovative technology to market. Previously, Steve was with MapR Technologies where he ran all product, solution, and digital marketing for their converged data platform. He previously held senior management positions in marketing at Teradata, Aster Data (acquired by Teradata), Interwoven (acquired by HP), and Business Objects (acquired by SAP), as well as sales and engineering roles at Business Objects, Covalex, and Dow Chemical.

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Jesse Escobedo, Sr. Systems Engineer, The Rubicon Project

Jesse Escobedo Sr. Systems Engineer at Rubicon Project as a member of the Infrastructure team for the last 2.5 years. One of my main responsibilities includes managing our various MapR clusters that add up to over 800 nodes, as well as contributing to all other aspects of managing our Infrastructure. With a focus on automation and building out internal tools to help manage our stack globally. Previously, I was a Sr Systems Engineer at CityGrid Media, where I managed many Cloudera Hadoop clusters running in Amazon Web Services. I also contributed to the development of the open source project C3, which is used to managed various services in Amazon Web Services.

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Suzanne Clark, Enterprise Sales & Alliances Leader at Waterline Data

Suzanne is a highly accomplished Enterprise Sales and Alliances Leader in the Data Management, Analytics, Big Data, and IoT space. She has an award winning, 22-year track record of value and revenue creation across an extensive ecosystem of customers and partners. She has held a number of leadership and board advisory roles including Waterline Data, NarrativeWave, Frost Data Capital, and Informatica Corporation. Suzanne currently leads strategic partnerships for Waterline Data and is responsible for the MapR relationship. Waterline Data and MapR have announced a development collaboration and a reseller relationship, designed to address the speed and scale required for enterprise-wide data governance and management for next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics environments.

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Chuck Yarbrough, VP, Solutions Marketing and Management at Hitachi Vantara

Chuck Yarbrough is head of ecosystem solutions at Hitachi Vantara, a leading IoT and big data analytics company that helps organizations solve their biggest challenges. Chuck is part of Hitachi’s product organization and is responsible for building out an ecosystem that helps companies transform into data-driven enterprises. Prior to the acquisition of Pentaho by Hitachi, Chuck was responsible for Solutions at Pentaho.

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Jeff Burt, VP of Sales - West at Attunity

Jeff Burt is the Regional Vice President of Sales at Attunity managing a team of sales and sales support professionals in the Western US and Canada. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and sales management selling data integration, data warehousing platforms, analytical applications, database technology, portals, content management and other technology solutions. Jeff spends his weekdays visiting customers and his weekends in Southern California where he enjoys the great outdoors (golfing, hiking, beach).

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Daniel Gu, VP of America at Kyligence

Daniel Gu has been working in the DW/BI and Big Data field for 16 years since day 1 of his career, playing various roles in data engineering, product management, and solutions. He previously worked at eBay, PayPal and Machine Zone, and now is Sr. Director of Solutions at Kyligence, a Big Data company focusing on intelligent, fusional and open enterprise-level OLAP product and solutions.

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Featured Sessions

Three Problems, Three Myths, Three Realities

Speaker: Jack Norris, Senior Vice President Data & Applications, MapR

This session explores the hottest problems customers are struggling to sort out given the advent of many new breakthrough technological tools. It also addresses conventional wisdom and myths and highlights the reality around three hot issues with best practice guidance and recommendations for each.

Security Beyond the Firewall

Speaker: Adam Hunt, CTO and Chief Data Scientist at RiskIQ

Today's businesses are moving beyond the safety of the firewall to make better, more meaningful touch points with customers and employees across the Internet. Meanwhile, threat actors are targeting these brands with internet-scale persistent threats that are entirely invisible to traditional security controls.

Extracting and aggregating petabytes of data from the internet via billions of HTTP requests performed by crawlers and virtual users is the basis for matching internet-scale threats with internet-scale vigilance. For security teams, keeping organizations, consumers, and employees secure during this digital revolution means having access to real-time insights from this internet data.

Data science teams can bring new insight into internet data by drawing connections between seemingly disparate data sets. With these connections, they can then apply machine learning algorithms to detect and alert analysts to malicious content and infrastructure even before it is fully weaponized.

In this session, we'll explain why big data and machine learning are now critical components of the modern security program.

Putting it into Action: A Slightly More Technical Look at Speeding Time to Value

Speaker: Tom Fisher, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MapR

Myth: Only big teams with lots of funding have the advantage of using all this new tech.

This session provides a deeper look at how to put ideas into action and discusses selecting the right first use cases; architectural, design, and implementation best practices; and driving successful change for the big data journey.

Feeding the AI Beast: Building Robust Data Pipelines From Edge to Core to Cloud

Speaker: David Hall, Chief Technologist - AI and Data Pipeline Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Getting true value from all the data being collected from the edge and housed in private or public clouds is on the mind of every CIO. Hear how HPE and MapR are working together to enable real-time Data Lakes that efficiently manage and move data to power your AI solutions.

Big Data For Everyone - Search-Based BI & Visual Analytics

Speaker: Steve Wooledge, VP Marketing at Arcadia Data

For decades people have been talking about self-service BI and analytics to enable business users to make better decisions in organizations. The big data era (Hadoop, Spark, data lakes, and more) has seemingly pushed us to solutions for technical users, but business users need access too. Steve Wooledge of Arcadia Data will discuss:

• Why modern analytical environments need to focus more on business users.

• Why traditional BI approaches are falling short.

• How new innovations like search-based BI are redefining self-service BI.

3 Things Data Managers Need to Know About IoT and Machine Learning

Speaker: Ian Downard, Sr. Technical Engineer, MapR

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is based on the idea that data captured during past mechanical failures can be used to predict future failures. However, time and time again people fail to evaluate PdM techniques due to misunderstandings about the principles of designing data-intensive applications.

In this talk we’ll clarify the core principles behind PdM and illustrate some of the most important design patterns for building data pipelines, feature engineering, and machine learning with Industrial IoT (IIoT) data.

Data Catalog in the Age of AI

Speaker: Suzanne Clark, Enterprise Sales & Alliances Leader at Waterline Data

Insightful analysis often depends upon finding relevant data to work within the first place. Analysts can spend up to 60% of their time looking for data. This data needs to be not only relevant but also of sufficient quality. It has been trustworthy and safe to use. Good governance allows analysts to find data in keeping with regulatory compliance while breaking down interdepartmental silos towards a more egalitarian data estate. Waterline Data catalog solves these foundational needs of analysts by making it easy for them to find the right data sets across the enterprise to use for their analysis in a safe and secure manner.

Automating the Management of MapR Clusters

Speakers: Jesse Escobedo, Sr. System Engineer, The Rubicon Project

Jesse will provide a brief overview of how Rubicon Project is leveraging various MapR technologies and some common automation tools in order to take the guesswork, downtimes, and pain out of a day to day system maintenance and even full cluster upgrades.

Using MapR in the cloud to accelerate Data Science

Speaker: Jeff Schmitz, Cloud Solutions Architect, & Anna Drummond PhD., Data Science Manager, Sanchez Oil & Gas

The speed at which technology is changing the world is frenetic. MapR is an amazing platform that helps drive these changes and becomes even more powerful when leveraging the power and scale of the cloud. MapR in the cloud gives Data Scientists the ability to run 20 or 2000 nodes at the push of a button with unlimited scaling and processing. The decision-making process on the Data Science team needs to happen quickly. Utilizing Spark and Scala among other tools enable DataScientists to query and analyze massive data sets in a very short time. Furthermore, role-based access to real-time and historical data without requiring private copies greatly simplifies logistics. These capabilities are extremely valuable for anyone who relies on data to quickly make decisions, Data Scientists and business leaders alike. Please join us in a discussion of how MapR can be used in the cloud to accelerate Data Science.

Managing and Automating The Analytic Data Pipeline

Speaker: Chuck Yarbrough, VP, Solutions Marketing and Management at Hitachi Vantara

Managing data at scale in the modern world is complex. Blending and analyzing data across multiple sources, orchestrating data science algorithms, and delivering valuable outcomes is the key to success. In this session, Chuck will walk through an example where MapR and Pentaho work together to enable outcomes that truly matter.

Accelerate Your BI on Big Data with Kyligence

Speaker: Daniel Gu, VP of America at Kyligence

Nowadays everyone got a Hadoop cluster and some BI tools, but everyone also has a challenging job to make them work together to fast extract real value out of the investment - People complain the reports seem to always take forever to load, your query is still waiting in the queue when you come back from the coffee break, or tickets asking for processed datasets have overwhelmed your team. A self-service, interactive, real-time exploration on big data sounds impossible. Kyligence, powered by award-winning Apache Kylin, makes a reality sub-second query response time for thousands of concurrent users who don’t have to find where data resides, to Unleash Big Data Productivity™ for your organization. Come and see how Kyligence works seamlessly with MapR to achieve that.

Title: Expert Panel

Description: Turn ideas from the day into your own practical course of action. This panel of experts applies the insights from the day’s sessions to real-world challenges by engaging the audience in a spirited discussion.

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