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Consistently-Compelling Visual Storytelling

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Stanford University

Haas Center for Public Service

562 Salvatierra Walk, CA

Stanford, CA 94305

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-- hosted by the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University --

Compelling visual storytelling is key to advancing your mission as a purpose-driven organization.

However, going from concept to successful execution can be hit-or-miss.

When the magic happens - it's just downright extraordinary - for funding and for strengthening thought leadership and for attracting the right people to join you in your vision for a better tomorrow.

But . . .when your videos or your photo essays fall flat - your team ends up spinning cycles, wasting precious time and resources - and even worse - not engaging your audience in a positive way.

So - how might you get more consistently-compelling visual stories from your photographers & videographers?

That's what this workshop is all about.


1 | We'll Draft a More Engaging Organizational Narrative Framework

We start at the top looking at your overarching story or the narrative framework for your organization or your department. Is it too focused on issues? Or too focused on solutions? Both are problematic for different reasons.

An issue-leading framework tends to depress audiences because of the over-emphasis of issues in the news. However, a solution-leading framework is not ideal either, because it has been over-used in the commercial world. When you lead with your solution, you risk putting your audience on guard by making them feel like you’re try to sell them something.

So - we'll explore frameworks that are go beyond issues and solutions and are more suitable for purpose-driven organizations - frameworks that draw your audience in, that stimulate their curiosity and that wake up their creativity.

YOU WALK AWAY WITH | An Updated Organizational Narrative Framework

Your framework will provide the context for your stories. The relationship between a framework and a story is a bit like that between a Christmas tree and the ornaments. The framework is the tree - and the stories are the myriad colorful figures that will light it up. In the morning, we'll focus on the tree.

A natural place for your Framework is on the landing page of your visual stories and in the descriptions of your visual stories. Including it in your media pitches will also make it a lot easier for bloggers and journalists to write about your short films and other visual stories and to place them in context in an editorial way for their audience.

2 | We'll Bring Your Framework to Life Through Visual Stories

Next we'll dive into the actual stories that are best suited for you to bring your framework to life. We'll make sure to clearly distinguish between a story and a presentation and we'll demystify the anatomy of a compelling visual story. We'll show you our best secrets for captivating your audience visually and touching their hearts through your stories.

We'll also explore humanization and stereotypes. Specifically, you will learn how to apply the right antidote to the stereotype that is getting in the way of you accomplishing your mission.

YOU WALK AWAY WITH | A List of Compelling Visual Story Ideas

Together, we will generate a list of ideas and you will learn how to and how to ensure that they will translate well visually.

3 | We'll Share Specific Guidelines for How to Support the Creative Flow

Finally, we will walk you through step-by-step guidelines of exactly what you can do to support the creative flow of your production and the things that you should avoid doing when you are working photographers & videographers [Not that you're doing any of those things - but it's still good to know. ;) ]

Becoming a more confident creative collaborator puts you in a better position to get the best visual stories from visual professionals.

YOU WALK AWAY WITH | A Set of Detailed Creative Collaboration Guidelines

With these in had you will gain more confidence and be more effective when collaborating with photographers and filmmakers.

What Participants are Saying

“It was fantastic to be presented with a relatively simple framework from which we can scout and create the kind of stories that will better engage our audiences. The course was very action-oriented, with content and tools to help better understand the effective elements to building a powerful visual story. I am feeling much more confident that I will be able to better guide our vendors and clients to produce effective films. Fascinating also that this framework can be applied loosely to storytelling in all forms of collateral.”

- Elise Carlaccini, Creative Producer & Project Manager, University Development and Alumni Development and Alumni Relations, UCSF

"Want to learn how to craft a powerful vision aligned with your mission and tell your story in a thoughtful, compelling and clearly intentioned way? Don’t miss this workshop."

- Matt Bautista, Queer land Trust

"Watching videos with Natasha and seeing the world through her lens was incredibly valuable. So too were the step-by-step breakdowns, methods and models for developing a clear vision for a story and creating emotional connection with an audience."

- Alyshia Silva, Director of Development, Food First/Institute for Food & Development Policy

As a Bonus

As a bonus, you will be invited to join our Private, Member-Only Facebook Group. While the workshop takes you by the hand and leads you every step of the way, your journey will be enhanced by engaging with others who have chosen the same path, after the workshop has ended. The insight and support generated by the group will enable you to:

- tap into a trusted community for new ideas, insights and inspiration.

- ask questions and troubleshoot challenges standing in your way

- get an extra set of eyes on your viusal stories from those in a community who are in the trenches with you

This is a private community of communicators in purpose-driven organizations who are serious about producing compelling visual stories to advance their missions.

About the Instructor

Natasha Deganello Giraudie is a micro-documentary filmmaker, a teacher and nature-mindfulness guide. As Creative Director of Micro-Documentaries, she helped to pioneer the genre by producing short films to help purpose-driven organizations around the world share their visions for a better tomorrow. Natasha is the author of an online course on consistently-compelling visual storytelling and a frequent teacher at universities like Stanford and a variety of purpose-driven organizations. As a nature-mindfulness guide she helps people reconnect deeply with nature in order to find support and inspiration for their personal practice. This way, their inward journey is enriched while their outward expression becomes more aligned. She currently chairs the board of directors of the Dalai Lama Fellows and serves as an Advisor for the Biomimicry Institute.

"Natasha’s talks are invaluable for our students. She turns her cutting edge experience in new media and new organizational structures into inspiring and enlightening anecdotes and insights."

- Scott Doorley, professor, d.school, Stanford University

The framework was so eye-opening. It was all presented clearly, with great examples. I feel like I can use these learnings not just for video storytelling but all storytelling.”

- Anne Kavanagh, Editorial Director, UCSF

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for communicators working in purpose-driven organizations who are including visual storytelling in their communications plans.

What is the return on investment?

What would it be worth to you and your organization if: You didn't have to spend dozens of hours and tens of thousands of dollars reinventing the wheel of video-storytelling? You didn't have to produce another video story that fell flat? You could significantly advance your organization's mission with compelling video storytelling? You could energize your team by showing them results of their hard work?

What are the online video lessons in the Online Bundle?

The Online Bundle gives you access both to the in-person workshop and to the recorded video lessons from the workshop so that you can have them to refer back to and review them at your leisure after the workshop has ended.

Do you offer scholarships?

Our hope is to offer this workshop for the benefit of a wide range of people and as much as we have tried to make it affordable, we realize that the price might not be as accessible in all circumstances. For this reason, we are happy to offer a number of discounted scholarships. Please apply here.

Still considering?

Here are some more thoughts from our attendees.

I showed up thinking I already knew how to tell our story visually. I left understanding that there were whole new possibilities for reaching and resonating with our audience. With a nice blend of lecture and personalized exercises, practical examples and strategic frameworks, Natasha made this workshop focused, fun and immensely useful for mastering all forms of visual storytelling

-Kot Hordynski, Director of Marketing & Impact, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Visual storytelling is hard to get right. This full-day workshop helped demystify the art form with lots of nuts and bolts strategies, worksheets and experience-based theories.

-David Griswold, Founder & CEO-Sustainable Harvest

I recommend this workshop for anyone who is working to share the story of their purpose-driven organization. In place of traditional advertising and self-promotion, Natasha teaches you how to craft powerful editorial content that makes an emotional connection with your audience and frames your organization as an inspiring voice for change and possibility.

-Halley Bass, Business Coach and Web Designer- Halley Claire Design

A very engaging workshop that covers all the bases for making short films in the modern world, from strategy to storytelling to production.

-Andy Westhoff, Visual Storyteller -Autodesk

This workshop teaches you how to identify and tell the best stories for your organization through short films. I loved the strategies for how to get personal with your audience, humanize characters, avoid reinforcing stereotypes and inspire people with possibilities.

-Erin Thompson, National Marketing Coordinator-Canine Companions

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Date and Time


Stanford University

Haas Center for Public Service

562 Salvatierra Walk, CA

Stanford, CA 94305

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