Conscious Touch Lab: Opening to Pleasure

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Watertown Center For Healing Arts

22 Mount Auburn Street

Skylight Yoga Studio

Watertown, MA 02472

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What blocks you from experiencing more pleasure?

What allows you to open to RECEIVING more fully?

In this Lab you will:

• Bring awareness to the core beliefs, fears or habit patterns that get in the way of you experiencing more pleasure in your life.

• Practice asking for what you want.

• Open to receive pleasure more fully, as your birthright.

• Explore Pleasure Mapping through Consent to playfully discover new possibilities

• Discover the most pleasurable ways of giving touch.

Most of us are much more comfortable giving than receiving. Culturally it’s more acceptable to give pleasure than to receive it. Receiving may seem to selfish or feel too vulnerable and exposed. And yet, when we really receive what is given to us, it provides fulfillment to the giver and allows them to feel received. In this way truly receiving becomes a gift for both giver and receiver.

When we show our vulnerability we allow ourselves to be known. It is when we let others in that we are able to be nourished on a deeper level that we long for. In this Lab you will be guided into a safe space to practice opening to receive more fully and get your pleasure tanks filled.

For Whom: Singles and couples interested in creating deeply fulfilling intimacy in their lives.

Tickets: $45/person

COUPLES may choose to do all the exercises together. All genders and sexual orientations welcome.

• Do you sense there is more pleasure available, but aren't sure how to get there?

• Do you find it hard to ask for what you really would like in life or in the bedroom?

• Does fear of rejection, expectations or performance hold you back from intimacy?

• Would you like to be a part of a supportive community to consciously explore authentic connection and sensual fulfillment?

Develop Your Conscious Intimacy Skill Set and Become Empowered to Create the Connection You Desire.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for this experience. It truly moved me. I was able to break down barriers that I have built up in myself. Letting go and being vulnerable, I was able to be open to touch in such a freeing and healing way.”

Participants regularly report feeling:

Incredibly Safe ~ Accepted ~ Deeply Moved ~ Connected ~ Healed ~ Nourished ~ Freed and Liberated ~ Cared for ~ Hope and Optimism ~ Less Anxiety and Fear ~ More Confident ~ Honored ~ Loved ~ Worthy ~ Connected ~ Wholeness ~ Grounded ~ Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful ~ Energized ~ Playful, Fun ~ Inspired ~ Uplifted

Conscious Touch Lab: Intimacy and Consent

There is so much more to consent than simply asking and receiving a yes before engaging. It is common to think we’re a yes - or think we should be a yes - to a request when in fact our bodies are a no. Sometimes our bodies are a yes, but our hearts are a no. It’s important to notice the incongruencies which exist in our systems and practice finding our congruent, authentic responses.

This brings us back into integrity with ourselves. This is critical to empowering us to be clear with what we are truly a yes to and what we are actually a no to. Or as we like to say in consent education, to claim our fuck yes and our hell no. It’s a process of unlearning habits of politeness we were programmed with as children. With this comes a deep sense of relief and freedom to be our true selves - and deeper, more authentic, more mutually fulfilling intimacy.

Three Steps to Freedom and True Intimacy:

  1. Inquiry and Awareness - It requires developing an ongoing awareness and ability to listen to the cues of your body’s wisdom. It requires an understanding of your underlying needs.
  2. Permission - Permission to speak your authentic truth and not be judged, shamed, pressured, guilt-tripped, blamed, criticized, manipulated or rejected. Being received, accepted, honored and respected in your truth re-wires your nervous system to feel safer being authentic. And it creates deeper connection.
  3. Practice - It takes consistent practice to create a new habit pattern. Having a community which support you in taking risks to speak your authentic yes and no is essential to your empowerment.

It’s also crucial that we develop our ability to read other’s energy cues and body language, especially when they haven’t yet found their authentic voice.

I created the Conscious Touch Lab: Intimacy and Consent Series to address the rampant need in our culture for a safe and supportive, non-sexual environment to practice - in real time - the essential intimacy skills finding and communicating our true yes and no in each moment as we give and receive the essential human nutrient of nourishing touch.

We begin each session by creating a Field of Agreement that very quickly creates an environment of safety and honoring of ourselves and each other. As a community we give each other permission and support each other in being authentic and stretching into new possibilities. We practice leaving expectations behind and opening to being truly present with each other in the moment. This allows for each of us to experiment with connecting at the level that feels right to us and each other in each moment.

"I felt very safe. It was great to start the lab with everyone sharing their feeling because knowing that almost everyone there felt apprehensive and unsure alleviated the concerns a lot. It was also amazing to go round at the end and hear how each person felt at the end - very powerful and conscious shifts." - Dianne

Next, you are led through an inquiry process to uncover subconscious beliefs and habit patterns which are blocking you from more connection and fulfillment. With your new awareness and understanding you will experiment with doing things differently to open up new possibilities of connection and fulfillment.

Through a series of playful exercises you will practice the essential intimacy skills of asking for what you want in real time - an essential skill to receiving the nourishment you desire – and setting boundaries around what you don't want – another essential skill in creating healthy intimacy. Developing these skills over time allows you to show up more fully in your power and pleasure and forge authentic, nourishing connections.

Over the course of the series you will deepen your bonds of connection and trust with your community of support. You will continue practicing the skill of setting clear boundaries. You will embark on experiments in practicing the advanced consent skills of asking specifically for what you want, negotiating and asking for adjustments. You will begin to dislodge that which blocks you from experiencing more pleasure - on your terms. You will practice leaving expectations at the door and opening to the ever-unfolding present moment - the gateway to magic.

Imagine what it would be like if …

• There was a safe place you could receive nurturing touch which wasn't going to lead to sex.
• You didn't have to worry about performance or doing it right.
• You could let go of anxiety about rejection.
• You were supported in speaking your authentic truth, and through this you experienced greater intimacy and connection.
• You were accepted and honored, just as you are.

CTL is designed to help you:

• Feel safe, connected, confident and liberated
• Receive nourishing, non-sexual touch
• Discover new ways of experiencing pleasure while giving and receiving
• Uncover a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires and your needs
• Communicate your boundaries, preferences and desires with less fear and greater results
• Experience authentic connection
• Be nourished: body, heart and soul
“Something that I was able to take away from this experience was the idea of having no expectations, or no attachment to an expectation. It made offering something to someone much less daunting. I could offer something without the fear of being rejected. I was able to reassess what it meant to be rejected. Instead of viewing it as the other person rejecting my whole being and essence, I was able to see the rejection for what it truly was; a rejection of the offer. This has freed me up so much and has lightened the load of my insecurities." - Gregory

Join our Conscious Touch Community and gain support on your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, authentic connection and sensual fulfillment.

“At your first Conscious Touch class, I was able to meet someone and that relationship has bloomed into something I never thought possible. I think because you set the stage for us to practice things like communication, consent, and honoring each others’ yes and no, that opened the door for us to have a truly meaningful relationship. Thank you so much!” – Laura

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Date and Time


Watertown Center For Healing Arts

22 Mount Auburn Street

Skylight Yoga Studio

Watertown, MA 02472

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