Connect with Your Feminine Flow
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Connect with Your Feminine Flow

Connect with Your Feminine Flow

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Langham Community Centre

School Road

Langham, United Kingdom

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Connect to Your Feminine Flow Workshop – giving you permission to be a woman!

Would you like to know more about your periods?

Of course you do! We all need to know! Well, now you can: one of the most powerful workshops for women is available at The Feminine Space.

This personal development course guides you on your journey to truly understanding your hormones, your monthly cycle and how the seasons of this affect you physically and emotionally.

Add this to learning how to track your periods and how to self-care and eat during each phase and this becomes an amazing sanity check, especially during the more difficult moments of your month.

Woven throughout this workshop are the opportunities to organically share with other like-minded and inquisitive women. This is exceptionally potent when coupled with meditations and visualisations which really connect you and allow you to listen to your body like never before.

This workshop gives you space, permission and knowledge that many women never know they need till they get it – like most of the best things in life.

This course is perfect for women who want to get to know their cycle, ovulation, hormones and their body’s needs.

I cannot wait to see you there!


Tara  x

This workshop is simply beautiful and powerful - here’s what women have shared from previous workshops…………….

“I’ve taken comfort from knowing my season’s, it reassures me in my cycle, makes it less scary at certain times of the month. I found it gave me a lot of validity to my feelings and emotions.

The meditations really supported me to feel really connected with being a women and my body – it was really empowering.

Being with a group of other women where we could share and connect – hugely valuable as I don’t have many opportunities for groups of women to meet naturally and be together in this way.

When in my Autumn, lots of stuff comes up for me that can easily send me into overwhelm. This workshop has helped me to understand how to create space and support myself.

My learnings from the workshop have allowed me go with my flow – accept and support how I feel, even if it’s different to what’s expected for that season. I create the space to listen to my body and what’s going on for me – I accept what’s happening and go with it.

I felt I had the opportunity to share, be supported and connect with other women. I got to ask questions I always wanted to ask in a safe, supportive environment. I got to understand my body and its hormones, which gave me a greater respect for myself and my body.

Having respect for myself and body felt really big – I felt proud to be a women and respectful of being a women.

Before this course, I had a silly idea that I didn’t want to be too feminine, so I dressed in jeans and tee-shirts. Now, I wear dresses – I like dresses and floral things as I want to be a feminine woman now.

I feel so excited to share and support my children with this one day – they will have the knowledge and they will pass it on, incredible!”

A xxxx



“I felt the bonding and the sisterhood as soon as we meet one another – amazing.

The space was created for me to feel safe and trust the group for me to be able to open up and share, this including crying which was massive for me.

Understanding my season’s and my body, has allowed me to plan my work. For example, I know in my winter I can’t concentrate and I’m tired, but I know that’s alright, because in a few days I will be like a rocket. So now, I give myself permission to rest when I need to – and that it’s ok!

Knowing I will feel differently in my different season’s takes so much pressure off of me, as I used to always feel that I had to always be ‘on’ all of the time. It’s shown me its ok to rest or go bat-shit-crazy sometimes; this caused less pressure for me. It’s given me a different perspective on everything.

Understanding my cycle and my body, has helped me to realise I can make my own choices, my own decisions. I’d never stood up and given myself a chance – I never had, whereas now I’m thinking about what’s best for me. Now I can make that decision and not judge myself. I go with my flow!

I always thought I was all alone – but I realise we all have similar experiences. It’s ok to feel shit, its ok to feel happy – it’s ok to feel however I do!

I suggest to every woman, if you don’t know this stuff – you need it! I feel every woman should know this stuff before they start their periods!

It’s an awesome, amazing and beautiful, life changing workshop.”

S xx


“Learning about my season’s made so much sense and allowed me to accept a lot of things about myself.

Being with other women, hearing their stories, sharing personal stuff and becoming vulnerable with complete strangers – was so awesome, I’ve created friends for life.

This workshop helped me to understand my femininity and how to work with it and embrace it.

I got to learn about my body and how to work with my body to help myself – very empowering. I would suggest every woman needs to go on this workshop.”
H xx




What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is plenty of parking available on site at the premisies.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

Please bring note pad and pen, cusion and blanket (something you will feel warm and comfortable with during meditations).

A selection of teas / coffee and water will be freely available on the day, but if there is something you specifically want to drink, please bring this with you.

Please bring your own lunch, but a selection of snacks and nibbles will be provided during the day.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Any queries or questions, please feel free to contact me on:

Tara Perlaki

07734 915417

or message me:


What is the refund policy?

A full refund will be issued if given 7or more days notice.

If less then 7 days notice 50% of ticket price will be refunded.


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Date and Time

Langham Community Centre

School Road

Langham, United Kingdom

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