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Connecting, Networking, and Public Speaking.

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Do you feel a bit awkward to introduce yourself or speak to people and how uncomfortable to look straight in the eyes? Isn’t that feeling makes your not connect with people? Listen, you probably are just like me.

I used to do things like walking into the room full of people and pretend that I didn’t see anyone at all! Because guess what?? I thought that I was invisible!

I thought I was not that significant to be able reach out to people.

Invisible not because I was also shy but simply because I was introvert. I didnt have high self esteem!

I had no confidence at all!

I just felt that that's how it was and I felt that I didn’t need to say hi or to even interact with other people.

Let's face it, many of us think that the reason they don't want to connect or communicate to others is because we are thinking that they will not remember us anyway so what is the point to even speak to them in the first place.

What do you think? Does it sound like you?

Do you have the same mindset?

It took me sometime to realize the importance of communication with people. It took sometime for me to be able to dig in deeper. To find the voice within me, to find that confidence.

when I did, I got to the point where I don't have fear of public speaking anymore and Wouldn’t be nice for you to overcome and unblock your true potential. Just imagine you walk into a room and you are confident and content you who loves looking at people Because YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Imagine you found your own voice within you.

Imagine got the confidence.

Imagine you are content and happy despite all what other people will say.

If you are a public speaker, entrepreneur, business owner or parent .... this is for you! This confidence within hypnosis/ meditation is for you and it’s a must !! Here are the benefits ———

Using NLP, which is the study of excellence, I will help you to create a perfect public speaking persona. You will feel not only safe and empowered as a speaker but also have a deep feeling of inner comfort and calm when you are delivering a speech or making a presentation.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you actually stand up and deliver a passionate speech that has your audience gripped from start to finish. Not only will you understand and pluck out your fears at the root but you can also learn to be an effective and powerful speaker with a clear and focused message.

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