Confidence for MEN - Unleash Your Inner Champion (Tucson)

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Confidence for MEN - Unleash Your Inner Champion (Tucson)

Helping driven and ambitious men take bold action in order to approach women, make more money, and achieve their dream bodies.

By Brandon Thammavong

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March 25 · 12pm - December 23 · 2pm MDT


Tucson Virtual via Zoom Tucson, AZ 85641

About this event

Do you have a strong desire to succeed and achieve your dreams, but feel unsure about how to get there?

Are you ready to take risks and pursue your passions but need some guidance to get started?

Do you feel motivated to achieve your goals but find yourself struggling to reach them?

Are you consistently challenging yourself to be better and see great results, but feeling like it's not the progress you are looking for?

Do you possess determination and drive, but feel like you lack direction and purpose in your life?

You read books, listen to podcasts, and religiously absorb motivational content.

So why are you still feeling confused about which next step to take?

It’s not a lack of motivation…

Instead, it’s…

  • who you’re surrounding yourself with.
  • the type of lifestyle you’re currently living.
  • your pride getting in the way, saying “I can figure this out on my own”.

You set new goals and the motivation is there for a little, then it dies off and you feel like you are right back at square one.

But this isn’t every time.

There are times you have consistently shown up and gotten results, but those results didn’t satisfy your ambitious mindset.

You don’t question why your motivation continuously dies, because there are times you’re successful. Those times keep you spinning your wheels, not realizing you haven’t moved.

The truth is, there are a number of things holding you back from really tapping into your inner champion.

There are 3 things everyone wants in life.

These 3 THINGS are what 99% of men attach their stories of success and happiness to.

It does NOT matter if you are gay or straight, man or woman.

Everyone wants…

  • to feel love
  • not live paycheck to paycheck
  • feel good in their own skin.


This is THE TRIFECTA; Love, Money, and the Body.

And yet, many men struggle to achieve these things, despite all our efforts.

It’s not enough to simply consume motivational content and set goals.

To truly achieve THE TRIFECTA, you MUST look deep within yourself and identify what’s holding you back.

Perhaps you’re

  • Overwhelming yourself with your goals.
  • Lacking self-discipline
  • A perfectionist

The reality is that you need to make some tough choices about the people you surround yourself with, and the habits you engage in daily.

This is the hard part…that everyone avoids!

Now. Is. Your. Time. To. Take. Action.

A NEW type of ACTION!

Calculated and strategic action, to finally stop spinning your wheels and start making progress toward the life you desire.

Unlock your inner champion and achieve THE TRIFECTA, when you join me for this workshop.

Together, we’ll explore the obstacles holding YOU back.

Are you ready to take the first step toward the life you deserve?

Lets do this!

Meet Brandon Thammavong

My name is Brandon and I’m a Lifestyle and Confidence Coach.

My mission is to help driven and ambitious men start taking bold action to achieve THE TRIFECTA.

I wasn’t always filled with precision, clarity, and sharpness. Believe it or not, I was in the same position you are in. Endlessly searching for answers and seeking how to really develop my confidence to become bulletproof. When I say bulletproof, I mean the type of confidence where you can get knocked down by Thor and brush it off like your the Hulk.

I began my journey to develop bulletproof confidence in 2011. I spun my wheels for 8 years. I allowed my pride as a man to say the very thing that stunts all of our growth. “I can do this on my own.” Little did I know, we’re all human. We are meant to support and assist each other. Without one another we wouldn’t have skyscrapers as tall as the sky. We wouldn’t have electric cars. We wouldn’t have social media and the ability to communicate all over the world in a matter of seconds.

It was stupid of me to think I could achieve THE TRIFECTA on my own.

But you know what they say…” better late than never.”

The thing is..

I grew up in an environment that tested my mental strength to the max. I was bullied by my older brother at a young age. This led close friends and family to hop on the “bully-Brandon” wagon. I grew up influenced by the hood. I felt cast out like a black sheep in my family and social circles. I resorted to selling ecstasy and raving at the age of 12. Dance music and drugs became my outlet. What kept me going was the people that I raved with, because I felt accepted and loved.

I surrounded myself with the wrong people when I was anywhere but a rave. I lacked social support from my mom because she was always working. Raised by grandparents who couldn’t speak English sent me down a dark path using drugs to mask my insecurities. I felt like I didn’t fit in, as the Asian kid growing up in America. At 16, the gym became my focus, changing my life, and helping me build external confidence. Working out with the goal to be a fitness model was my new outlet. This is where my journey really started.

In 2019, I realized this type of confidence and motivation was superficial and short-lived. By putting my pride and ego aside, I would’ve attained the precision, clarity, and sharpness I have today much sooner.

TODAY... I’m confident in every area of my life.

  • I approach gorgeous women with confidence.
  • I’m authentically myself in all situations.
  • I have THE TRIFECTA; and, I live a lifestyle to maintain it.

Let me show you how I achieved this, so you can too!

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Brandon Thammavong