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Compassionate Communication: The Art of Listening and Speaking

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Islamic Center Of Detroit ( Masjid ICD )

14350 Tireman Avenue

Detroit, MI 48228

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"Compassionate Communication: The Art of Listening and Speaking". This is a 1-day interactive course intended to create lasting changes in your personal and professional relationships.

  • Did you or someone you know experience any of the the following situations:

    • A fight breaks out in the Masjid board meeting while disagreeing in trying to decide on how to improve the Sunday school.

    • A routine conversation between a couple about mother in-law turns very heated and almost end up with the husband divorcing his wife.

    • A daughter avoids speaking to her mother who she feels does not understand her feelings whenever she tries to have any genuine conversation.

    • A relative borrowed money and you just lost a job and need that money but don’t know how to approach him/her.

    • A co-worker is sharing negative comments about you but you keep bottling it inside. Instead of addressing it, you backbite him/her and say sarcastic remarks as a way to get even.

    • You just can’t get through to your son. You are frustrated and angry, which is now affecting your relationship with your husband/wife.

  • Description

    • Effective communication is one of the most important skills in life. It is very important both on an organizational level for leaders, and on a personal level. We spend most of our time talking and speaking to people at work, home, school, and community. Many of us have spent significant amount of years learning how to read and write, how use technology, how to perform a particular job, how drive a car, etc but how much time have we spent learning how to listen and speak? Somehow, we are just expected to know and learn one or two things from your parents, family and friends and often repeat the same mistakes in listening and speaking. Effective leaders strive to improve their communication with their staff, spouses, family members, friends, and community members that they serve. . These social skills of listening and speaking can be learned and practiced until they become second nature.

  • High Level Breakdown

    • Listening Skill:

      • How to remove 13 listening blocks that are common in conversations.

      • How to have mutual respect and listen to others attentively.

      • How to understand people better by reading their nonverbal expressions

      • How to validate people’s feelings and emotions.

    • Speaking Skills :

      • How to identify your anger and calm down instead of expressing it.

      • How to give feedback without criticizing others.

      • How to choose your words wisely and give people the right message verbally and nonverbally.

      • How to address something important when you are scared, hurt or emotional.

      • How to enable someone who is usually shy and doesn’t speak to express themselves confidently.

      • How to end an argument and resolve a problem that you have with another.

      • How to control your volume and adjust your tone when you speak.

      • How to joke appropriately without insulting or lying to others.

      • How to express your emotions and feelings with people you trust.

      • How to increase your influence when speaking to people at your job.

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Date and Time


Islamic Center Of Detroit ( Masjid ICD )

14350 Tireman Avenue

Detroit, MI 48228

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