Community-Engaged Research Summer Webinars & Journal Club

Community-Engaged Research Summer Webinars & Journal Club

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The scope and aims of Community-Engaged Research (CEnR) demand a rethinking of common research and community engagement practices. Join us!

About this event

May 11 (11am ET): Community-Engaged Research for Dementia Prevention

Primary (risk reduction), secondary (delaying progression), and tertiary (comprehensive care) prevention of dementia happens largely in the community. But communities are different with varying socio-cultural needs and organizational resources. This webinar presents the Kickstart, Assess, Evaluate, and Refer (KAER) toolkit which attempts to bridge this gap from clinical perspectives, and prevailing needs in community contexts from Indigenous perspectives. Discussion will focus on practical ways forward.


• Professor Patricia Heyn, PhD FGSA FACRM

• Professor Jordan P Lewis, PhD MSW FGSA


Dr Mariko Sakamoto, PhD RN

Jun 13 (11am ET): Community-Engaged Research in Low-Income Contexts

The privileged position and assumptions of researchers often remain unquestioned when involving communities with starkly different socioeconomic statuses. This presents considerable challenges to effectively benefitting the communities we purport to help. This webinar presents experiences of Community-Engaged Research from the perspectives of researcher and community stakeholder, among refugees and/or precariously-housed populations in two cities. Discussion will focus on contextual considerations when conducting research across different communities.


• Professor Sharon Morrison, PhD, & Dr Sudha Shreeniwas, PhD

• Ms Jenny Konkin, Whole Way House


Dr Tetyana Shippee, PhD FGSA

July 13 (4pm ET): Research Participation in CEnR

The scope and aims of Community-Engaged Research (CEnR) demand a rethinking of common research or community engagement practices. This journal club focuses on the above topic and serves as an introduction to methodological articles that will be archived in the CEnR Library. Come ready to share stories and discuss issues on the topic in relation to, or apart from, the assigned readings. We look forward to learning with you!

Facilitator(s): Drs Carrie Leach, PhD / Daniel Gan, PhD


• Cornwall, A. (2008). Unpacking ‘Participation’: models, meanings and practices. Community development journal, 43(3), 269-283.

• Gilmore-Bykovskyi, A., Croff, R., Glover, C. M., Jackson, J. D., Resendez, J., Perez, A., ... & Manly, J. J. (2021). Traversing the aging research and health equity divide: toward intersectional frameworks of research justice and participation. The Gerontologist, gnab107.

Aug 17 (4pm ET): Research Collaboration in CEnR


• Greenfield, E. A., Black, K., Oh, P., & Pestine-Stevens, A. (2022). Theories of community collaboration to advance age-friendly community change. The Gerontologist, 62(1), 36-45.

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Sep 14 (4pm ET): Research Implementation in CEnR


• Bauer, M. S., Damschroder, L., Hagedorn, H., Smith, J., & Kilbourne, A. M. (2015). An introduction to implementation science for the non-specialist. BMC psychology, 3(1), 1-12.

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