Community Conversations on Elections

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Community Conversations on Elections

Can we talk about voting, elections and turnout?

By Midlands Mediation Center

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Thursday, June 22 · 3 - 4:30pm PDT



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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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Why aren't people participating in the democratic process of voting? People are registering to vote at an all-time high, yet voter turnout range from 52% (General Election) to less than 20% during Primary Elections. Let's not discuss run-off or special elections; the turnout is even worse.

Here's an invitation to come to the virtual table and talk about elections, voting and turnout. There's no expected outcome of the dialogues but an opportunity to come together and be curious as to how democracy works in a society that does not fully exercise its right to vote. Please note it's subject to change based on those participating in the discussion. We want to know people's thoughts about the process, which our ancestors (early descendants) created so adults' voices could be heard as it related to the people who would represent us and the principles and values which we cherish.

September 22 - Conversations: Political Peace Building

Participants discuss how we can dialogue about building political peace within political affinity groups. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how we got to our current polarized climate and what the costs of those division. What commitments can we make with ourselves and friends to help us heal rifts and better model what a successful democratic republic can be?

October 18 - Conversation: Elections Concerns and Aspirations

Participants can share and reflect on our perspectives with others; cutting through the noise to seek a more productive exchange about our values, differing viewpoints and hopes for the future. We may explore current political articles.

November 17 - Conversation: Post Election Moving FORWARD Together

Participants discuss the experience of election day and have an opportunity express our shared humanity alongside our differences, and explore how we can build on our common ideals whether we feel as though we “won” or “lost” during the election.

December 22 - Conversation: Voting Rights

Participants discuss personal experiences voting in elections, how we’ve seen it change in our lifetimes, and our hopes moving forward. The dialogue includes a historical review of voting rights.

January 26 - Conversation: The Census, Redistricting and Gerrymandering

Participants examines the way districts are done and we explore how it could work better. It’s wonky, yes. But it’s also the foundation of our governance system.

February 23 - Conversation: Democracy and Extremism

Participants explore the societal impulse to label anyone outside of the mainstream as “extreme,”. We will explore how can we better distinguish and then support outliers who are advancing worthy causes?

March 23 - Conversation: Political Stereotypes

Participants explore the assumptions and stereotypes we hold on to as well as those others might have about us. How are you navigating, being influenced by, or being impacted by current political stereotypes?

April 20 - Conversation: Public Officials and the Community

Participants discuss shared values around how we want to treat public officials and what kind of relationship we expect or hope for.

May 25 - Conversation: What are American Values and Ideas

Participants discuss America’s values and ideals - What do you most value about the United States? Do they derive from our founding documents, so you look to “the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? Or the Constitution and Bill of Rights — protecting the rights of individuals from government overreach, foreign threats and the passions of the people. Or do they derive from something else entirely?

About the organizer

Midlands Mediation Center; initiating, facilitating, mediating, and educating for collaborative community relationships to affect positive systemic change in the Midlands.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MMC uses trained volunteers to provide mediation services on a sliding scale and facilitation, dialogues and training services to individuals and organizations.