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This is a 10-week online program. More detail below

Communication Dojo - 10-week Online Program: "Introduction to Connected Communication" - runs Sept 20th 2019 to Nov 22nd 2019 with Newt Bailey & Ali Miller

Many people fall into "fighting" or "arguing" even when they don't really want to.

Often each person knows they would like to find a more effective and harmonious way to communicate, but they find themselves repeatedly sliding down the slippery slope into old habits.

This is a great place from which to start, though. If you and another person have a shared desire to change, you're in a great place to actually make rapid change.

It's useful to have a starting point that's pretty quick to learn — a simple set of guidelines you can stick to when you feel yourself sliding down that slippery slope, or when you know in advance that tension and disconnection are likely.

That's what we're offering through this online course - an efficient way for you to start reaping the benefits of Nonviolent Communication:

  • Greater self-understanding and self-connection
  • Easier connection with others
  • More of a sense of getting heard and hearing others
  • Fewer conflicts
  • Greater capacity to resolve conflicts when they happen
  • More willingness to ask for what you want
  • A life where you meet more of your needs and hence live more joyfully
  • More energy left to contribute your gifts to the world and to "be the change you wish to see"
  • A community of people to provide support, encouragement, and learning

...and more!

Newt & Ali & the "Connected Conversation Process"

Back in 2011 I took a walk with my friend and colleague Ali Miller, who is a therapist and workshop leader. Our intention was to discuss how we could condense our experiences using and sharing Nonviolent Communication into a new way to teach and talk about this powerful work.

Out of that walk and talk came a new tool we call the "Connected Conversation Process."

After all, since connection is one of the primary intentions of Nonviolent Communication, why not structure our conversations so that they lead to increased connection, and decreased conflict?

At the Communication Dojo we often refer to Nonviolent Communication as "Connected Communication" - so as to always keep it in mind what we're aiming for when in dialogue with someone.

Ali and I have taught Connected Communication, including the Connected Conversation Process, to many people in the years since, and we're both now very excited to take our teaching to a wider audience in this 10-week online course.

Newt Bailey, March 2019

Course Contents

  • 19 live sessions (1 hour each) over video conference (also accessible by phone)
    • These classes will also be recorded so they are available for those who cannot make it to the live sessions
    • 10 sessions with Newt & Ali will happen at 9am US Pacific Time on Fridays from Sept 20th thru Nov 22nd
    • 9 sessions with Newt will happen at 7pm US Pacific Time on Thursdays from Sept 26th thru Nov 21st
    • The live sessions provide a chance for:
      • Q&A about the pre-recorded lessons
      • Practice
      • Demonstrations by Newt & Ali
      • Building skills not covered in the pre-recorded lessons
  • Online classroom - open from Sept 14th, 2019 until Feb 23rd, 2020, where you'll find:
    • 2-hours of pre-recorded lessons broken down into short lessons (4 to 10 minutes each)
      • These lessons form a full introduction to the Connected Conversation Process
      • You can start using the process for real conversations after just the first few lessons
    • Recordings of the live sessions, posted shortly after each live session completes - for those who cannot attend some or all of the live sessions
    • Online quizzes and discussion questions to support your learning
    • Discussion forum to ask questions that the trainers and others students can reply to
  • Practice between classes with other participants
  • "Daily Dojo" optional email sequence - with extra clarifications of course material, examples, articles, quotes, poems, readings and other resources to support integration of NVC
  • Written course materials to reinforce the pre-recorded and live video lessons
  • The Newt & Ali factor... Newt and Ali have received feedback over the years about their way of demonstrating the skills - expressions like "practical," "down-to-earth," "easy to accept and apply." This has helped many people see that they too can make the changes they want to their communication.

Some features of the Communication Dojo:

The Communication Dojo approach has the Connected Conversation Process as a key part of its foundation. This means we start with a tool that often gives our workshop participants an immediate increase in their ability to communicate about topics that have previously derailed their attempts at discussion.

From this starting point, new skills, principles and awareness can then be incorporated at a pace that suits each participant.

- Efficient use of class time to maximize learning
- High proportion of practice time in pairs - learning communication by communicating.
- Minimal reliance on "jargon" i.e. language that might be confusing or alienating for those not familiar with NVC.
- Little likelihood of people developing any sense of 'Doing it wrong' or 'Trying to do it right.'

Who’s it for?

New to NVC? - Come try out the Communication Dojo. You'll find that whatever your current approach to communication, you can start from that point and expand your range of options from there at a rate that suits you.

Experienced with NVC? - Do you sometimes find that your attempts to use NVC do not lead to the connection you want? Perhaps they even lead to greater disconnection? Or are you looking for a different kind of NVC learning environment for friends, family members, or colleagues you really want to introduce to the power and potential of NVC.


"I really enjoyed the instant feedback telling me how my words were impacting my partner."
"The real power point is reporting on what's happening in the moment."
"I think I just broke through my habit of being hard on myself!"
"I saw how mistaken I often am about whether I really 'get' the other person, or they get me - this process allowed us to see that and really get each other."

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Online course

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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