Coming Home to Earth (Community Resilience Sessions)

Coming Home to Earth (Community Resilience Sessions)

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Fairview, NC 28730

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Bimonthly curated series of activities, hands-on workshops, & discussions, centering collective healing & liberation. QBIPOCA space

About this event

This intentional circle is curated by and for QBIPOCA: Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, People of Color, People of the Jewish community, LGBTQIA2S+, and all hue-mans who are in support with us (A= allies) and our Earth.

We believe that healing our relationship with Mother Earth helps us to heal our own traumas, uplift our spirits, and accelerate our empowerment. When we work WITH Nature, we invest in our resilience, self-sufficiency, and healing. By doing the work together, we invest in community fabrics and grow deeper relationships, opening doors to the co-creation of community-driven systems.


Intentions: Reconnect. Reclaim. Regenerate. Remember. Recreate.

We will meet just about every other Saturday (2x/mo) beginning in June, to participate in a curated series of activities: hands-on skills-development, quality nature and unwinding time, self-care, DIY, food sovereignty 101, and community conversation and learning.

Our objectives:

- Co-create a safe container for us to connect with Nature, the elements, the land and life itself; to develop a relationship with Land, our inner selves, our human bodies, our ancestors, and our purpose.

- Learn practical skills and cultivate deeper understandings that support more sustainable, more mindful lifestyles and reduce our ecological footprint.

- Consider systemic influences, other obstacles, and forms of oppression you and others may have experienced; observe and reflect on your personal relationship with such influences.

- Explore tools, systems and solutions to nurture our ability to coexist with Earth again on fundamental levels.

- Nourish our somatic relationship with our own bodies, health, and wellbeing.

- Reimagine community relationships and areas for solidarity, cooperation, and collaboration.


Hands in the Earth Care - Spring is a chance to start new seeds and prepare for a year of abundance, in right relations with the earth. Learn the basic principles and 101's of ecological food growing, from greenhouse and homesteading basics, to raised bed and regenerative soil practices, food forests, and ethical foraging!

Zero-Waste/Closed-Loop Lifestyles - We all want to live in abundance, while reducing our carbon footprint and negative ecological impact. Practice makes perfect, and practical shifts in consumer habits lead us along a pathway toward Zero-Waste.

DIY Self-Care, Health and Wellbeing - Body, Mind, Spirit, are at the forefronts of effective self-care, for we are somatic beings that are not isolated from the whole, but connected to all people, plants, animals, elements, and to all of creation. We will delve into preventative care skills, like botanical tincture and tea-making, handmade salves and balms, plus homemade first aid kits, as well as get into the practice of somatic exercises, self check-ins, food and diet, and exercise and movement.

Arts-Integration - Art has always been part of humanity, from the simplest etchings, to weaves, dyes, beads, pottery, paintings, music, and more. Our creativity is ours, whether we identify as artists or not; in truth, we all are. Work with mixed-mediums throughout this series, from natural paints, to natural dyes, upcycling, collage/vision boards, and creative writings. Artists are creators, truth-tellers, shadow-workers, uplifters. "The role of the artist is to reflect the times." - Nina Simone.

Community Care - We all imagine a world in harmony with each other and the earth. By taking full responsibility for ourselves, we invest in our own self-actualization. This path is not linear, and does not necessarily come FIRST, yet it is IS intricately part of the whole, the community, and our close circles. We hope that by bringing balance and empowerment to our selves, we can show up for and contribute to collective healing and liberation. Indeed, part of our own self-care is in feeling nourished by authentic relationships with others, and in having a sense of purpose and value to the Community. It has always been this way, for us social species>> we are just another creature on this planet. Let’s learn how to listen, communicate, research, and prioritize how we can show up for the bigger picture, in effective solidarity which does not burn us out.