Comedy Roast of Donald Trump (18+)
San Francisco, CA

Comedy Roast of Donald Trump (18+)

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Comedy Roast of Donald Trump (18+)

SoMa StrEat Food Park, San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco based RoastSF returns on the heals of it’s first SF Sketchfest appearance bringing their own brand of heart stopping, fall-to-the-floor laughing, no-jokes barred comedy roasts! Featuring monthly shows around the Bay Area and one offs across the country. Join them as they bring 8 of the best INSULT comics together to mock each other and that night’s controversial guest of honor. As always: drinking is encouraged, sensitivity…. is not.

The guest of honor this month…. damn…. All we can say is whether you love him, or hate him, he’s got you feelin’ some type of way.  That's right, it’s: 

Comedy Roast of Donald Trump

Come see if he falls victim to the comics left wing or if he can take the abuse and stay calm enough to defend himself. Sounds mean? It will be.  But don’t worry, this show will be as much about mocking Trump as it is about those who love, and those who, for some reason… hate him.  The actual Presidential Candidate/Billionaire/GrandeDouche Donald Trump will not be attendance.  He has no association to this show.  We have a top notch improv actor who has literally spent his entire life being a dick.  He’s also got a killer Donald impersonation.  So grab your best protest sandals and a crate of rotten tomatoes and get ready for some awkward selfies with The Donald.

#TrumpRoast #MakeAmericaHateAgain

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