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Come to Your Mat Web-Series: Moving from Hurt to Healing

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“Come to Your Mat” is a monthly series of eight web-seminars to help survivors gain support, strength and tools for their continued healing. Each session features two presenters and a moderator, a pose of the month, journal prompts and affirmations. Participants take this guidance to their own mat and thereby work to move their hurt to healing and begin the process of rediscovering their light and power.

Our presenters are a powerful group of healers, therapists and yoga teachers; each with special gifts and unique wisdom. Each webinar offers various voices to guide survivors of sexual abuse and other trauma in the exploration of ways to come into a deeper connection with their body, mind, and spirit through the practice of yoga and other healing techniques. Read more about our presenters and schedule here.

Session Schedule: All Seminars are 8:30-9pm EST

Monday, October 21

Ending Overthinking Through Breathing: Stopping ruminating thoughts is essential to our healing. Being mindful and present to recognize our thoughts – the old beliefs, negative self-talk, our doubts and fears can allow us to direct our mind back to our breath, to a place of truth. We explore how to utilize to find the space between our thoughts where we can rest in stillness. Asana: Sukhasana (easy seated posture) pranayama

Monday, November 18

Getting Unstuck From the Past: It is empowering to realize what triggers us and moves us into a state of trauma. Experiencing what overwhelms us and why creates room for us to respond in a way that honors us in our experience without being overwhelmed by them. We explore how owning our power around our triggers frees us from our past, leads us toward our own liberation. Asana: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge)

Monday, December 16

Using Anger to Fuel Fiery Focus: Allowing ourselves to accept and acknowledge our own anger is an integral component to our healing. Our denial of our anger separates us from a vital part of ourselves. We become disconnected from the flow of our truth. We explore the practice of tapas and allow our anger to be released and transmuted into a more disciplined, aligned stream of energy, into fiery focus. Asana: Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana (forearm plank)

Monday, January 20

Embracing the Inner Warrior: In yoga, a warrior stands open to the world, heart facing forward, courageous and vulnerable. We stand, feel strong, open our hearts and realize all we need we possess. We explore the many ways courage manifests in our lives, the way you are already courageous and how that courage can support to be strong, vibrant, forward facing embodied warriors. Asana: Anjaneyasana (Crescent lunge)

Monday, February 24

Not Forgetting but Forgiving: Forgiveness is a process, a layer-by-layer opening to our experience. Closing our hearts to this process can leave us feeling isolated, disconnected from the world, apart from us. We discuss how to let go of old beliefs, find real forgiveness and have a peaceful co-existence with our pain. Asana: Ustrasana (Camel)

Monday, March 16

Finding Your Voice: There is a diminishing of one’s own sound, a stifling that occurs, when one has experienced trauma. To rediscover your voice is an extraordinary tool to bring you from hurt to healing. We utilize tools to begin to support you finding your voice, to let your truth, held in love, reverberate throughout the world. Asana: Simhasana (lion pose)

Monday, April 20

Compassionate Care: To truly bring about self-care, we must first understand what ‘care’ means to us. Often our trauma, experienced through not feeling worthy of care, limits our ability to experience care. We explore how self-compassion can begin our journey of care that truly supports us – deciding what we truly desire to soothe our soul and move us toward a daily practice of self-empowerment. Asana: Upavistha konasana (seated wide legged forward fold)

Monday, May 18

United in Mind, Body, Spirit: Allowing our thoughts to rule us, we can never be free. Allowing our body to be in a state of reactivity, we can never be free. Disconnected from spirit, we can never be free. We explore the joining, yoking of our mind, body, spirit through the practice of surrender, letting go of what no longer serves us to touch the unchanging part of us where peace and freedom flow unimpeded. Asana: Paschimottanasana (seated forward fold)

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