Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge - 2023 Winter Edition

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Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge - 2023 Winter Edition

The CO Virtual Distance Challenge - 2023 Winter Edition. The more you run/walk/hike/bike, the more you earn during this challenge!

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Denver 200 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80203

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The Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge is back for a 3-month January/February/March 2023 challenge -- our Winter Edition! Join us virtually this winter to run, walk, hike, and bike as many miles as you can throughout the 3 months!

We know winter can be tough to get miles in with the cold, etc - so our thought is that one singular 3-month Challenge will allow more flexibility to log miles over a longer period of time. For this 3-month edition, your miles will cumulatively accrue between January / February / March, with mileage rewards at 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 total miles. See below for more info on how mileage works, as well as full swag item descriptions.

Brought to you by CO BRS, our January/February/March Winter Edition of the Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge will help you stay active & accountable, provide some fun motivation, and allow you to earn awesome swag/gear along the way! This Winter Edition marks 2.5+ consecutive years hosting these virtual challenges --  in the first 33 months since April 2020, our 11,000+ participants have collectively logged over 1,150,000 miles!!

This Challenge will last from January 1 - March 31, 2023. Register any time leading up to (or during) the months of January/February/March. Your furry friends are welcome too! Also, check out our 'Fun Run' ticket option!

You can do any & all of the following activities: run, walk, hike, and bike (treadmill and stationary bike miles count as well)! As our challenge is based on 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250-mile goals, we will adjust your biking miles to the industry-accepted equivalent of 1 mile on foot equals 3 miles on a bike. Please see more details below.

Join all 6 planned 2023 Challenges to collect your commemorative Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge medals (each individual medal measures ~3 inches x ~3 inches)! As a fun motivator to stay active throughout 2023, we've designed a collectible swag keepsake you can build onto throughout the year. We have 6 different Challenges planned for 2023, and each Challenge will include a different triangular medal piece-- put them all together on the magnetic base and complete your hexagon medal frame (total size measures ~7 inches x 7 inches with frame)! Each triangular piece will be included with the Challenge's Registration goodies. The magnetic medal base frame will be available for purchase separately starting in February of 2023.


  1. Register for this event on Eventbrite
  2. Upgrade (optional): If you like, upgrade to VIP Silver to receive the Winter Mountain Polar Bear unisex t-shirt or unisex hoodie, OR upgrade to VIP GOLD to receive all of the Winter Edition swag items + more!
  3. Furry friends add-on (optional): Do you have a furry friend who joins you on your runs/walks/hikes/bike rides? Get a medal for your four-legged friend with the Furry Friends Add-On.
  4. Download the January/February/March Winter Edition Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge app, where you will self-report your daily mileage (on the honor system), track toward your 3-month Winter Edition Challenge mileage goal, see the total miles logged by the entire Challenge group, track mileage from your friends/family, and see who is leading the pack with the most miles. App download details and instructions will be sent via email on December 31st (or, if you register during January/February/March, within a few hours of when you register - we manually send these emails, so thanks for your patience!)
  5. Strava: We recommend using Strava to track your daily miles. Once you join Strava (it's FREE!), you can then follow this link to join our Colorado Brewery Running Series club -
  6. Work hard to reach each mileage level! Run/walk/hike/bike (treadmill and stationary bike miles can be counted.)
  7. Earn your goodies: The more you run/walk/hike/bike, the more awesome rewards you will earn!
  8. Get your rewards/swag: In an effort to get you some goodies during the 3-month Challenge period and not wait until the end, we will have your swag available in two different batches (one in mid-February, one in early/mid-April). See below for more details!


  • Track your miles in the January/February/March Winter Edition Virtual Distance Challenge app
  • We recommend using Strava to track your miles, and it is possible to link most current devices (app/watch/or via manual entry) to Strava.
  • All registered participants can log miles from January 1 until March 31, 2023.
  • Earn rewards throughout the 3 months as your hit mileage milestones (50, 100, 150, 200, 250 mileage targets)
  • Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @cobreweryrun and use the hashtags #covirtualchallenge and #cobrs2023
  • Keep an eye out for emails and social posts from us with weekly challenge stats/updates during the month.
  • Registration is open during the entirety of January/February/March, but the earlier you register, the sooner you will reach your mileage rewards!
  • And as always, be sure to enjoy your post-run/walk cooldowns with a tasty Colorado craft beer!


  • EACH of the following counts towards your Challenge mileage total: run, walk, hike, and bike. Treadmill and stationary bike miles can be counted. Feel free to do any activity on any given day (or multiple activities in a day, or only stick to one of the activities.)
  • Each biking mile will count as 1/3 of a mile toward your overall 3-month Winter Challenge mileage total. Any miles traveled on foot (run/walk/hike) are logged at a standard 1:1 ratio.
  • As our challenge is based on mileage goals of 50/100/150/200/250 miles, we will adjust your biking miles to the industry-accepted equivalent of 1 mile on foot equals 3 miles on a bike. 
  • For example: on January 1st you bike 12 miles, this counts as 4 miles towards your 3-month Winter Challenge total (12 miles divided by 3 = 4 miles). Then January 2nd, you run 3 miles. Your monthly total = 7 miles for those two days.
  • You will use our Winter Edition Virtual Distance Challenge app to self-report your miles, regardless of which activity you're doing.
  • For each activity, you will enter the actual mileage you complete. For any biking miles entered, our system will apply the 1/3 calculation above.


The Winter Edition swag items are custom-designed and feature our original Winter Mountain Polar Bear design -- colors include shades of blue, green, yellow, white, red, and wood tones.

  • Registration (included): Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge souvenir bib and 2023 commemorative medal #1 (collect all 6 in 2023). This medal #1 features the Challenges’ Winter Mountain Polar Bear design. Note: the medal has a small magnet on the back.
  • 50 miles (in 3 months): Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge souvenir sticker and wooden keepsake, both featuring our Winter Mountain Polar Bear design.
  • 100 miles (in 3 months): A pair of Fitsok quarter-height socks with an all-over mountain sunset design. With their signature moisture-wicking athletic fabric, these are great for running, biking, walking, hiking, or just lounging! Socks are unisex, see the size chart below:
Event image
  • 150 miles (in 3 months): Your choice between: (1) a free entry to any 2023 Colorado Brewery Running Series 5k in-person event (30+ events), OR (2) a $25 CO BRS Merchandise Credit. Check out our merch site at
  • 200 miles (in 3 months): A pair of custom BOCO touchscreen running gloves in navy and gold, featuring our Colorado hexagon logo and ‘Colorado Brewery Running Series’ in small text. Made of moisture-wicking mid-weight tech material, the gloves feature silicone Colorado 'C' palm grips. The fit is a traditional running glove fit, with a slip-on wrist cuff providing mid-length coverage. Choose from two sizes: (1) S/M, (2) L/XL.
  • 250 miles (in 3 months): A Legacy Old Favorite Trucker Cap with our Winter Mountain Polar Bear design embroidered on the front (plus a small 'CO'). This low-profile hat has a classic fit (doesn’t sit too ‘tall’ like some trucker hats can), so is great for everything from outdoor adventures to brewery stops to dog walks to travel. Your choice of washed vintage navy or washed light blue (both with a vintage ivory/khaki back). One size fits most with an adjustable snap closure on the back.


  • VIP Silver Upgrade at Registration: Add on your choice of Winter Mountain Polar Bear apparel -- choose from either: (1) a soft unisex cut t-shirt, or (2) a cozy unisex hoodie. The t-shirt & hoodie fabric color is heather slate - a heathered blue/green color with a faded look. Both apparel items are a unisex fit that are true to size.
  • VIP Gold Upgrade at Registration: Receive all of the goodies, no matter how many miles you're able to log! We still encourage you to strive to log 250 miles during the 3-month Winter Edition Challenge, but we get it, life is busy. Not everyone has the time to run/walk/hike/bike the equivalent of 250 miles in 3 months. If this sounds like you, and you still want all of these awesome goodies, then the VIP Gold Registration is just the ticket! Receive the following with VIP Gold Registration: (1) Bib + 2023 Commemorative Medal #1, (2) Keepsake + Sticker, (3) Fitsok quarter-height socks, (4) BOCO running gloves, (5) Legacy Trucker Hat, (6) Free CO BRS 2023 5k in-person entry, (7) $25 CO BRS merchandise credit, (8) Choice of Winter Edition t-shirt or hoodie (note there is a different cost for the t-shirt vs. hoodie).
  • Furry Friends Add-On: Do you have a furry friend who joins you on your runs/walks/hikes/bike rides? Select a Furry Friends swag add-on and your four-legged companion will get the following item: her/his own Challenge medal, personalized with your pet's name wood burned on the back. You can add this option at check-out. You can add this on for 1 or more furry friends.
  • Fun Run Ticket (Basic Ticket): Want to join the Challenge, but interested in something more streamlined without all of the goodies? The Fun Run Ticket is a more basic option: no matter how many or few miles you do, you get three swag items: (1) the Challenge bib, (2) 2023 commemorative medal #1, (3) Challenge sticker, and (4) Challenge Winter Mountain Polar Bear wooden keepsake. You'll still get access to the Challenge app (where you can log your miles if you like), plus receive our periodic Challenge emails. Note: all swag items will be shipped at the end of the challenge in swag batch #1(please see below).

Check out our Instagram feed post announcing the Winter Edition Challenge for more/larger photos of each of the swag/merch items. @cobreweryrun


  • In an effort to get you some goodies during the 3-month Challenge period and not wait until the end of the challenge for everything, we will have your swag available for you in two different batches (more details below)
  • Note: If you live with another Winter Challenge participant(s), we combine shipping packages to conserve resources.
  • (Swag Batch #1) Available in late January / early February: Items available in this batch include: (a) any optional t-shirt/hoodie add-ons, (b) registration bib, (c) registration medal, (d) 50-mile polar bear keepsake and sticker (VIP Gold registrants, Fun Run ticket registrants, or if you've reached 50 miles by this point), (e) Furry Friends Custom-Name Medal. We will ship these items as soon as available - likely late January / early February.
  • (Swag Batch #2) Available early/mid-April: Available at the end of the Winter Challenge, in early/mid-April. At this time, you'll get the following items: (a) the rest of any mileage-based items you've earned but not yet received (50-mile keepsake/stickers, 100-mile Fitsoks, 150-mile Choice ($25 merch credit or 5k entry), 200-mile Gloves, 250 Mile Legacy Trucker Hat)
  • If you registered after we sent out t-shirts/hoodies in February and purchased a t-shirt/hoodie, you will get your t-shirt/hoodie in swag batch #2.
  • For each batch #1 & #2, you'll have two options as to how you receive your physical goodies: (1) If you will be attending any of our in-person 5ks at the time these are available, you can pick these up at those 5k events. (2) Otherwise, we will mail them to you. We'll share more details via email once the items are ready!
  • If you live out-of-state, outside the Denver Metro area, or are unable to attend one of the pickups, your rewards/swag will be shipped to you.
  • If you register for the Challenge after swag batch #1 pick-ups/shipping (i.e., mid February), all items will be available for you at the same time as swag batch #2.
  • Fun Run Ticket Swag Note: Please note that any Fun Run ticket participants will receive all of your items with swag batch #1.


And other fine print details

(1) Where can I run/walk/hike/bike? Run/walk/hike/bike far and roam wildly. Whenever and wherever you would like. Keep safety in mind, but go explore the great outdoors!

(2) What time does the event start? Feel free to run/bike/hike/walk any time of day, every day that you are able, from January 1 until March 31, 2023.

(3) Do miles on the treadmill and/or stationary bike count? Yes! We know weather this time of year can be tough, so these indoor miles are accepted. Be sure to capture your mileage in real-time if you use a treadmill or stationary bike in Strava or your favorite tracking device. Then also enter this information in our Challenge app!

(4) How do I submit my miles? All miles will be self-reported in the Winter Edition Colorado Virtual Distance Challenge App. At the end of December, and throughout January/February/March (for those who register later) you will receive information via email with instructions for downloading and using the app. It's super quick & easy to use the app... we promise!!

(5) Do I HAVE to use Strava? Yes and no. We will mostly be using Strava to verify the runs and rides that you are self-reporting. If you currently do NOT use it, please signup for a FREE account here. Then you can link whatever app you do use and never log in again. Almost any app or watch can link straight to Strava. Click Here to see how to link your device. If you are unable to use Strava, we will accept photos or screenshots from any other fitness tracking device, watch, or app throughout the month to make sure you are honestly reporting your miles.

(6) Where can I join the Colorado Brewery Running Series Strava club? HERE!

(7) I like both the t-shirt and hoodie - how can I purchase both? Easy - just shoot us an email and let us know! We will send payment details for the additional item (t-shirt or tank).


Tag us in your run/walk/hike/bike/beer-drinking photos on Instagram or Facebook throughout the Challenge for a chance to be featured in our posts and stories!

Tag us @cobreweryrun and use the hashtags #covirtualchallenge, #roamwildcolorado, and #cobrs2023

Keep an eye out - we will send you challenge updates throughout January/February/March via email and social media!

Questions? Contact us at

Cheers to staying active this winter, and hopefully enjoying some delicious craft beers along the way! We’ll see you out there in the virtual running/walking/hiking/cycling and beer drinking world!

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