Collidathon - The Entrepreneur’s IoT Hackathon
Collidathon - The Entrepreneur’s IoT Hackathon

Collidathon - The Entrepreneur’s IoT Hackathon

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14681 Midway Road

2nd floor

Addison, TX 75001

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to create your startup in IoT space? Are you serious about solving an industry problem in the connected world?

Collidathon is a business and technology hackathon aimed at solving existing or future business challenges utilizing IoT as technology platform in some of the key disruptive areas.

5 Challenges – 2 Weekends – 100s of Hackers

And we are serious about creating STARTUPS!

What Are The Challenge Areas?

We have identified 5 distinct IoT chanllenge areas where we are looking for solutions:

1. Smart City and Intelligent Environments Challenge

  • Solve an existing or future challenge that any city would use to create a better quality of life for the citizens or efficiency for the municipality by leveraging ubiquitous connectivity, connected sensors, big data and analytics.
  • Create a solution that introduces tremendous new capabilities such as the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices; and create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data.

2. Connected Car/ Transport/ Geospatial Challenge

  • Solve an existing or future challenge that creates a great self optimization, operation, maintenance and connectivity environment for drivers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.
  • Possibly look at the scenario of how the connected car of the future will be its own ‘bank’ by leveraging micro-payment interfaces. What services will be necessary in this environment to enhance the overall user experience?

3. Smart Buildings Challenge

  • Offices and commercial spaces are undergoing a smart transformation by connecting and linking HVAC, lighting, environmental sensors, security and safety equipment, along with external inputs such as the smart grid and weather. User-driven and automated business processes can now leverage real-time IoT information from people, systems and devices to maximize resource efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and increase visibility across all operations.
  • Solve an existing or future challenge for retail, multifamily,commercial office or industrial buildings using IoT-enabled solutions to make building performance more efficient. Use sensor-generated data to enhance building user experience.

4. Enterprise and Industrial IoT Challenge

  • It has been projected that IoT revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, transportation, agriculture and other industrial sectors of the economy. The disruption will come from new value creation made possible by massive volumes of data from connected products.
  • Solve an existing or future challenge that will vastly improve operational efficiency (e.g. improved uptime, asset utilization) through predictive maintenance and remote management.
  • Some areas of interest are:

– Agriculture – Law – Retail – Industrial

– Manufacturing – Financial Services

5. Blockchain enabled IoT Platform/ Solution Challenge

  • As blockchains and sidechains proliferate, there are several important implications for the Internet of Things and the development of Smart Systems.
  • Solve an existing or future challenge where blockchain technology could provide a way to track the unique history of an individual device by recording a ledger of data exchanges between it and other devices, web services, and human users

Why are we doing this?


For us the goals of this Collidathon are simple:

  • to bring together diverse group of developers, data scientists, makers, business analysts, university students, and visionaries to collaborate and explore the next generation of connected devices to identify and solve major industry problems;
  • to sponsor a few winning ideas/solutions with investment dollars to create a viable startup (deliver marketable solutions);

Why an EXCLUSIVE event and why for TWO weekends?

Anyone can apply and join us during the first weekend. After the initial pitch (on Day 1), teams will be formed (if not already) and judges will finalize the list of companies we want to take thru the Collidathon event. You will have plenty of opportunity to refine your idea and/or join a team.

The event will be split across two weekends to allow for business model creation and analysis to take place first before the technology is developed. We will take you thru the journey of creating the business aspect of why you should or shouldn't work on this idea thru extensive mentoring and coaching...a very important trait most developers and entrepreneurs forget to work on.

Who Can Participate?

Whether you are a developer, designer, scientist, tinker, maker, project manager, or just interested in tech, you are invited to attend this event. We want you to bring your ideas, skills, passion and open mindedness. We will help you with creating a business model. Every group needs a good balance of talent and your skills are needed!

What We Supply?

We will be providing the teams with:

  • Workspace / Environment
  • Food and drinks
  • Development platforms to support creation of an end-to-end solution
  • Expert business and financial planning assistance
  • Technology experts onsite to facilitate development
  • Evaluation of the solutions by industry experts
  • Prizes for the winning solution(s)
  • Ongoing support to bring the solutions to market for winning teams

Plus, we will have plenty of hardware and kits available...details will be provided soon.

Event Schedule


Saturday, January 21st (9AM – 5PM)
* Registration
* Kickoff
* Final Team Formation
* Team Pitches (1st Round)
* Sponsor Challenges and Business Reviews
* Breakout Sessions: Technology/ API/ SDK reviews

– Sunday, January 22nd (9AM – 5PM):
* Business Model Creation & Review
* Competitive Analysis
* Market Segmentation
* Breakout Technology & Business Mentoring Sessions (if required)


Friday, January 27th (5PM – 9PM)
* Team Pitches (2nd Round)
* Hacking/ Coding begins
* Mentoring Sessions

Saturday, January 28th (9AM – 5PM)
* Hacking/ Coding continues
* Mentoring Sessions

Sunday, January 29th (9AM – 5PM)
* Hacking/ Coding continues
* Mentoring Sessions
* Submission Deadlines
* Demo Begins
* Judge Deliberation
* Awards
* Closing/After Party


  • Collide Village Challenge– Three teams will be offered a spot in Collide Village Accelerator Program with a follow-on investment of anywhere between $5k-$15k each. We will have more information about this process closer to the event.
  • “Smart City” Challenge Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized
  • “Connected Car” Challenge Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized
  • “Smart Building” Challenge Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized
  • “BlockChain” Challenge Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized
  • “Enterprise and Industrial IoT ” Challenge Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized
  • Best University Solution Judge’s Choice: To be Finalized

Technology Partners and Sponsors

More to be announced soon...

Collidathon Legal

By signing up to this hackathon, you agree to terms and conditions of this document.

Hackathon Code of Conduct and Participant Agreement



Judging Criteria

· Awesomeness/Originality - 30%

Is this a known industry problem and how creative, inventive or novel is the solution?

· Effective/Scalable - 30%

How effective is the solution in achieving the challenge objectives, and how scalable is it?

· Teamwork - 20%

How well did the team come together to execute the solution?

· Usability/UX - 10%

How well-defined & thought-through is the user engagement?

· Demo - 10%

Quality of demo presentation to judges.

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14681 Midway Road

2nd floor

Addison, TX 75001

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