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Coaching the Canine Athlete Seminar

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Pawsitive Partners

5750 Elmwood Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46203

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Coaching the Canine Athlete Seminars

with Chris Zink

Coaching the Canine Athlete© seminars provide information on how the canine body works, and what you can do to improve performance and keep your dog healthy and injury-free. Seminars can be geared towards those interested in any or all performance events – it’s your choice!

The seminars are highly interactive and provide ample opportunity for attendees and their dogs to participate in structure and gait analysis, lameness evaluation, conditioning exercises and jump training, alternating lecture time with working activities. There is abundant opportunity to ask questions.

Day One Topics

*Demonstrations with Dogs

Beyond Conformation

  • Introduction to the musculoskeletal system

  • Conformation myths

  • Effects of spaying/neutering on structure and health

  • Understanding your dog’s physical advantages and disadvantages for performance

  • How to evaluate your own dog’s front and rear angulation

  • Dewclaws and tails – their use in performance

  • How you can use your dog’s structure to maximize performance

  • How to pick a performance puppy

Canine Locomotion

  • Gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop) – what they look like and how they are used in performance

  • How dog gaits differ from horse gaits

  • Pacing, crabbing – why they are not ideal gaits and how to retrain

  • How to train your dog to gait on cue so as to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries

  • The use of ground poles for whole-body conditioning

Conditioning the Canine Athlete for Injury Prevention (continuing on Day Two)

  • The five components of a fitness program for canine athletes

  • Appropriate ages to begin strength and conditioning exercises

  • Strength exercises that target specific areas of the body

  • How to modify intensity, frequency, duration of training during the week and season

  • Conditioning for specific muscle groups

Day Two Topics

*Demonstrations with Dogs

Tips and Tricks for Detecting Injuries Before Your Dog Becomes Lame

  • The importance of early recognition of injuries 

  • Common causes of injuries 

  • How to use simple observation tools and 
training sequences to test your dog’s 
musculoskeletal health 

  • The most common injuries in canine 
athletes and what to do about them 

  • Abundant videos will be shown in slow 
motion to demonstrate changes in performance that might indicate that the dog is experiencing pain or discomfort 

Jumping and Jump Training

  • Biomechanics of jumping

  • Training jumping from puppies to adults

  • Lead legs – what they are, why they are important, and how to train your dog to use them appropriately

  • Jumping problems – what causes them and how to fix them

Presenter Bio:


Chris is a consultant on canine sports medicine who presents Coaching the Canine Athlete seminars worldwide and designs individualized rehabilitation and conditioning programs for canine athletes. She is the award-winning author of the books Peak Performance: Coaching the Canine Athlete, Dog Health and Nutrition for Dummies and The Agility Advantage and co-author of the book Jumping From A to Z: Teach Your Dog to Soar and the DVD Building the Canine Athlete. She co-edited the first ever book on Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, which was published by the veterinary textbook publisher Wiley-Blackwell. Dr. Zink was instrumental in establishing the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation as the newest specialty in veterinary medicine. She presents seminars worldwide.

Chris has put over 85 titles in Agility, Obedience, Conformation, Tracking, Hunt Tests, and Rally on dogs from the Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier and Herding groups. She is currently competing with her Golden Retriever Hobby in all of the above dog sports. Her Norwich Terrier, Vespa obtained her MACH as well as obedience and rally titles and now travels to events as Chris's demo dog.

Honors and Awards:

  • Dog Writers Association of America - Best Book on Health 2013 for Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Woman Veterinarian of the Year - 2009

  • Dog Writers Association of America - Best Publication of the Year 2008 for The Agility Advantage

*Approved for CEUs for trainers and CEUs for behavior consultants

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Date and Time


Pawsitive Partners

5750 Elmwood Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46203

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