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Coaching in Hypnosis Certification

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United Kingdom

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“I started putting Thom’s models into practise with my own clients straight away and consequently I currently have a waiting list of 30 clients based purely on word-of-mouth referrals following work done on people since Thom’s training. This speaks volumes for its effectiveness.” – Andrew Cowie, Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is a dual certification, 1-day per month training for 5-months. Upon completion of all modules you will receive the following certificates:

  • Coaching in Hypnosis, The Shillaw Method – Level 1
  • Conversational Hypnosis, The Shillaw Method – Level 1

Dates and titles for the modules are as follows:

  • Module 1, Saturday 27th Jan, 2-7.30pm
  • Module 2, Saturday 24th Feb, 2-7.30pm
  • Module 3, Saturday 24th Mar, 2-7.30pm
  • Module 4, Saturday 28th April, 2-7.30pm
  • Module 5, Saturday 26th May, 2-7.30pm

You will learn:

  • Coach both conscious and unconscious minds
  • Align conscious goals with unconscious motivation to take action
  • Use conversational hypnosis to rapidly remove barriers
  • Use conversational hypnosis to alter mood, state and behaviour
  • Read body language and nonverbal communication
  • The latest hypnosis techniques.

While the line between coaching and therapy is decidedly blurred, speaking generally, therapy places primary attention on the problem, whereas the goal is the main focus of coaching. Hypnotherapy is defined as the use of hypnosis in therapy, but what value is hypnosis in coaching?

Well, the psychological manoeuvre to implement hypnosis in a coaching session becomes transparent when we consider that coaching is traditionally a conscious cognitive activity, which never deliberately emphasises the role of a prime mover in the change process, the unconscious.

Since most people approach a coach because they want to achieve certain things, but are unconscious about what’s really holding them back, coupled with the fact that even the best laid out plans may fail due to factors which both client and coach remain unconscious of, then the idea of actively involving the unconscious mind in coaching becomes immediately attractive.

Therefore, this Coaching In Hypnosis: The Shillaw Method certification course is about learning to blend conscious and unconscious communications to better help people remove barriers and achieve their goals.

Why The Shillaw Method?

The Shillaw Method is a unique goal-directed communication model which takes advantage of the latest developments in unconscious communication research. In fact, you will learn several interlocking communication models that were developed with an intention to improve upon a number of established NLP methods that are commonplace in coaching nowadays.

They were developed and tested over five years, and the patterns were previously only available on the Licensed Advanced NLP Master Practitioner and Advanced Conversational Hypnosis certification courses which their creator, NLP Developer, Thom Shillaw, taught internationally.

In 2017, Thom compiled the most effective patterns into a series of communication models which overlap to form a synergistic system. In reality, these cutting edge models are simpler to learn than many of the established methods, and since they are purely conversational they can be used to help people in any environment, practised anywhere, and therefore quickly mastered.

Since the beginning of 2017, The Shillaw Method is taught to therapists, coaches, and care workers, so that they can quickly help people to remove barriers and align conscious goals with unconscious motivation to take action. Feedback in general has been overwhelmingly positive.

What does Shillaw Method training involve?

Coaching in Hypnosis: The Shillaw Method involves both conversational hypnosis and hypnosis. Participants will learn how to engage both conscious cognitive and unconscious minds simultaneously, and use conversational hypnosis to observe, elicit, amplify, and align unconscious responses with conscious goals via what sounds like nothing more than a regular conversation. This relaxed conversational style engages the client, puts them at ease, deepens rapport and maximises results.

They will also learn to integrate a new model for doing hypnosis, one whereby the client is fully at ease with the hypnotic process by allowing conscious monitoring of the unconscious responses developed by the trance work. Each trance becomes a unique experience between client and coach via the principles of personalisation and authenticity, which deepens hypnotic rapport and maximises results.

The program

Coaching in Hypnosis: The Shillaw Method involves learning 5 carefully thought out modules, which teach you how to use conversational hypnosis and hypnosis to coach people. These modules are as follows:

  • Trance work using Hypnotic Flow.
  • Aligning conscious goals with unconscious resources
  • Removing barriers to goal achievement
  • Changing state, mood, and behaviour
  • Mapping unconscious resources into daily life.

At each step, you will learn a unique model, developed by Thom, for the purposes of gaining practical experience with each key principle.

Through detailed examples, live demonstrations, practical exercises and discussions, Thom will walk you step-by-step through each model. You will then have a month to concentrate upon using that model, so that you develop an unconscious competence in each approach.

All Shillaw Method modules are carefully designed to layer together and produce a synergistic system for highly effective coaching in hypnosis.

Certification: Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded with the following certificate:

  • Coaching in Hypnosis: The Shillaw Method, Level 1 certification
  • Conversational Hypnosis: The Shillaw Method, Level 1 certification

EXCLUCIVE Models and Methods learned

Module 1: Trance work using Hypnotic Flow

The Shillaw SIMPLE Model. SIMPLE is an easy to remember acronym for the following patterns:

  • Subconscious response
  • Instructions
  • Movement instructions
  • Personalisation
  • Links
  • Example(s)

Module 2: Aligning conscious goals with unconscious motivation

The Shillaw FRAMES Model. FRAMES is an easy to remember acronym for the following patterns:

  • Frame Goal
  • Reinforce Steps
  • Alternative Choices
  • Mentoring
  • Ethics
  • Staying Power.

Module 3: Removing barriers to goal achievement

The Shillaw BYPASS Model. BYPASS is an easy to remember acronym for the following patterns:

  • Block – Identify
  • Y (Why?) – Reasoning
  • Proof – Reality Check
  • Agreement
  • Steps
  • Solution

Module 4: Changing state, mood, and behaviour

The Shillaw BELIEVER Model. BELIEVER is an easy to remember acronym for the following patterns:

  • Behaviour
  • Example(s)
  • Listen
  • In-depth
  • Expression
  • Vocalisation
  • Expand
  • Reposition

Module 5: Mapping unconscious resources into daily life

The Shillaw TALKS Model. TALKS is an easy to remember acronym for the following patterns:

  • Topic
  • Allegory
  • Lesson
  • Knowledge
  • Style

*The above models are the intellectual property of their developer, Thom Shillaw. Unauthorised teaching of these models without permission is strictly prohibited.

Selected Testimonials

“If hypnosis fascinates you, then I can recommend no better solution to discovering more of the structures, skills and languages surrounding it than Thom Shillaw’s course.

Allowing more time to break down the structure, understand the principles, integrate this in to your own style, and then most importantly, put this in to practice, is the core to this course. With stunning examples and plenty of demonstrations, prepare to re-think what you thought was possible. Thom has a very rare talent for hypnosis, training, and coaching.

This course allows you to experience all of this learning and then take the training out with you into the world where you can put it to use.” - Andrew Gordon, Sales Manager, Advanced MP3 Players

“Thom Shillaw’s courses are mind-blowing! Many people get spectacular results and have changed. I was on the course when he helped a woman regain her colour vision, I’ve never experienced anything like that with other coaches! My communication is better and I use these skills at the football club to coach youngsters to achieve more, you can’t believe the results and how good these training courses really are. Thom is the best coach on the planet!” – Espen Haugen, Football Coach

"I wasn't sure what to expect initially, but very quickly I found settling in with the group came naturally, as everyone was there for similar but still unique reasons. Within the exercises Thom gave, he made sure we all had a good get to know you practice with each other, which towards the end of the course really built everyone’s confidence and capabilities in coaching each other through the exercises. All in when it comes to courses and education, I've learnt more in under a week from Thom than I have in a lifetime." - Vicky Jones, NLP Master Practitioner

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Date and Time


16 St Mary's St

16 Saint Mary's Street



United Kingdom

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