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19 Glen Eden Avenue

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Taught by Dr. Shendl Tuchman

Written by Dr. Kate Regan

Two 5-Week Courses

Oakland, California

Part I



February 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, March 7th

Part II



April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, May 2nd

(Available after first course starts)

Co-Parenting: Communicating for Results is comprised of two 5-week experiential courses for parents who want to develop more effective communication skills and be better able to problem solve with former partners. You will learn how deeply-rooted beliefs may impede your ability to be productive co-parents, gain an understanding of how to reduce the conflict in highly emotional conversations and practice staying focused on child centered objectives when conversations become heated and personal.

We will practice these communication skills in the context of common co-parenting experiences. You will explore common communication patterns between you and your co-parent while learning how to transform them into more positive interactions in the future.

This course will help you:

  • keep your children out of the middle of your divorce so you do not feel you have lost your family
  • negotiate agreements that are child-focused
  • have effective, planned, co-parenting conversations
  • retain the recognition of yourself as a loving, supportive human being in your post-divorce family.

In the first five-week segment (Part I), you will learn six essential skills for surviving highly emotional conversations that may catch you by surprise. You will learn how to:

  • recognize your current, habitual patterns of communication
  • challenge and change your stories about the other parent
  • deepen your understanding and management of your emotional responses
  • manage your ego instead of blaming the other parent
  • understand how you use and abuse power and authority in a relationship
  • listen as an act of being present
  • become curious when you believe you already know the answer
  • ask questions to confirm your understanding of what is being communicated before you respond.

In the second five-week segment (Part II), you will learn skills to help you prepare for planned conversations—those conversations you have time to prepare for. You will learn how to:

  • establish a clear goal for a conversation
  • talk to your co-parent about the relationship between the outcome you are both trying to achieve for your child and the action you are requesting
  • help your co-parent see the value in the action you are requesting
  • recognize and respond appropriately when a co-parent may not have the skills or resources to carry out a request
  • recognize the role you are playing in keeping a predictable communication pattern in place
  • change your role in predictable patterns so the “dance” you do with your co-parent can re-shape itself.

Weekly Program

Part I:

Week 1 Challenge My Story

Week 2 Manage My Ego

Week 3 Working with Rank (Power and Authority)

Week 4 Listen, Be Curious and WAV (Witness, Articulate, Validate)

Week 5 Practice, Practice, Practice!

Part II:

Week 6 Understanding Motivation & Preparing for a Tough Conversation

Week 7 Educate, Build Value, Ask About Success

Week 8 Working with Unmet Agreements

Week 9 Change the Dance

Week 10 Practicing and Maintaining Your New Skills

Course Structure

The weekly sessions are two hours in length. Meeting weekly is educationally sound when people are trying to learn new skills and need to experiment with how they work outside the classroom. They will have the ability to discuss their experiences the following week.


You may take Part I without also taking Part II, however, you cannot take Part II unless you have taken Part I.


We ask that co-parents not take the course together. C4R is able to provide an environment that fosters improving communication for co-parents by working on their own communication skills. You will be with other parents who are working on many of the same issues.

At this time, the class is limited to 8 participants.

Workbook and Homework

You will be provided with a workbook that incudes background reading, reflective questions and homework to be completed before the next class. It includes suggestions for practicing your new skills between classes.

Registration and Fees

C4R is a good investment. While there is a range of fees associated with attending Co-Parenting Therapy, the hourly cost for C4R is $49 (Early Bird rate), significantly less than Co-Parenting Therapy would be. For some, this could mean they do not need to attend Co-Parenting Therapy, for others, it could greatly reduce the length of time they may need to attend.

At this time, it is only possible to register for Part I. Part II will be available for registration after Part I has started.

Early Bird Registration Fee for Part I (by January 15, 2018) $489

Registration Fee for Part I (starting January 16, 2018) $539

Certificate of Completion

At the conclusion of both Part I and Part II, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion. All classes must be attended in order to receive the certificate. You can bring this to court (currently Alameda County), indicating you have successfully completed either one or both parts of the course. Those who attend both Part I and Part II, will receive two separate certificates.


1. How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Dr. Tuchman's contact Info:

Phone: 510-595-5525

Email: dr.tuchmanpsyd@gmail.com

Website: drtuchman.com

2. What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available if requested by January 24, 2018

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19 Glen Eden Avenue

Oakland, CA 94611

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