Co-curricular: How can wireless technology solve wire-less problems?

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Qualcomm HQ, Hyderabad

5A, Mindspace, HITEC City

Hyderabad, Telangana 500081


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Qualcomm: Wireless Technology and Innovation

Does the constant evolution of technology spurr social responsibility?

3G, LTE, or 5G power your iphone or android cell phone data plans. Did you know it can also mitigate water crises, make at-home healthcare more efficient, and enable green energy projects.

This co-curricular will introduce Qualcomm, a wireless technology company, and explore the relationship between wireless technology and social responsibility in the context of Hyderabad. This session will act as an initial idea sprint for the launch of a Civic Project with a goal of understanding creative ways to use Qualcomm’s technologies to solve social issues identified in Hyderabad.

Qualcomm’s Civic Challenge guiding question: “How can Qualcomm’s wireless technologies be used to solve social issues in the context of the city of Hyderabad?”

Preparation: Send a 1 - 2 minute video outlining a problem that you have observed or researched in Hyderabad. Example can be found here.

Additional Challenge: Interview someone in the community to outline a problem that they have observed.

Run of Show: Agenda

1 - 2pm. Qualcomm’s technology will be examined to understand how Wireless, bluetooth, LTE, and 5G technologies are used to solving the social issues in the problem statement video.

Qualcomm Representative will speak about 3 major social issues the company is tackling in the field of water management, at-home health, and energy consumption. Small summaries are provided below. Please research on your own in order to ask specific questions about the technology, and engage in conversation during this hour.

Problem: 70% of potable water in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands was being lost to leaky pipes and theft.

Qualcomm Solution: Residents of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands were faced with a water crisis: nearly 15% of the population only received water a few hours a day. Drought was an uncontrollable factor, however the loss of water due to leakage can be controlled efficiently through technology.that keeps track of movement of water supply. WIthin 2 weeks, 16 monitoring stations were set up in Saipan with cellular-based meters, tank level monitors, and pressure sensors, using Qualcomm wireless modem.

Problem: Inaccessibility of public health care due to price of healthcare and professionals.

Qualcomm Solution: At home health care solutions can attend to patients that need chronic care, remote monitoring, and do not have immediate access to health care professional. Qualcomm Life Ecosystem offer platforms such as 2net which allows for smartphones to provide at-home patients and transmit their data to their healthcare professional, and provide services such as disposable drug delivery devices.

Problem: A lack of energy monitoring leads to inability to hold people accountable for their energy use.

Qualcomm Solution: Real time monitoring of energy output at small scale (homes) and large-scale (cities) allow for the tracking of energy use. Multimode 3G/4G/ LTE devices are used to track data that can be used to raise awareness, and accountability of energy usage.

2:00 -2:20 pm: Review of Problem statement video’s.

  • The videos will be shared with the larger group.

  • 5 problems statement videos will be chosen, and groups will be made in order to begin Idea Sprint

2:20- 3:00pm: Idea Sprint: Rapid Group Brainstorming

  • Facilitator will go over the rules for Brainstorming: building on others ideas, go for quantity, encourage wild ideas, stay on topic, non-judgemental, and no blocking of ideas.

  • An idea sprint will allow for group members to brainstorm how the technology explored in the first hour can be used to address the social issue explored in their problem statement video

3:00 - 3:45pm: Group Presentations

5 minutes per group: Groups will present their ideas to the Qualcomm representatives, and other groups.

  • 3 minutes of rapid feedback will be given to the group’s from both students and the Qualcomm representatives, making this an extension of the ideation process.

3:45 - 4:00 pm: Reflection

  • Reflection on the activity and process of creation of ideas

  • Next steps: details of civic project collaboration will be discussed

Learning Outcomes:

  • Defining social issues in the context of Hyderabad

  • Understanding Qualcomm’s wireless technology, and how it can be most optimally used

  • Ideating around how technological advances can sustainably address social issues

Complex systems: #multiplecauses

Empirical: #rightproblem

Formal: #optimization

Community Values: #sutainability

Additional Reading (Optional) :

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Date and Time


Qualcomm HQ, Hyderabad

5A, Mindspace, HITEC City

Hyderabad, Telangana 500081


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