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Clinical Trials & Pharmacovigilance (CSE)

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Clinical Trials & Pharmacovigilance

About Conference

Clinical trial Conference warmly invites all the participants across the world to the most expected International Conference on Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance 2019 scheduled on Feb 28 - 01 Mar 2019 at Paris, France. Clinical Trials 2019 would be a great opportunity for people associated with Pharmacovigilance,Pharmaceutics, Clinical research, drug design, drug safety, medical device manufacturers to represent their research works. Associating with the International conference will be a incredible opportunity to interact with the eminent personalities in the field of Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance and know more about the advancements in the field.

Clinical Trials 2019 includes various Scientific panel discussions, workshops, Symposiums, and Poster Presentations. It's a global platform to learn and discuss Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance and its related topics in pharmacy and Healthcare which includes Pre-clinical trials, Medical Device Research, Patient Identification and other recent discussions in Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance

Salient Features:

Career Guidance Workshops for students and early career researchers
Accepted Abstracts will be published in various indexed journals
Accepted abstracts will be published in International Journals
Creation of speakers and abstracts pages in Google
Opportunity to publish full Manu Scripts in our Open Access Journals

Why to attend???

ClinicalTrials&Pharmacovigilance2019 is an integrative program which pivots on the various innovations and research in the industry of clinical research.Academicians, Scientists,world leading Contract organisation,Regularities,Drug safety associates participate in the meet to conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new drug developments, and receive name recognition at this 2-day event.

World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Pharmacovigilance are hallmarks of this conference.We encourage you to partake along with us to perform, analyse, question, discuss about the arena to enhance the humane lives via clinical research


Session on: Clinical Trials and Clinical Research
The target of Clinical trials is to determine the safety and efficacy oth drug in the participant. Exploring ways for a comfortable life for people with chronic illness. Clinical Trials are conducted by a team of researcher which includes a doctor, social workers, Contract research Organisations and other healthcare professionals. Clinical Trials done in the United States must be approved and monitored by the Institutional Review Board [IRB]

Session on: Pre-Clinical Research
Pre-Clinical studies are practised mosty on animals .This phase of research starts before the clinical trials to ensure the medication security, other tests information is gathered. Pre-clinical research involves in the evaluation of potential therapeutics in cells and animals. Also, pre-clinical research increases knowledge about the functioning processes in living organisms.Pre-clinical studies are mostly performed on mice, rats, rabbits.

Session on: Clinical Trial Phases
This session includes the discussion about the various phases in the Clinical Trials for example a research target would be found whether the drug is harmful to the living tissue. Also, it may aim to find the chemical makeup of the drug. Thus this is conducted only when there is a valid reason to believe that the treatment would show improvement in the patient.

Session on: Interventional Clinical Trials
Researchers assign two or more interventions to the participants so as to evaluate the effect of the intervention on biomedical or health-related outcome. According to studies, the strongest interventional study design is randomized control trials and quasi-experiments.

Session on: Patient Identification
One of the prevalent struggles for Clinical trial research is identifying and enrolling qualified trial participants. Thus, when the enrolment goals are not met, Delay ensue, and other resources must be invested additionally. Studies show that nearly 70% of clinical trials experience delays due to enrolment issues. Participants are more likely to participate only when they learn about them by their doctors. Not surprisingly a recent study says around 72% of patients would participate in trials if recommended by their doctor.

Session on: Life in Clinical Trials
The concept of Quality of Life in Clinical trials includes health constructs, but not education and economics. It also includes assessments of sexual functioning, family, and marital relationship, sleep, general life satisfaction, Symptoms such as nausea and fatigue as disease and it’s treatment will not only affect the patient’s physical health but also emotional and social functioning.

Session on: Clinical Data Management
The Clinical Data management team helps in reducing the time from clinical research to marketing of the drug. CDM process is designed to provide an error-free, valid and a sound database. CDM process starts even before finalization of the study protocol in clinical trials.

Session on: Patient-Centric Clinical Trials
Human Clinical Trials of new molecular entities in adult healthy volunteer which recommends a standardized procedure by which the MSRD can be selected. The purpose of this process is to ensure the safety of the human volunteers and also to establish a consistent terminology for discussing the starting dose, provide common conversion factors for deriving a human equivalent dose (HED), and delineate a strategy for selecting the MRSD for adult healthy volunteers, regardless of the projected clinical use.

Session on: Veterinary Clinical Trials
The importance of comparative medicine and the similarities between diseases in humans and animals are concepts fairly easily understood and accepted by all. The safety and effectiveness of any new drug are tested on animal models before conducting a clinical trial. These trials are supported as it is beneficial, no alternative exists and no unnecessary pain occurs. The assessments in the Clinical trials include historical analyses, critiques of animal models, surveys of clinicians, and citation analyses.

Session on: Drug Discovery and Development
Drug designing is a process of medication based on the biological target. It is done to reach a significant therapeutic response. Drug design is a complicated as well as an expensive process with strategies such as screening natural products, Mimicking Biological Substrate and use of fragment, structure-based drug design.

Session on: Clinical Trials on different Disease
The clinical trial is experiment done in clinical research. Each clinical trials have a protocol for conducting trials. Clinical trial tells about the safety and efficacy of the drug or any medical device. This sessions discussions are involved in different types of diseases and its clinical trial output.

Session on: Clinical trials in Oncology
Cancer rate increases as the population ages. In an analysis of 23 oncology studies and 6000 patients, some of the barriers to participating in clinical trials were fear of reduced quality life, also a concern that experimental drug may not be the correct option. An ongoing diagnostic study is evaluating the accuracy of 3D ultrasounds in comparison with MRI and final histology to detect myometrial invasion in endometrial cancer.

Session on: Medical Device Research
Medical device research comprises a part of overall pharmaceutical research and comprises a major sector of the medical industry representing more than $100 billion industry in the U.S in 2008.The clinical trials in the medical device are mainly in the prototype development.

Session on: Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
The pharmacological science relating to the detection, assessment, monitoring the safety of the pharmaceutical drug or medical device, and prevention of adverse effects with other pharmaceutical products after being released from the market is an important part of pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance uses various approaches to monitor drug and device safety, including spontaneous reporting databases, prescription-event monitoring, electronic health records, patient registries, and record linkage between health databases. The data is reviewed to highlight potential safety concerns in a process known as data mining.

Session on: Ethical Challenges
Any new medical strategy or treatment need not be better than the current standard care. It may have side effects or sometimes include risks that even the doctors aren’t aware. Also, recruitment of participants is a major issue faced in conducting a clinical trial. This session discussion is about the various problems faced while conducting a clinical trial.

Session on: Clinical Trial Ethics
Adherence to principles of good clinical practices including adequate human subject protection is considered to be one of the major requirement for clinical research. There is an independent Ethics Committee which reviews the protocol and also ensures the safety, dignity and well-being of the potential participants. they also must take into considerations about the risk-benefit ratio, plans to maintain confidentiality, informed consent process.

Session on: Future Scope of Clinical Trials
2017 has been a remarkable year for the clinical industry in many ways, driven by many methods, regulations, and technology. There are advancements made by the FDA by laying out the foundation for digital health, patient centricity is evolving to include Quality management systems are starting to leverage predictive modelling and adaptive governance and oversight models. In 2018 we are seeing growth in virtual trials and site-centric approaches towards clinical trials execution and other new concepts involving patients as drivers for study design.


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