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Sky Harbor International Airport - Terminal 4

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85034

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FearlessFlight Presents


Why would you attend CFT LIVE?

Most people come to class for the obvious reason that flying is a miserable experience that results in dreading or avoiding. Their hope is to find a cure and they need it NOW because they have avoided it hoping that it would somehow miraculously disappear or wouldn’t be as bad as they anticipated. Cleared for Takeoff LIVE offers real solutions for anyone who wants to conquer their anxiety about flying.

David had not flown in over thirty years

David Buccolo hadn’t flown in over 30 years. He had flown without hesitation during his service in the Marines many years ago, but something changed and the mere thought of flying triggered dread and anxiety. David’s family was spread out over the country--a son on the West coast and other family back in New York. He had taken trains and buses but could no longer handle either the time required to travel in that way, or the amount of time he was spending going and coming instead of quality time visiting. The thought of spending the rest of his life missing out on the benefits of what flying offers finally overcame the pain of imagining all the frightful things that he associated with flying.

David came to class looking for answers – and he found them! David came ready to break through the self-imposed limits that had descended over him like clouds on a rainy day. He chose to go on and fly in the Cleared for Takeoff Advanced Class to jump start breaking through his fear of flying. He joined other like-minded sufferers, quickly realizing that he was not alone in his fear as he imagined. He put some of the tools and strategies that he learned in class into practice and flew with us to Burbank and back. Not only did he fly fearlessly that day, but he fell asleep on our return flight to Phoenix! And I have the photo to prove it! David has now flown more than 30 times during the past 5 years.

Gordon’s story: Sixteen years of living in fear

Gordon hadn’t flown in over 16 years. It wasn’t onlyhis anxiety about flying. He had developed a generalized anxiety following a surgery over 20 years before. But meeting the woman who would become his fiancée and a surprise trip she had planned for the two of them that sense of urgency to overcome his fear. For years he had tried DVD’s, counseling, hypnosis, talk therapy, relaxation therapy, visualization, “tapping,” EMDR and EFT. Nothing had worked. He couldn’t even go to the airport! No matter what he tried, nothing helped.

After repeated attempts to get over his fear, Gordon grew more desperate. He was in danger of losing the woman of his dreams – at least that’s the story he told himself. He worried his engagement was in jeopardy because he picked a partner who loved to travel. She had a dream vacation planned for England and Ireland starting with a transatlantic flight to London. Gordon’s anxiety was sky rocketing out of control.

Three weeks before his London vacation, Gordon called me. We had serendipitously met a couple years before at an event unrelated to fear of flying. He came to class and began using the FearlessFlighttm Kit (FFK). He thought he had tried everything, but what he really needed was to let go and teach his mind to relax. He practiced and practiced with the FearlessFlighttm Harmonizer (one of the components included in the FFK). He noticed changes in his behavior. He began to feel more relaxed. He wasn’t obsessing about the trip to London as much. And when those obsessive thoughts would come up, he had a process which he could use that turned the anxiety around. It wasn’t like the anxiety had disappeared. He could now manage it. And with each practice, he felt his skills getting stronger and more like they were a normal part of his routine.

Just 21 days later, he was boarding a transatlantic flight

About a week before the flight to London, he noticed his anxiety stating to climb again. He was a little queasy and his heart would race. So, he doubled down on the FearlessFlighttm Harmonizer. Gordon was sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired of his anxiety about flying. There was no way he was going to give up this trip to London! Or the woman of his dreams. Besides, he could actually feel it working when he practiced. His thinking was changing – or at least the way he reacted to his thoughts of being confined with no way out. The fight was on! He was winning.

Because the flight had such significance, Gordon decided to take a practice flight. Time was critical and he couldn’t wait for our next Cleared for Takeoff Advanced Class. Because of prior commitments I was unable to accompany him. After assuring him that I could see a newly acquired confidence in him, and providing his son with some coaching hints about supporting Gordon in my absence, the practice flight was on.

Gordon used the Harmonizer in the boarding area before the flight. He continued listening through the boarding process except for the time he took to meet the pilots (a very important strategy that we discuss in class). He took his seat, got settled in and resumed using the Harmonizer. As the flight attendants began their final preparations, they announced, “Please turn off all portable electronic devices” (a requirement that no longer exists). Gordon felt a small spike of anxiety. “Will I be able to handle the takeoff without the Harmonizer?” he wondered.

As the pilots turned onto the runway, instead of his mind’s eye autopilot switching on and starting a flood of anxious thoughts in his consciousness, something strange happened to Gordon. He was now able to visualize the display from the FearlessFlighttm Harmonizer and immediately place his mind in a relaxed state—something that was impossible just weeks before. Gordon could now focus his attention on what HE wanted to think about. This was the first time he could remember having this kind of freedom and confidence—an entirely different experience in an airplane.

Ten flights in 19 days!

Gordon went on to complete his romantic getaway with his fiancée. He flew 10 flights in 19 days. He found challenges on every flight, but he met every challenge with growing confidence following the regimen he learned at FearlessFlighttm. In fact, his biggest challenge resulted in a bonus flight on this extraordinary adventure.

The final leg of his trip was supposed to be his flight home from Charlotte, NC, to Phoenix, AZ. Shortly after leveling off after the climb out, he heard a muffled popping noise. Shortly thereafter, the captain came on the loudspeaker and announced that one of the engines was “under performing” and that they were returning to Charlotte. They landed uneventfully with the fire trucks and emergency equipment standing by.

Gordon confessed that while this was not on his bucket list, it wasn’t the confirming catastrophe from which he might resolve to never fly again. Just the opposite. Gordon said that had he not come to class and learned about new coping tools and strategies including the FearlessFlighttm Kit, he would have NEVER gotten back on an airplane to complete his planned travel. Instead of being a victim to catastrophic thinking, Gordon recalled his first response was his mind saying, “Just breathe.” With that, he could control what was in his power and leave the flying to the flight crew.

Gordon has since made several more flights including another international trip. He looks forward to flying—enjoying the confidence that he can use the resources he gained through his experiences with FearlessFlighttm.

The FearlessFlighttm Secret Sauce Secret Sauce”

Achieving FearlessFlighttm is a process. The famous therapist Milton Erickson told a story about a runaway horse that showed up at his farm one day during his youth. He jumped up on the horse and rode it back to its owner. The owner was surprised and asked how Milton knew that the horse was his. Milton responded, “I didn’t.”

The owner then asked, “Well, how did you know to come here?” Milton replied, “I didn’t. But I figured the horse did. So all I had to do was to give him some encouragement, keep him from getting distracted and he would find his way home.”

Milton believed, as do I, that people have within them what they need to find their way home. I help by providing some additional resources, but mostly I help them find “mindsight” – mindful insights to heal themselves. People generally don’t fail to succeed because of a lack of resources. It’s often that they lack resourcefulness.

Cleared for Takeoff LIVE Class Details:

The CFT LIVE Class is held at Sky Harbor International Airport. If you live or happen to be in the Phoenix area on one of the monthly occasions that we have a live class, please join us.

The class is held monthly at Sky Harbor International Airport. It is generally held on the first Saturday of each month, unless that falls on a holiday weekend. 2017 class dates are:

January 7

February 4

March 4

April 1

May 6

June 3

July 1

August 5

September 9

October 7

November 4

December 2

What to expect?

The class begins at 5:00 PM and offers fearful flyers the opportunity to meet with others who share their experiences when thinking about or flying commercially. We spend a couple hours in a live, interactive and experiential class discussing your experienced feelings about flying, the basics of flying, and coping tools and strategies.

About 7:00 PM, we move to a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 parked at a gate for the night. The remainder of the class is held on the airplane as we continue our interactive experience. The focus moves to desensitizing fearful flyers about being on an airplane and introducing them to more coping tools and strategies. The class ends at 8:30 PM.

Description of the Class

The class meets at Sky Harbor International Airport in Terminal 4. The classes are conducted in two parts. The first part is in a classroom. The second part follows a short break at which point we will reconvene and proceed to a Southwest Airlines airplane parked at a gate. We finish the class on the airplane.

Details specific to each class will be delivered to you by email immediately following registration.

We encourage you to bring a “coach” - a support person like a spouse, significant other, or family member. They will not only gain an appreciation for your fear of flying, but they will also learn how to best support you through your fear.


And if that weren’t enough, you can park for FREE in the Terminal 4 Parking Garage. You will receive a voucher once you get to the classroom to present to the parking attendant when you leave the garage after class.


Please Note: During registration, you will be asked for your Name, Date of Birth, and Gender. This information is necessary to process the escort passes you will need to go through Security. You must REGISTER WITH YOUR NAME EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON THE OFFICIAL ID YOU'LL BRING TO CLASS (such as your DRIVER'S LICENSE).

If you bring a guest (friend, spouse or coach) to class with you, you must provide the same identification information about them, too.

Register Now! Don't let your fear keep you grounded another day.

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Date and Time


Sky Harbor International Airport - Terminal 4

3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85034

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