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Sacred Heart Church

8229 Brewerton Road

Cicero, NY 13039

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Refund Policy

No Refunds

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If you are looking for a 1 day option please reach out to us at events@cicerochamber.com.

Eligibility/Rules for Crafters:

  • All artists, craftspeople, photographers, and printmakers are welcome to participate

  • All work must be original and made by hand, or with the appropriate tools

  • Work must be produced by the artisan, not manufactured

  • We reserve the right to deny applications

  • No refunds will be given due to in-climate weather

  • No vehicles may drive on the festival grass.

Eligibility/Rules for Businesses:

  • Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce member

  • Non-member business

Booth Area: Booth spaces are available on the grass at the festival. Each space is 10’ x 10’. No tables will be provided or rented. Note that your space requirements should include storage, not just retail space.
Load In: Set up begins at 9 am on Saturday, June 14th. Please stop at the registration table when you arrive for your booth assignment. No changes in your assigned space will be allowed. If vending both days, set up for Friday, June 15th would be at 10am.

Load Out: We encourage crafters and businesses to stay through the evening, up to 11pm. We do expect a large crowd in the evening too. We rather not interrupt the festival with crafters and businesses leaving, while the festival is still going on. If you must leave early we appreciate that it would not be before 5pm. Please indicate on your registration form how long you will be at the festival. We will coordinate with you on this. Please remember to leave your area as clean as it was when you arrived.

Sales Tax:Vendors are responsible for the sales tax on 100% of sales.

Insurance: CiceroFest requires that all vendors selling food and products applied directly to the skin or ingested submit a copy of your Liability Insurance. The policy must be for $1,000,000 general liability. On this form, these organizations must be listed as additional insured:

Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce
Town of Cicero
Sacred Heart Church
The Diocese

The insurance certificates must be sent no later than May 31, 2019 to:
c/o Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce
5701 East Circle Dr. #302
Cicero, NY 13039
or Emailed to: events@cicerochamber.com

Tent: For those vendors bringing in your own tents, please note the following:

  • Tents can be staked into the grass only.

  • Tents must be flame retardant and bear a certificate or stamp inside the tent indicating that it is flameretardant.

  • Tents must be broken down and taken from the site at the conclusion of the event, allowing the festival to turn the venue back over to the church.

  • The Fire Department further indicates that any covers on booth, tents, etc. shall display a tag or label stating fire resistance.

  • Plastic or tarps used to cover booths or form walls shall be fire rated with marking or labels.

  • Any material without tags, labels, etc. shall not be used.

  • Permits for tents not meeting these standards are prohibited.

Utilities: Electricity is available at a limited number of booths. Please indicate all items that will require electricity on the Vendor and Crafters form. Make sure you include lighting, etc. Please note: you will need to bring extension cords and power strips with you, they will not be provided.

Hydrants: No Hydrant may be obstructed, hidden, or covered in any way.

Water for Food Vendors: Water is available at a limited number of booths. Please notify us in advance if you will need access to water. Please note that several vendors will need to utilize the same hook-up, so please be considerate. Also note that these hook-ups should not be used to replace the hand-washing unit required by the Onondaga County Health Department.

Combustibles: Combustibles are simply defined as anything that can burn. Examples include, but are not limited to, cardboard, paper, wood such as chips, pallets, canvas, or plastic or packing materials in any form. These materials may not be stored, stacked, piled, or left in booths, higher that 3’ high, 2’ deep, 6’ long. Any material found to be excessive or creating a hazard must be removed. (Fire marshals will have final determination of hazard and removal).

Lighting: Crafters are responsible for providing their own lighting. Because of the extreme heat generated by halogen lights and the potential flammability of gas lanterns, neither are allowed to be used as lighting sources.

Trash: At all times your area must be clean and neat, not only for health reasons but to represent an overall clean and wholesome image.

Recycling: Be advised that all vendors are required to recycle and remove from the festival site. Boxes, cans, and plastic are to be separated not included in the festival dumpster. Please plan ahead, bring additional plastic bags.

Security: It is the crafter’s responsibility to secure its possessions. CiceroFest assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, please go to the registration table to notify a member of the CiceroFest staff or volunteer.

Event Cancellation: This is a rain or shine event.

Admission: Admission to the festival will be free to the public.

Shipping Directions/Location:
No items should be shipped by vendors to the festival. The festival is located behind Sacred Heart Church, 8229 Brewerton Road (Route 11), Cicero, NY 13039

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Date and Time


Sacred Heart Church

8229 Brewerton Road

Cicero, NY 13039

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Refund Policy

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