Christmas Happiness Inside-Out. A recipe for Festive Food and Fashion Fun!
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Christmas Happiness Inside-Out. A recipe for Festive Food and Fashion Fun!

Christmas Happiness Inside-Out. A recipe for Festive Food and Fashion Fun!

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Yes, we're going to talk Christmas!  But don't be put off, we're out to help make your Christmas fun and fabulous.....

Do you find that half of you is looking forward to Christmas but the other half is wondering how you will be able to enjoy your Christmas meals and parties without feeling those guilty after effects for the next 3 months: those extra pounds yelling at you from the weighing scales or clothes whose waistbands seem to have shrunk?

Because the different eating and social situations of Christmas can trigger a wide variety of emotions and 'out of control' moments we’ve created this relaxed, interactive and informative workshop to help you deal with any anxieties and dilemmas you may have surrounding what to eat and what to wear this Christmas.

We’ll be splitting the day Inside: Philippa focusing on understanding your food habits – Out: Jo helping you get to grips with your festive fashion. By the end of the day you’ll take home your own personal workbooks stuffed with tips and techniques so you can relax and enjoy this festive season feeling in control of your diet and your dress.

Because of the personal nature of this workshop spaces are limited, so do reserve yours early!

Workshop Outline:

We’ll start the day with me, Philippa, focusing on the ‘Inside’. Hands up if this sounds like you:

  • You are fed up with thinking about all the food you are going to have to cook to satisfy everyone’s dietary requirements, but rarely consider what you would really like to eat yourself
  • You’re dreading going to someone else’s home for the big meal, having to eat every course including the Christmas pudding which you hate, just to keep the peace
  • You end up eating things you would never dream of eating any other time of year, or in quantities that you blush at the next day, just because, well, it’s Christmas and everyone overindulges don’t they?
  • And as for parties and buffets – well, you might as well just go for it, as it’s impossible to control the urge to eat and drink as much as possible……isn’t it?

No, it’s not! I will share tips and techniques to help you have a wonderful Christmas feeling relaxed whether you are at a party, buffet or the big sit down meal as you enjoy the foods you love and stop dreading standing on the New Year scales!

At the end of the morning session – and just in time for a healthy lunch! – you’ll be equipped to handle many different eating challenges, including:

  • Learning how to choose foods and quantities that you enjoy without feeling you’re missing out
  • How to keep everyone happy without forgetting about your own needs when you’re doing the cooking
  • How to handle eating at other people’s homes and not be bamboozled into eating food you don’t want
  • Learning how willpower works, how not to lose it at important times and how to use it to your advantage
  • Understanding the emotions that are controlling your eating choices and what and how to address them.

This learning has a life after Christmas as you can capture the tips, advice and insights that most resonate with you in your personal workbook - I will also include what to eat if you force me to!  It will help you to start to understand your relationship with food - how the people in your life; where, when and how you eat all impact your habits - and empower you to make long-lasting changes. Bon Appétit!

 Break for home-made vegetarian hot lunch and drinks

So, having now got your own personal recipe for a guilt-free, food-fun festive season courtesy of Philippa (I’m sure we can fit in more alliteration if we try!), it now turns to me, Jo, to tackle that eternal cry of the female when faced with an occasion…… ‘What on earth am I going to wear?!’

 Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You dig out the old faithful, you know the one: it has seen you through the last 2,5,10??! Christmas’s, but doesn’t really fit anymore
  • You buy any item of festive sparkle that fits (mostly) in desperation the day before the event, and spend the occasion feeling uncomfortable
  • You grab a handful of potentials in the pre-Xmas sales, most of which remain in your wardrobe unworn (and then revert to old faithful anyway)

Whether you have an office Christmas party, a Festive Ball, or are going to the relatives for Christmas dinner – or indeed hosting it – you deserve to feel great in your outfit, comfortable and confident that you look great. So many of us push this to the back of our minds, what with all those other preparations taking priority, and leave our clothes to a last minute, often unsatisfying and demoralising decision.

How would it feel if, this Christmas you had an outfit you love hanging in your wardrobe, one you feel great in and that makes you smile?  This is my goal for everyone attending this workshop! 

We’ll focus on developing your appreciation and knowledge of your personal body characteristics so you:

  • Better understand why some clothes work on you - and why others simply don’t!
  • Learn what shapes, fabrics, patterns and details best flatter your unique shape, and why some seem to fight against you
  • See how your inner style – or personality – can trump ‘the rules’
  • Appreciate how colour can affect the ‘success’ of an outfit
  • Get personalised tips and suggestions for your Festive Fashion!       

To get the most out of this session, please bring along an item of (ideally) Christmas clothing - or an outfit - that fits each of the following categories (i.e. two items):

  1.  I really like this and have worn it a lot
  2.  I like this (I think!) but have rarely/never worn it and don’t know why

Although this session will focus on clothes for Christmas, the information and principles are applicable to all seasons and occasions; all captured in your own personal Style for Life (not just for Christmas) Workbook to take home!


1. What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is free parking available but is limited as it is a residential road, please allow plenty of time to park and be prepared to park a short distance away. Alternatively, Portslade Station is less than a 10 minute walk away, or jump on the 46,49, 1, 1A Brighton and Hove or the 700 Coastliner bus.

Jane’s Place is number 26 and will have a sign on the door. Please come in by the front entrance and ring the lower bell (to your right).

2. What should I bring to the event?

Workbooks for both sessions will be provided, but do bring pens, pencils or a notebook for your additional notes. For the Festive Fashion session please bring one item/outfit you love and/or wear a lot and one item/outfit you like but hardly wear/never worn and don't know why.  

3. For the Festive Fashion session do I need to wear anything special?

It is useful to wear a vest or closer fitting top under your normal clothes to make it easier to determine your body shape. And be assured, you won't need to strip off in any kind of Trinny-Susannah manner!

4. Will you be using a tape measure on me?

I may only use one to measure your vertical proportions. Shape and style isn’t about what dress size you wear!

5. I think I have some big emotional problems around food/my appearance and am not sure I want to discuss these. Will I still benefit from the workshop?

In the workshop environment you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We will not be working on a deep emotional level at this workshop, but if anything comes up for you, then we will spend some time at the end with you to see how we can best help you. You will not leave feeling vulnerable in any way, plus you will learn loads of useful actions you can take to support yourself.

6. I seem to be thinking about food all the time. Will this help me?

Yes! Having a plan of action in your head frees you up to focus on having fun and not worrying about food.

7. Where can I contact the organiser/s with any questions?

Both Philippa or Jo will be able to respond to any questions you have, email or 

8. What is the refund policy?

We will refund in full if you notify us by16th October. After this date we will be unable to refund.

9. Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Of course, we just ask you to let us know the name of whoever will be taking your place.

10. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, we will have a list of those coming along; but if you are booking on behalf of others please give us their names. 


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