China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 2017 (SAF 2017)
 China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 2017 (SAF 2017)

China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 20...

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No.8 Pazhou Avenue East, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 510335, China

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China (Guangzhou) Int l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 2017 (SAF 2017)

Date: April 7th -9th, 2017 Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Center

Market Analysis

With more than 20-year development, Chinese pet industry has ushered its booming golden period after the initiation. It is estimated that the market value of current domestic pet industry is about 50 billion yuan. Compared with the United States, China's pet medical market is much more potential. According to the incomplete statistics, now the market value of Chinese pet medical industry is about 2.49 billion yuan while by 2020 and 2025, the markets of global pet medical industry will respectively be 6.58 billion yuan and 12.2billion yuan.

With the ongoing development on urbanization and economy, the potential consumers gradually become the realistic consumers. Due to the poor economy and low urbanization scale, the pet medical industry is still in the initial stage of development. According to the future development trend, an increasing number of households will keep pets. Meanwhile, pet owners are inclined to think highly of the pets health while the whole society will pay more attention on the prevention and control of zoonosis. More and more consumers realize that the cost of pets is a common expense, so to speak, the pet industry shows a great opportunity to gain profits.

Exhibition Profile

Exhibition is of great significance to the improvement of pet industry. Even the pet medical industry is on the development, the vet meetings at each areas have made great contribution on the normalization of animal medical service. .As the pet medical industry is on speedy development, the new mode of pet medical business shows up. The service mode with the core of pet hospital ushers to double the profits in the period of later drug sales and vet service. With the increasing number of pet hospital and higher level of service, medical technology, pet hospitals have a strong demand for medical equipment and supplies procurement. It is imperative to share the comprehensive service system, advanced medical equipment and high-quality products for a pet hospital. It is well learned that nowadays, pet products are mostly imported in China, and the quality of Chinese pet products is in urgent need of improvement.

China (Guangzhou) International Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 2017 (SAF 2017) will import different kinds of animal medicines, health products, advanced medical equipment, equipment supplies in animal hospital, to meet the purchase demand of the animal hospital. Providing the multi-angle, overall information of the advance products and technology, to improve the development of domestic animal medical industry.

Exhibition scope

Animal health: pet vaccines, pet medicines, health care products, test strips and reagents, etc..

Animal medical devices: pet hospital base equipment, pet hospital composite equipmentpet fungi treatment, animal endoscopy equipment, X light radiation products, pet hospital laboratory equipment, animal ultrasound imaging equipment, pet hospital operation room equipment, surgical department of orthopedics equipment, pet pet cages, pet hospital equipment supplies etc..

Management software: pet hospital management software, hospital information management, diagnosis and treatment management software, educational books, etc.

We will invite:

The veterinarian of nationwide Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, and

Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center.
Large-scale stockbreeding employees and farm operators;
Animal’s medical institutions;
Pet products and supplies retailers;
Related research institutes;

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Date and Time


No.8 Pazhou Avenue East, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 510335, China

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