Chief Executive Officer [CEO]: The New “Customer Obsession Champion.”

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National University San Jose Campus

3031 Tisch Way

Suite 200 (Tower Building)

San Jose, CA 95128

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The Executive Seminar will focus on Customer Leadership and Customer Management--- new, forward thinking---for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Discussions will primarily focus on building your Customer Obsession ---vision, strategy, setting agenda and facing the challenges. This seminar offers opportunities to exchange ideas and champion experiences.

At many businesses, the only time a customer sees or hears from the CEO might be a statement issued to the press, a column in the quarterly newsletter, or the worst cases, a public scandal (such as me-too movement) for which the company leadership is held accountable [CSP, 2019]. With informed customers expecting much more, CEOs are turning to customer experience (CX) strategies to build the kind of sustainable advantage that leads to business outcomes and long-term success. To establish, and maintain CX as a critical business strategy, the direction and discipline naturally start at the top. For any company in any industry, competing on customer experience isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, or even perhaps, how soon and it is the enlightened CEOs who recognize the benefits of a sound strategy that prioritizes the customer experience [Gibbons, 2017 - Destination CRM]. The Participating Leadership will gain perspective on their own current Customer Leadership Challenges, looking both at their styles and the global strategic Customer context of their industries. Today’s successful companies need Customer-Obsessed CEOs.

  • Seats: Seminar is limited to 25 attendees to provide the highest quality program.

  • Certificate: You will receive a certificate upon successful attendance/completion.

Who Should Attend:

1. CEO’s / Aspiring CEO’s

2. C-Suite Executives

3. Established Business Owners

4. Managing Directors

5. Business Units/Presidents/Vice-Presidents

6. Series B & C Funded Entrepreneurs

7. Senior Executive Consultants.

Key Concepts:

1. Customer Focus & Culture.

2. Connect and Share Vision.

3. Know and Care about Customers.

4. Use Frontline Crew Members to Hire New Crew Members.

5. Do the Right Thing for Customers.

6. Take Risks and Innovate with Passion.

7. Bridge the gap between education and execution.

8. Lean: mind, body & business.

9. Trust and Empower Ladies and Gentlemen.


* The program specifically designed for busy executives who recognize the growing importance of Customer Obsession for future business success, and the required competencies CEO’s must have to deliver optimum customer-centric results.


1. Update, broaden and optimize your Customer Experience Management style for continued career advancement.

2. Upgrade your Customer Decision-Making capabilities.

3. Acquire sustainable Customer Leadership skills aimed at maximum managerial impact, personal and team confidence building, and better bottom-line performance.


1. Recommended: Bachelors / Master’s degree.

2. Preferred: Ten years of Leadership & Management Experience.

3. Ability: Deal effectively with chaos and complexity.

About Dr. Nadeem

Dr. Nadeem is a Fulbright Scholar, a Distinguished Professor of Leadership/Marketing and an expert in executive education programs. He is the Founder and CEO of his Consulting firm. Professor Nadeem is a Certified Product Marketing Manager – AIPMM and an Academic Program Director of Marketing. He is intellectually curious about managerially relevant problems with rigorous training in leadership/marketing. Dr. Nadeem believes in an entrepreneurial mindset and preparing leaders to contribute lasting value to all types of organizations, in all sectors & wherever there are opportunities to make a positive difference for business and society. Professor Nadeem is interested in Leadership/Marketing for growing a high-performing team that is helping to build, launches & scale products & services. Dr. Nadeem brings not only the academic distinction but also his training, expertise & commitment that demonstrates a passion for leadership, and community involvement. Professor Nadeem’s research has won several awards including the President's Distinguished Teaching Award, Distinguished Scholarship Award, prestigious Professoriate Award & several Best Research Paper Awards. Dr. Nadeem holds Ph.D. (Business) from UIU, Cincinnati, Ohio & PDP (Marketing) from Harvard University & Professional Coursework from Stanford University.

He is a US Citizen & lives with his family in Santa Clara, CA.

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“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

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Date and Time


National University San Jose Campus

3031 Tisch Way

Suite 200 (Tower Building)

San Jose, CA 95128

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