Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking

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Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking

Black Love is a top priority in the dating and matchmaking arena and Real Teammates is seeking men and women for quality matches.

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(Exclusive Invite) 0000 Charlotte, NC 28202

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Black Love Matchmaking & Networking

If you live in Charlotte and are seeking professional matchmaking services and events in order to meet quality black singles, then look no further. Join other singles in your city and have a blast meeting new people in our network. Our Black Love Matchmaking & Networking events are open to all who appreciate black culture and most of all black love. All are welcomed.

At REAL TEAMMATES our goal is to match like-minded individuals for networking, matchmaking, and special events. We are a niche focused service and have a network for just about everyone.

REAL TEAMMATES is THEE social network for truly active individuals seeking a highly sophisticated and well organized machine that will deliver real people and quality events. Our members appreciate the structure and assurance that with every match event they will meet like minded singles, have fun and be able to shoot their shot. We are truly on your team and will facilitate making introductions.


We have enlisted a REGISTRATION form in the initial phase of the selection process before sending out exclusive invitations for more personalized and highly matchable events. We select the most compatible singles based off of your registration form responses and send an exclusive and private event invitation. This method has been tested in other markets and has proven to be highly successful and helps to create a more even ratios of men and women.


Most match-up destinations are scheduled at local med-priced restaurants, bars, and lounges in a more casual group setting. We strive to make meeting new people feel more like you’re meeting friends for dinner or drinks. We schedule one on one dates as well as group outings. No one knows your meeting up for a matchmaking match-up except the other invitees. NO NAMES TAGS, NO WHISTLES, NO EMBARRASSMENT, NO HOSTESS YELLING INSTRUCTIONS. Just meet-up and have a casual fun time.

WIN A $45 VISA GIFT CARD… Sign up on your registration form. To qualify in order to be selected you must complete all information requested on the registration form.


* Complete all of the questions on the REGISTRATION form for better matching

* You are able to meet individuals for dating, networking and making new friends at each event

* This is a blind match- up event. Only the Real Teammates staff will preview pictures (social media)of our participants

* We can share your contact info or you can opt to share your contact information

* REGISTRATION form: Information regarding your interests are for OFFICE USE ONLY.

* Each invitee is selected for each event based on interests and age(most participants are 20’s, 30’s & 40’s)or All Inclusive is specified. We do have events specific to 50’s as well.

* Once you receive your exclusive invitation to an event and payment is received, you will receive specific instructions on where and how to meet the other invitees at each venue

* No one at the venue will know you are meeting for matchmaking and networking purposes. We’ve got that all figured out. As a company we have decided that should be private.

* Your event fee pays for registration, matchmaking & network membership. You are solely responsible for any food, drinks, etc. that you consume at each event. Once payment is received you will be sent instructions on our group events and how to handle separate billing. Note: Group of 6 or more are typically charged a higher gratuity.

Refund policy: If we have to cancel we will refund the price of your ticket. Please check Eventbrites policy on the Eventbrite fee and refunds.

Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image
Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image
Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image
Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image
Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image
Charlotte Black Love Matchmaking & Networking image