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Charitable Solicitation Registration: Top Things You Need to Know (WEBINAR)

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Charitable Solicitation Registration: Top Things You Need to Know

Must every charity register to solicit funds from the public? How do online donations fit into the picture? This workshop is a comprehensive presentation on charitable solicitation registration, what is required, and what it takes to be compliant. The focus will be on recognizing and managing state registration requirements. Participants can come prepared to ask questions and walk away with information on how to simplify the process. Organizations must register in any state in which they solicit donations. Solicitations can take many forms – from hosting an event, to mailing letters, to having a “Donate Now” button on your website. In today’s world, most organizations solicit in not one or two, but a variety of different ways and they often cross borders. The session will cover the following topics:

  • State registration requirements
  • Online fundraising
  • Why compliance should be a priority
  • What it takes to register, including costs
  • How to manage registrations

Participants will be able to define charitable solicitation registration, demonstrate an understanding of what requirements must be met to support their fundraising program, and formulate a strategy for ensuring and implementing their organization’s compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of state registration requirements
  • Knowledge about why compliance should be a priority
  • What it takes to register, including costs
  • How to manage registrations

This webinar will be presented by Brock Klinger, Account Executive at Harbor Compliance

Area of Excellence: Fundraising and Resource Development

Please Note: This webinar is open to current NPCC nonprofit members and non-member organizations, and may be limited to ONE person per organization due to capacity constraints.

If your organization is not a current nonprofit member of NPCC, visit our website for more information on joining.

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