Change physical Habits: Breaking & building an Addict

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I need to MOTIVATE YOU to CHANGE your habits! I want you to separate the EGO from the woman or man of strength, gratitude and achievement!

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"Breaking and & Building an Addict" is a deep introspective on the nature of addiction and the recovery process.

Personally, I have experienced the throes of addiction as have many and I remember how challenging is can be to rebuild what you once felt was lost for good.

See, addiction is foundational about LACK - lack of a base, lack of structure, lack of love - features which addicts get all too used to dealing in life.

However, once we remove the LACKING and knock the ego back a little bit, addiction sufferers have a stronger sense of a base, structure and what self-love look like.

From this point, we can rebuild physical habits and eating habits which seem basic and easy to most.

"What's Up! I'm Johann Francis, CSCS.

With 18 years as a coach and nearly 40k hours IN-PERSON training hundreds of people like you - I have worked with NCCPT, NASM, AFAA, NSCA, been a keynote at the 2019 EVO Expo in Santa Clara and have published one book.

So, I'm qualified to talk about your eating.

Instead of pouring over about the foods you should or shouldn't eat - that's boring, that's quotidian, and frankly that's not gonna help YOU DROP BODY FAT % & change your habits and mindsets!

Nah, instead - I want to motivate you."


  • Establish hunger and hydration
  • Find your fitness
  • Anchor your life through fitness
  • Seek out gratitude and deny ego
  • Live and Process!


  • Distance Coaching with Johann CHEATSHEET - 15+ pages*
  • Course credit upon passing a quiz
  • Way to stay motivated over time
  • "Doshas" their modern-day usefulness


  • Identify WHEN to boost the self over the ego-self
  • Identify outside motivators - family, health and others
  • Change models - which one do you subscribe to?
  • ABC's of change
  • Maslow's steps for change
  • How to quickly PERIODIZE a fitness program yourself
  • Building a full team of support


This is a minimum 45 minute class which you earn 1 hour certificate for completion!

Home study course for CE's : 0.1 CEC! All will approve with write-in explanation.*

Pending NSCA, ACE, et al. approval.


JUNE 24, 2021

Miss it and you'll miss out!!!

Who should participate?

  1. Anyone looking to DROP BODY FAT and tried dieting.
  2. Those who failed diets
  3. Recovering addicts - (don't have to be in formal program)
  4. Athletes and former athletes who have changed their lifestyle drastically over 3+ years.
  5. Family and friends of addicted people
  6. Coaches who design fitness programs
  7. Nutritionists who design global food substitution menus

Reach out if you have any preliminary questions or have a diet for me to look at:


*Credit is given after you pass the Quiz -

***If you review the course afterward, you get a free meal plan and 90% off membership ***

Good luck!

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Date and time


Online event

Organizer Johann Francis, CSCS

Organizer of Change physical Habits: Breaking & building an Addict

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