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Shine a spotlight on your SUSTAINED DAILY ACTIONS to impeach and remove Trump

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BREAKING: Anonymous donors have underwritten a few thousand dollars in rewards and counting!

These dollars are set aside for individuals or grassroots groups creating campaigns of sustained daily public actions to impeach and remove Trump.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-- Margaret Mead

You may have heard of the "3.5% rule" - how a small minority can change the world through sustained, non-violent action. If you haven't, please read this brief article about Erica Chenoweth's research.

  • To participate, register on eventbrite as an individual or as a group - give your group a name if it's not an organized group.
  • Campaigns are expected to start on Impeachment Eve, the night before the House votes, and continue until the Senate votes.
  • To qualify, campaign actions must be public, at least twice a week, and documented by social media posts. We encourage actions that occur daily, and at consistent times.
  • Impactful targeted actions, going beyond rallies and marches, are valued - for example, creative boycotts, street theater, and peaceful civil disobedience.
  • We strongly encourage actions by -- or that consciously include -- women, people of color, disabled, fragile, elderly and young participants.
  • We value campaigns that encourage and collaborate with other campaigns.
  • All campaigns must be non-violent in actions and speech.

The top three impactful campaigns will be selected in four independent categories, for a current minimum of $6000 in prizes. Each category will have winners receiving $1000, $400 or $100, selected upon the Senate impeachment vote. Check back here for updated prize amounts and more details as more donors commit.

(1) News Maker for best coverage on local or national TV/Print/Radio

(2) Internet Breaker for maximum buzz on social media

(3) Targeted Archer for the juiciest targeted actions (Trump 2020 donors, politicians, other enablers - individuals or companies)

(4) Rainmaker for attracting the highest subscriptions to Vigil for Democracy's Patreon

No rewards will be offered if less than twelve campaigns compete, so encourage your friends, neighbors and resister groups, particularly in swing and red states, to register. Campaigns can win in multiple categories.

Interim cash rewards and in-kind support like video production, professional brainstorming support and more will be offered to promising campaigns. If you or your group have an idea, be bold and get started.

This is your chance to shine!

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