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Chakra healing - Certification course (7 series)

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Spoke club

600 King Street

Toronto, ON M5V 1M3


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Chakra healing class:

This comprehensive course material combines all you need to know about Chakras, and provides invaluable information on how to keep balance in your body-mind-spirit. It supports Marta's specialty healing treatment, Chakra balancing in between and after the treatments. Your healing development will be improved greatly and can be used with all modalities.

Course outline:

- Wed. March 15th, 6-8.30pm: Intro & Root chakra - abundance, financial freedom, safety, security, rooting to your career & family. Learn walking meditation & rooting exercises to strenghten your roots.

- Wed. April 19th, 6-8.30pm: Sacral chakra - sensuality, feminine godess, relationships, creativity; Learn how to connect with your creative side, and bring out your feminine godess energies.

- Wed. May17th, 6-8.30pm: Solar Plexus chakra - sense of strenghts, self-esteem/confidence, immune system, digestion; Learn how to strenghten your core & balance with office meditation techniques, to release anxiety and to boost digestion.

- Wed. June 21st, 6-8.30pm: Heart chakra - love, self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, attracting soulmate. Learn how to clear your heart of any past pain/hurt, embracing self-love, and living in a loving relationship with your partner and family.

- Wed. Sept. 20th: 6-8.30pm: Throat chakra - communication, self-expression, inner voice. Learn how to open up your communication center to clearly use your inner voice and to influence people around.

- Wed.Oct.18th, 6-8.30pm: Third eye - intuition, six senses, Crown - connection with Universe, higher self, God. Learn how to connect more with your higher conscious and to use it as a guidance in your daily life.

- Wed. Nov.15th, 6-8.30pm: Summary - practice of all meditations techniques, learn about chakra measurement, closing prayers, graduation. Closing prayers & party.

Main topics to be discovered are the following:

1. What are your 7 or 11 main Chakras (energy centers), and what emotional/physical health areas are they related to? What is their importance?

2. What are the 7 Chakra colours and what do they represent? How can you enhance the functioning of your Chakras by using different Crystals and Essential oils?

3. What Meditation techniques can be used daily to improve the energy flow in your body? Learn to use different powerful Meditation techhniques to relax your mind and to ease into meditation.

4, The class will be lead you through a couple of Guided meditation sessions to demonstrate the exercises, and the effectiveness of the techniques.

5. Learn a general overview of yoga moves that will open specific chakra centers. This is a certificate class, so you will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.


Spoke Club, 600 King St. West. M5V 1M3

Event includes healthy delicious dinner. Great chance to mingle with other like minded individuals. Wonderful way to relax after work once a month. No special clothing is necessary. All meditation exercises are designed to fit into your busy professional life.



$599 (early bird for 7 sessions b4 March 1st) $650 (all 7 sessions b4 March 15th)

Bring a friend special - 2 friends can sign up for $550 each (all 7 sessions b4 March 15th)


- Either below or by email transfer to

- Register at least 2 days before the class, to ensure material is printed for you and that your dinner is prepared!

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Date and Time


Spoke club

600 King Street

Toronto, ON M5V 1M3


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