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Certified Scrum Professiona (CSP) Boot Camp - Toronto

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Chestnut Conference Center

89 Chestnut St

Toronto, ON


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Learning Objectives

LeSS(Large-Scale Scrum) Basics (Day 1)

  • Why LeSS?
  • LeSS Overview
  • Introduction to LeSS Huge
  • LeSS Rules and Principles
  • Feature Teams

Bonus - The above Learning Objectives are from upcoming Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) offered by LeSS company in partnership with Scrum Alliance. CLB is expected to be launched soon. If CLB is launched before December 14, 2017 participants will automatically get the CLB certification. Ram is in correspondence with Craig Larman and Bas Vodde to see if CLB certification can be offered retroactively if CLB course is launched after December 14 2017

Advanced Scrum Mastery (Day 2 through Day 4)

  • Leading Self-organizing teams - helping teams succeed when you are not in charge
  • Decoding the invisible dynamics at work in systems(team/organization)
  • Beyond Scrum - Understanding eXteme Programming and Lean Software Development
  • The fundamentals of being an effective facilitator during Scrum meetings
  • Coaching the team to high performance
  • Team Dynamics - beyond the basics (neuroscience principles behind building trust and psychological safety, the organization of self-organization, feedback loops)
  • Helping Product Owner be more effective
  • Facilitating Change in the larger system (program, portfolio, organization)
  • Tools for large-scale system change
  • Beyond single team Scrum - scaling your Agile adoption - principles to keep in mind
  • Your personal journey - tools for personal mastery


What is the advantage of applying for CSP under the current format?

Beginning Jan 2018, the CSP certification is bifurcated into CSP-SM and CSP-PO and is intended to be more rigorous. You get CSP-SM by completing the A-CSM Learning Objectives and CSP-SM Learning Objectives. Similarly, you get CSP-PO by completing A-CSPO Learning Objectives and CSP-PO Learning Objectives

Many trainers (including myself) are in the process of getting our courses approved by Scrum Alliance to offer A-CSM, CSP-SM, A-CSPO, and CSP-PO. But the process is slow and there are not many people offering these courses yet.

The process is also more rigorous, time-consuming, and may be more expensive (depending on how the trainer delivers the course). More details about the CSP-path can be found here

If you apply before December 31, 2017 and your application gets accepted, you get the new CSP-SM (if you have a CSM) or CSP-PO (if you have CSPO) certifications or both (if you have both CSM and CSPO).

That is simple, (relatively) easy, and more value for your time and money as your CSP certification (which will be eventually CSP-SM and CSP-PO) will be valid for two years.

What is the current requirement (valid until Dec 31, 2017) for becoming a CSP?

  • Be a current holder of an active CSM, CSPO, or CSD credential.
  • Have a minimum of 36 months of successful Agile/Scrum work experience gained within the past 5 years implementing Scrum inside organizations as team member, product owner, ScrumMaster, or "Other." (Provide details for "Other" in the "How did you use Scrum on this job" field at the bottom of the Work Experience section of your profile page. Align your experience to the basic Scrum roles as much as possible.)
  • Gather and submit 70 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) from the past three years. Note that SEUs earned from your CSM (up to 16 SEUs), CSD (up to 24 SEUs), and/or CSPO (up to 16 SEUs) certifications can put you well on your way. Your CSD, CSM, or CSPO training can be more than 3 years old. All other SEUs need to have been earned within the past 3 years. See our Earn SEUs for your CSP page for more details.

Please see here - for more details

How do I apply before December 31, 2017 to become a CSP? Is there a test/exam to get the CSP certification?

You have to apply online in Scrum Alliance's website to complete your CSP application. Steps here (see section "How to apply"). There is no test/exam to get the CSP certification

Do I get my CSP certification immediately after I attend the boot camp?

You have to still meet the current requirement (see FAQ above) and apply online (see FAQ above) to get your CSP certification. The certification will be awarded by Scrum Alliance after the review process. The boot camp merely helps you meet the SEU requirement if you are looking for SEUs (not to mention it helps you learn new skills)

What happens to my CSM/CSPO after I get my CSP (or the new CSP-SM /CSP-PO) certification?

When you get/renew a higher level Scrum Alliance certificcation, all your lower level certifications are automatically renewed.

Example - You currently have a CSM certification. You apply for the CSP certification (by Dec 31 2017) and it eventually gets approved. You will now have CSM and the inherited CSP-SM certifications

If you have a CSPO certification, when you get your CSP (or the new CSP-PO certification), you will still have a CSPO certification

If I attend, how many SEUs do I get? Under what category?

If you enroll in the 4-day boot camp, you will get 40 SEUs (32 category B SEUs and 8 category E SEUs towards preparation for the class. Material will be given later)

If you enroll in the 3-day Advanced Scrum Mastery class you will get 32 SUEs( 24 Category B SEUs and 8 category E SEUs towards preparation for the class. Material will be given later)

Do I get PDUs ?

Yes, you do. 40 PDUs and 32 PDUs for the 4-day and 3-day program respectively.

I have more questions about the new CSP process and the transition, where can I find answers?

Please look at the FAQ published by Scrum Alliance here

If I make a deposit, does it guarantee me a place in the workshop?

Preference will be given to people who register for all the 4 days, followed by the date of registration. Participants who register early have a higher probability of getting into the program.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is 100% refundable if

  • The boot camp does not run because of lack of minimum number of participants
  • Your preference cannot be accommodated (e.g. - you only registered for 3-day Advanced Scrum Mastery instead of the 4-day boot camp)
  • Maximum capacity of the class is reached by people who registered before you

If the boot camp runs and if you were offered a ticket, your deposit will not be refunded.

Is my deposit or ticket transferrable?

Yes it is, please let the Ram know if you are transferring your deposit/ticket

When will I know if the boot camp will run?

You will know the status of the boot camp no later than December 7th (or possibly earlier if there are enough participants signing up)

Will your run another boot camp?

The primary aim of this boot camp is to help you get the necessary SEUs to apply for CSP before December 31 2017. There will be future A-CSM, CSP-SM, A-CSPO, CSP-PO, and LeSS Basic workshops, but this is the only time the CSP boot camp will be run.

Do you have early bird tickets?

Compared to other market offerings, the tickets are very reasonably priced. Considering the various moving parts (timing, organizing, etc) only one type of ticket is offered for this boot camp.

Can I enroll in only the 1-day LeSS program?

At this point in time, deposits are only accepted for the entire boot camp (4-days) or Advanced Scrum Mastery (3-days). If you are interested in the 1-day LeSS program, please email Ram and he will try to accommodate you if there are empty spots left on Day 1.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Ram at "Ram+CSPBootCamp" at InnovAgility dot com. Yes, it is "Ram+CSPBootCamp". I use gmail's "plus addressing" to get notified about important emails.

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Date and Time


Chestnut Conference Center

89 Chestnut St

Toronto, ON


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