Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL I)

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24, Kuģu iela

LV-1007 Riga


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Do you want to know what an Agile leader is and how to inspire your people, teams and whole organization? How to lead them to sustainable success?

Do you want to know the 8 steps to successfully leading the Agile transformation of your organization and becoming the right hand of your boss?

Do you want to be recognized by the International Coach Federation in addition to the Agile world?

Do you want an Agile certification to be put on your LinkedIn profile and be the envy of your friends?

And do you want to acquire all of this in only two days of training? Then join us and become a certified Agile leader!

You'll have it! But don't worry, we are not going to insult your intelligence. We will not make you believe that there are simple recipes to become a “hero” capable of mastering complex environments. Neither will we certify after two days that you are an expert in the use of the magic wand to lead Agile transformations.

What we can guarantee is that you will be trained by one of the best Agile coaches in the world and that your understanding of agility and leadership will change forever after this class.

How can we prove it? Our leadership development program is the only one in the world approved by the Scrum Alliance and the ICF (International Coaching Federation). This demonstrates the credibility of our trainer and the quality of the program as it is corroborated and verified by the highest standards worldwide in both agility and Professional Coaching.

In this certification, we challenge you to integrate a comprehensive look as well as the practice of the Agile leadership phenomenon and the transformation towards organizational agility.

You will expand your ability to distinguish and take charge of organizational tensions and resistances that require the development of the skills of leaders and change agents. We know about the challenge because we have lived it from within.

Additionally, you will discover and apply a framework for the development of extremely powerful leadership, directly by its creator Angel Diaz-Maroto, the #LeadershipDancefloor. This framework integrates more than 12 theories and models of leadership development and has been built with the support of international experts in agility, complexity, professional coaching, psychology, organizational change, and human talent development.

Furthermore, at the end of this training you will be able to answer these questions:

  • What is Agile leadership?

  • What skills do change agents need to integrate to encourage, mobilize and facilitate the adoption of agility?

  • What is an Agile transformation?

  • Where will you find resistance in the system?

  • How to identify, understand and work the resistance of the system?

  • What is necessary to examine and understand in order to enhance the influence of the leader in the organization?

Training Description

CAL1 in the #LeadershipDancefloor is a unique leadership development learning experience aimed at those who pursue to acquire the capabilities to lead and nurture Agile organizations. Agile organizations are able to understand and react quickly to the changes in their customers' needs and therefore maximize customer acquisition and retention in the current business environment.

CAL1 in the #LeadershipDancefloor delivered by Angel Diaz-Maroto is the only training that is approved by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1) program and by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Continuous Coach Education (CCE).

Our commitment is that with this certification you will acquire a solid frame of reference to enhance your leadership skills and that of others in the context of Agile organizations, applicable from day one back to your reality.

In its third year of execution, with 700 participants and in version 50, CAL1 by Angel Diaz-Maroto condenses the lessons learned from mistakes and successes obtained in more than 14 years of experience leading towards agility within companies of various sizes, domains, contexts and cultures from 30 countries and 3 continents.

This training is eminently practical and integrates various facilitation and teamwork techniques. You will experience, analyze and practice the different models in real scenarios, in pairs and in teams, under the supervision and accompaniment of the trainer.

In this certification you will learn:

  • The integral framework #LeadershipDancefloor as a map to develop a comprehensive perspective of how to influence a system for its Agile transformation

  • How the business context and purpose connect with the urgency for change towards agility

  • How to design questions for powerful conversations that encourage awareness and organizational change

  • A practical look at the experiences and strategies of organizational change agents like you

  • Real examples of organizational transformation

Agile facilitation and leadership techniques that you will experience during the training:

  • Learn strategies for leadership development
  • How to use complexity thinking to raise awareness about the nature of the challenges that the organizational system tries to solve
  • 8 perspectives and leadership factors to influence organizational agility
  • How to explore the purpose to design and communicate the vision of transformation towards agility
  • The way to establish organizational objectives that impact integrally
  • A strategy for cultural change that seeks to reduce resistance and friction within the system
  • How to strengthen your development path as an Agile leader considering your personal style and the challenges of your context
  • How to ask powerful questions to investigate and explore leadership skills by creating learning and development opportunities
  • Use a culture model to gain an understanding of the organizational challenge by adopting agility
  • How to influence the incorporation of new values by understanding and respecting old values of the organizational culture
  • A look at the intervention style of an experienced Agile coach, which will help you to avoid making rookie mistakes in your Agile initiatives


At the end of this training experience, you will obtain two accreditations of great international prestige Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1) by the Scrum Alliance and Certified Agile Leadership Practitioner as CCE by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Trainer Credentials

Angel Diaz-Maroto is a very energetic, proficient and forward-thinking coach who specializes in coaching organizations throughout their Agile journeys. His pragmatism and experience in Organizational Coaching and Business agility are the driving forces behind his perceptive methods of action. As an insightful coach, trainer, and mentor, he has helped to constructively and successfully improve quality standards, product/service delivery, and has contributed to continuous improvement and innovation capabilities in a diverse set of companies, from small startups to fortune 500 multinational organizations.

Angel´s abilities to empower leadership, to influence organizational culture, to unleash value creation and to process improvement are recognized worldwide. Throughout his 11+ years of hands-on experience in Agile coaching, Angel has provided expert guidance to achieve remarkable growth for organizations and Agile professionals from more than 25 countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Angel’s contribution has been especially noticeable in ING, King, Banco de Chile, Falabella, Toyota, Sunhotels and PZU group success cases.

Angel Diaz-Moroto holds the three highest level certifications in the field from the Scrum Alliance: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CAL Educator (Certified Agile Leadership Educator). Additionally, Angel is a certified co-active coach (CPCC), specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, Management 3.0 facilitator, Licensed NLP Practitioner and DiSC Certified Behaviour and Motivation Analyst.

In addition to his work as an Agile Coach, Angel teaches video game production at ESNE (University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, Madrid) and Design Thinking at LaSalle University, Barcelona. He also has participated as a speaker in more than 50 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, being a significant contributor to the international Agile community since 2009.

Who is CAL for?

CAL participants vary by professional background and work experience. The common thread is their desire to enhance their workplaces (and their clients’ workplaces) with Agile values, practices, and metrics. This program is for anyone leading or participating in an Agile transformation.

  • Scrum Masters / Agile coaches / consultants. Your challenge is to help clients navigate an Agile transformation with a focus on the people and mindsets necessary to shift the culture. A CAL certification provides you with the tools to help enact change and distinguishes you in the field as someone who has acquired the defined knowledge of an Agile leader.
  • Manager. One of your challenges may be overcoming internal resistance to organization-wide agility. Certified Agile Leadership gives you practical tools to bolster your shift from Agile practitioner to Agile leader, and helps you nurture yourself and senior management champions to solidify your efforts.
  • Executives, middle management and other leaders with organizational influence. Finding the time to nurture your own agility and discovering a meaningful role to play in an Agile transformation is challenging. You desire to be more than just someone who authorizes hiring a consultant or a coach. Certified Agile Leadership certification can quickly accelerate your learning curve and show you the active role you could play in a sustainable Agile transformation.
  • Leaders who support, lead or interact with Agile teams, or any leader who requests or is involved in Agile adoption in their organization (sponsor).

Contact Information

Artūrs Gedvillo
Mobile: +371 29115452
E-mail: arturs@gedvillo.com

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Date and Time



24, Kuģu iela

LV-1007 Riga


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