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The FREE Care Business security webinar will help create profitable, stable and resilient businesses using the 6 areas of business security.

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How to make your business more stable, resilieant and profitable by using business security as an asset not a liability

We all want a business we can be proud of.

A small business that our children will say "my Dad/Mum did that".

A not for profit organisation that is highly regarded in business circles.

A charity that spends more on the cause that on business expenses.

The reality of doing all that AND avoiding a cyber event makes our world

To do that you need:

  • A crystal ball to predict the future - Look at all of your risks and mitigate those risks correctly.
  • Understand your business - condense YOUR business down to it essense using policies, processes, procedures, plans and standards.
  • Arm your staff - give them the education, training and skills with what to look for and what to do when they see it.
  • Putting the right technology in the right place at the right time with the right focus on the organisation
  • Understand the bad guys - where can an attack come from and how to identify it, manage it and remove it,
  • Incorporate future change and innovation - you know the business will change so you need to be able to incorporate change without redoing everything again.

You will learn the fundamentals of protecting your organisation from the ravages of a cyber-event using the official CareMIT Business Security System (CBSS).

When it comes to business security you are told that you have to do a number of things (usually by pushy salespeople only interested in the sale).  

Buy this and all your security issues will go away.   Oh, isn’t that shiny?  

The digital risk factors are a prominent, prolific and practically invisible component of doing business.  

You need to know and understand the new risks associated with doing business in the digital age and the 21 century.

Your staff, customers and the information that your organisations collect needs and deserve the best protection that you can implement.  It has nothing to do with cost.

You and your organisation need to address business security as a new paradigm.  

That new paradigm is a holistic solution to business security.   That new paradigm consists of the following

What Will You Learn?

The CBSS has 6 components:

  • Discover the risks and mitigate them
  • Document everything that makes your organisation unique
  • Teach your staff and management to recognise an event
  • Use technology and a framework to improve the organisations capability
  • be able to detect, react and recover from an attack
  • not go through the whole process when ever there is a change in business requirements

When combined together these components bind together to improve the business and make it more reactive, stable and resilient. The organisation can pivot or even change directions without exposing it to a cyber event.

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