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Cary’s Great Punkin' Chuck

By Technology Tank

When and where

Date and time

Sunday, November 3, 2013 · 10am - 5pm EST


Bond Park - Multipurpose Field Bond Park Drive Cary, NC 27513

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Don’t know what to do with all those pumpkins after Halloween? The answer is Cary’s GREAT PUNKIN’ CHUCK. It’s a mash up of science, back-yard technology and good clean fun hurling pumpkins with trebuchets at targets and for distance.

Teams compete for prizes (and glory) on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC. Spectators can enjoy the thrill of competition and a mini-makers’ fairewith science and technology exhibits for young and old.

Cary’s GREAT PUNKIN’ CHUCK is a partnership between TechTank and Town of Cary.

----------------------------------- RULES & REGS ------------------------------------

All details can be found on the Cary’s GREAT PUNKIN’ CHUCK Website. The Website is the authoritative source of rules and all information. An excerpt of the information is shown below, but may not remain current so please refer to the Cary’s GREAT PUNKIN’ CHUCK Website for all information.

Trebuchet Rules

  1. Machine shall consist of swinging, or fixed counterweights.
  2. All lifting is done via human muscle. Electric winches are not allowed.
  3. Human powered winches are allowed to raise the counter weight
  4. The total cost of material may not exceed $750 (part list verified at Home Depot, Lowes, or other kind of store)
  5. Trebuchet arm may not be any longer than eight foot total arm length: from sling mount to fulcrum
  6. The trebuchet must have 2 ways of holding the pumpkin back: a safety and a trigger
  7. The safety release must be in place to hold the arm in case of an accidental release of trigger or in case of failure of trigger when loading. The safety release does not need the 10 foot distance to be removed.
  8. The trigger must be released from a distance no less than 10 feet behind and away from the catapult.

Important Dates/Times

  • Monday July 1, 2013: Registration Opens (on-line or snail mail)
  • Tuesday October 15, 2013: All registrations are received and entry fees paid
  • Friday Nov 1, 2013: 5:00 Mandatory Captains meeting at the event site
  • Sunday Nov 3, 2013: Event

Day of the Event

Sunday Nov 3, 2013:

  • 10:00: Arrive and Assemble
  • Noon: Group One Begins
  • 1:30 Group Two Begins
  • 3:00 Group Three Begins
  • 4:30 Contest Ends
  • 5:00 Awards

For more info and last minute updates, visit

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Organized by
Technology Tank

Technology Tank provides technology policy and implementation strategies to municipalities, non-profits and companies.

Learn about our other activities including Triangle Open Data Day and Cary's Code for America Brigade.

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