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Trinidad and Tobago

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This conference brings together community leaders, activists and intellectuals drawn from over 30 Caribbean Islands (English, Spanish, French and Dutch speaking) . The organisers of this Conference seeks to work with Muslims organisations and academia in the various Caribbean islands to facilitate information sharing, education and training, collaboration in research of affairs relevant to Muslims and public policy engagement on issues affecting Muslims.


Facebook: Caribbean Muslim Network


Contact: Suleiman Bulbulia +1 246 233-2074


Suleiman Bulbulia (Barbados), Dr Riza Mohammed (UK, Trinidad), Shaykh Faisal Boadi (UK), Shaykh Dawood Abdul Haqq (USA, Barbados), Shaykh Abdul Hakeem Quick (Canada, Jamaica), Dr Ahmad Totonji (Saudi Arabia), Dr Omar Kasule (Saudi Arabia) and Dr Ahmed Alwani (IIIT-USA).

Topics to be covered at the Conference revolve around the following core themes:

Core Themes

The individual: These sessions will highlight individual self-development as well as one's role in shaping and strengthening the community.

The Family and Community: These sessions will feature critical and candid conversations regarding the current state of the Caribbean Muslim family and community. It will also address the needs of New Muslims. Finally they will also focus on Da’wah and the ethics of engagement.

Masjid Development: These sessions will focus on best practices to make our mosques even more welcoming, relevant, and responsive to the needs of its congregants especially youth and women and the wider community.

International Issues: Muslim communities are facing great challenges all over the world which requires analysis, attention and appropriate response from the Muslim community in the Caribbean.

Organizational: These sessions will highlight successful community organizations and their projects that can be expanded, replicated, and borrowed by other community organizers. It will also consider mechanisms of attaining financial self-sufficiency for Islamic work.

Networking: These sessions will reflect upon previous efforts at Caribbean co-operation and lessons which can be learnt from the past. They will address also methods to enhance co-operation and share resources between Caribbean Muslim Organisations and also with members of the Caribbean Diaspora. Both a 3 year and 5 year plan for future activity at the Caribbean level will be agreed upon.

Key Topics of Networking Conference (Friday 7th to 10th July 2017)

  • Caribbean Muslims: Finding Opportunities, Facing Challenges
  • Muslim Presence in the Caribbean: Lessons from the Past
  • Upholding Faith and Serving Humanity; Nurturing Compassionate Communities; Loving God, Loving Neighbour, Living in Harmony.
  • Regional reports of Islamic Activities from Caribbean Islands.
  • Financial Sustainability of Islamic Work in the Caribbean
  • The Spread of extremist ideologies and the rise in the radicalisation of Young Muslims
  • Presentations on Model Islamic Projects e.g. Television stations, Islamic University, Financial Institutions etc
  • Agreeing to disagree: Etiquettes of disagreement; Working on common causes.
  • Islamophobia, Muslims in the Media, Muslims and Political Engagement
  • Workshop exercise in personal and community plan development
  • Networking of Caribbean Muslims (establishing Website, Facebook, Twitter, Facilitating sharing of expertise and research on areas of common interest etc.); Role of the Caribbean Diaspora.
  • Caribbean Muslim Identity
  • Tips for Effective leadership and management
  • Establishing Islamic Educational, social and cultural institutions
  • New Muslim Training, Meeting the Needs of New Muslims, Muslims in Prison
  • The Role of the Masjid in the 21st Century: This session will focus on best practices to make our mosques even more welcoming, relevant, and responsive to the needs of its congregants and the wider community.
  • Empowering Future Leaders Through Education; Diplomas in Da’wah and Counselling Training for Imams, Activists and community leaders.
  • 3 year and 5 year plans for Caribbean Muslim Networking

Key Topics of Education Workshop (Tuesday 11th July 2017)

  • Islamic Education in the Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Integration of Knowledge: Philosophy for Islamic Education
  • Understanding Fiqh and Shariah: Challenges and Application in Caribbean Society
  • The Role of Islamic Education in Developing the Muslim Character; Spirituality in Islamic Education
  • Teaching Strategies of Islamic Values
  • Concept-Based Curriculum: Islamic Perspective
  • Otherness in Islamic Education: Philosophical Reflections on the Roots of Extremism
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Date and Time


Trinidad and Tobago

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