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Career Decisions: How to Find a Science Career that Fits YOU

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7 Cambridge Center Monadnock Room Cambridge, 02142

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Do you want to find a career path that you’ll enjoy and find rewarding? Of course! But HOW do you find such a path, especially since there are so many different directions scientists can go with their careers?

There are more than FIFTY career options available to biomedical sciences PhD’s. If you’d like to see a list of these career options, while learning about how to select the best option for you, then don’t miss this thought-provoking and interactive workshop! Here you will learn about a logical, step-by-step process for exploring your career options and deciding which will provide the best fit for your own set of skills, values and interests.

Presented by Bill Lindstaedt, Director, UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development, and Co-author, AAAS/ScienceCareers myIDP Career Development Application.

This event is sponsored by the Broad Institute Office of Academic Affairs and the NextGen Association for Postdocs and Grad Students as part of an ongoing series of career development seminars and workshops.