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Canny Guide to Operational Risk Management

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This interactive workshop course is apt for participants working in and with operation risk management personnel in financial and non financial institutions and need to keep pace with developments in the risk discipline amidst growing pressures of regulatory, governance and compliance issues as well as very intensifying digital disruptions to the traditional business models and operational processes . It engages the participants in examining the challenges and issues of operational risk management and drives forth the case for managing operational risks with a proper risk culture and framework is imperative to profitability and above all, survival of the enterprise


Set against the backdrop of exponential technological advances in the business model and operational processes and drawing from infamous operational "accidents" (including the UA, Wells Fargo, GM, "London Whale", MF Global, LieBor, SocGen...) as well as evolving demands from Basel III and other industry and regulatory best practices, this workshop equips participants with the technical and practical knowledge to address operational risk issues. Intended to be edu-training, the course offers a pragmatic understanding of bank risk management with less quan-toxication and more qualitative rationalization. Upon completion of course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and appreciate the nature of Operational Risks in the enterprise
  • Recognise the values and limitations of different Operational Risk methodologies in the light of regulatory/industry best practices and evolving economic environment.
  • Identify practical issues and challenges in managing Operational Risks within an enterprise
  • Design and implement effective Operational Risk measures and controls.
  • Experience field work in addressing fraud, reputation, compliance and modeling concerns

Who should attend

All individuals who want to improve their value-adding effectiveness to the financial institution's success and acquire mastery of sound risk management practices should attend this course

  • CEOs, head of business units, advisors and business consultants
  • Managers from financial institutions like banks, NBFCs, insurance, asset management companies
  • Non-finance professionals from sales, marketing, human resources, operations, investor relations, production, legal departments etc to understand the workings of corporate treasuries
  • Any other professional who is committed to the drive for better (and value add) operational risk management


Non-theoretical methodology which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive games and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.


All our trainers are carefully chosen by us and possess a rich and vast experience in the financial sector. This course will be conducted by a renowned consultant having 40 years of experience in financial markets and training. Until recently, he served for many years as the Regional Director Singapore chapter and sat on the Global Board of the Professional Risk Managers International Association.

Course Content

Module – 1

The expansive scope of Operational Risks

  • A Risk as old as Conducting Business
  • Ranking Operational Risks - what practitioners perceive
  • Faces of Operational Risk - People, Processes, Systems and Swans
  • Confronting Disruptive Technologies - Digital Transformation and Exponential Technology (ET)
  • Putting Cyber and Data Security on the Risk Agenda
  • Challenges and Issues in defining and identifying Operational Risks - what regulators and industries prescribe

Module – 2

Practical Challenges in Measuring, Assessing and Managing Operational Risks Understanding Price Risk in Financial Instruments

  • How to treat a different enemy - the nature of Operational Risks
  • Expounding Sound Practices in Operational Risk Management
  • Drawing valuable guidance from industry and regulatory circles
  • Adopting an enterprise and integrated approach to Operational Risk Management

Module – 3

Familiarisation with the Ops Tools

  • Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA)
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
  • The great challenge - Internal and External Loss Databases
  • Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis
  • Implementing a Control Framework

Module – 4

Confronting the Enemy Within

  • People at Risk - How to prevent the new Rogue employee (trader, CEO...)
  • Practising KYE (Know Your Employee)
  • Fraud and Abuse
  • Sensing Behavioral Red Flags

Module – 5

Managing Risks in new product/business launches and other Operational matters

  • Expanding the Business - ensuring effective operational and infrastructure support
  • Addressing risks in the usage of Model and Technology
  • Business Continuity and Conduct Management
  • Why Reputation matters - reflections on UA, VW, Wells Fargo
  • Regulatory and Legal Risk Issues

If you need further information, please visit www.riverstonetraining.com.sg or send mail at info@riverstonetraining.com.sg

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